Spirit Wolf

Spirit Wolf

By:  Karima Sa'ad Usman  Completed
Language: English
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He was the next Alpha and she was a refugee who sought refuge in the wrong pack. Samantha was fated to Alex (the future Alpha of his pack) She was mistaken to be the daughter of a rogue when she went to seek refuge in the Yellow moon pack. They accepted her but she had to work as a servant in the pack to earn her keep. Alex later discovered she was his fated mate and did not reject her at first, in fact, he accepted the moon goddess's match. They had mated but he never claimed her to complete the bond. On her 21st birthday, he proposed and all was going well until tragedy befell the pack and he was forced to mate and mark Hilda (the daughter of his father's beta) for protection and the survival of the pack. Eventually, Alex finds out he has made a big mistake and tries to find a way out of the fate he has created for himself. Unfortunately, werewolves mate for life. He tries to win back Samantha's trust and end his marriage and relationship with Hilda. This will be a difficult task because there are rules but Alex intends to break every single one of them to get his fated love back. *Warning* If you are too emotional and can't handle emotional roller coasters, angry and sad moments, being foolish for love, then this book is not for you. Skip it and spare me angry and mean reviews simply because certain things didn't go how you wanted or hoped. WRITING IS AN ART it is created to stir up emotions and entertain. Creation is hard and I put a lot of time and effort into writing this story. I hope my effort is appreciated and respected. Thank you*

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    Chapter 01 Escape
    *Warning this book is dark with many ups and downs, not for the emotional or faint hearted* Samantha. The wolves chased my mother and me through the woods, trying to kill us. My father had been betrayed and killed by his best friend. They had also killed my brother. We were running for our lives. We had never lived outside our pack before, but the fear of death had made the unknown our safest option. "Sam, give me your sweater and wear this," my mother called out, tossing me a smelly sweater. I did as she said. "Go north. There is a pack that would take you in. Do not let anyone know your family name or the pack you are from. We are in werewolf territory, whatever story you give, make sure you only speak of werewolves. They must not know, Sam. Trust no one," she instructed. " Mother," I cried, " Why are you saying this?" " If I come with you, none of us will survive. Promise me you'll survive, Sam," She pleaded, by then, I had figured out her plan. The sweater she gave me was to
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    Chapter 02 Sudden Storm
    Samantha My first night in the room was long and hard. It wasn't just the state of the room that kept me up, the state of my heart also made it impossible for me to sleep. I hadn't mourned my parents properly, and I never knew if I would ever get the chance to. The image of my mother's wolf was burned into my memory. I wondered if she escaped. Glover had betrayed my father and eradicated my entire family. My whole world changed that night, and the most painful part of it was I could never speak of it to anyone to keep my identity a secret. There was a knock on my door the next morning. A girl was sent to bring me clothes. They were used and did not fit well, but I appreciated the generosity of the pack. The people at the packhouse were not welcoming. They looked at me with suspicion. Finding food that morning was impossible. The cook had deliberately locked the kitchen to prevent me from getting something to eat. At first, I thought it was by mistake, but when I asked for food, the
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    Chapter 03 Injustice
    Alex The rain had subsided. I knew there was no way those two traitors could have gone far. I had instructed the wolves to spread out. We had to find the moonstone, or great misfortune would befall the pack. I got to a path where there was a strong smell of cow dung. This was quite confusing as there were no settlements close by, and we never took our livestock out for grazing. Our lands were wide enough. I began to suspect the cow stench was deliberate. Wolves had a strong sense of smell, and the only way to throw them off was to scramble the scent. This made me more determined to follow the stench. I quickly linked the pack members that were near to join me. Samantha The luna came to see me in my cell. I wasn't happy about her visit because she never liked me. The situation was scary. I dreaded what they would do to me. Stealing a pack's moonstone was an unforgivable crime. I was brought before Luna Michelle in chains. They had beaten me so badly that my body ached, and my left
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    Chapter 04 New Station
    Samantha I spent a week recovering in the pack hospital. The staff were unkind to me, and I didn't receive gentle treatment, but I was used to the cruelty. I was just grateful to be alive. When I found out that the stone had been recovered, I was filled with joy, but I still found it hard to believe that my friends, Jessy and Alisa, stole the moonstone. They had no reason to do so. I knew Alisa was hurting, but I also knew that she wasn't capable of such evil. Alisa was elated when she found out the son of the Delta, Mason, was her fated mate. She had a crush on him ever since she could remember, but he never noticed her. Her station in the pack made it impossible. Finally, the moon goddess had brought them together. Her hopes were high until Mason Whitespear decided to mate with her and reject her. He claimed the sex was a farewell gift, a taste of what they might have had. Alisa didn't take the rejection well. She had kept to herself for a couple of weeks. Sometimes at night, I wo
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    Chapter 05 Humiliation
    Samantha A few weeks later, Alisa passed away. My heart was broken, but I was also relieved that she had found peace. Jessy was released and allowed to continue working at the packhouse. Although we were still friends, something had broken in her. Something unfixable. Fourteen months passed, and I was gradually looking forward to my eighteenth birthday. I had been hearing a female voice in my head for a while. I was scared that the hostility and loneliness had begun to get to me. Whenever I heard the voice, I would experience a total blackout. I prayed very hard to keep my sanity. One day, while the voice spoke to me, I accidentally wandered close to the Alpha's apartment. I had no clue I was heading in that direction as the voice in my head had completely taken control of my body. Before I could change course, Luna Michelle spotted me. I was still apologising when some men showed up and arrested me. While in the holding cell, I wondered what crime I must have committed during my b
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    Chapter 06 Close Encounter
    Samantha There were days I wanted to just run away, and go and live with humans, but I knew how difficult it would be. We lived differently from the humans, it would have been difficult to fit in if I left now. I did not have the skills or the education to survive in the human part of the world. My parents never saw the need to integrate with humans, and that had now affected me. I knew I would have to leave the Yellow moon pack one day, but I needed to get my wolf before I go. With my wolf, I believed I would be able to survive the world outside the yellow moon pack. I wasn't being paid for my work as the other pack members, because of that, I knew it would take more effort for me to survive outside the Yellow moon pack. The dog incident was on my mind for months and my blackouts had gotten worse. It was so bad that most of the pack knew about it and didn't fail to tease me about it at every opportunity they got. My new name was space dog, derived from the community party event and
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    Chapter 07 An Upgrade
    Samantha   I was surprised to find out that I had been put on the payroll. I also no longer had to eat leftovers from the plates. I was allowed leftovers from the much satisfying kitchen. Things had begun to look up for me. Although the behaviour of the pack towards me did not change, I remained optimistic. I was determined to save all the money I earned until it was enough to survive in human society. Alpha Wildbreed's questions baffled me. I doubted if they would let the matter rest. I began to sense that my time there was running out. Hopefully, I would have earned enough and left before they found out I had lied.   Alex Read more
    Chapter 08 It Happens To Everyone
    Alex I couldn't believe that it had finally happened to me. My mother had thrown parties for three years, hoping I would find my mate in one of them. I never believed in fated mates until it happened to me. The moon goddess had played a joke on me. A rogue was my mate. I could not begin to process things. Why did it have to be her? The pack would never accept her. My mother would never accept her. I felt it was best to reject her now while she couldn't feel the mate bond. If I lingered and her wolf finally emerged, the rejection would be hard on her. I had seen what happened to rejected wolves, they rarely survived the pain. I wanted to tell my mother, but I was afraid of her reaction, and if I told my father, my mother would find out. "Don't make hasty decisions," I heard my wolf caution, "let's get to know our mate first," he advised. "Are you out of your mind," I responded, "We cannot get to know her. She is a rogue and a servant. This pack is the fourth most powerful pack in the
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    Chapter 09 Wolf God
    Alex Everything happened so fast. One minute they had overpowered me, and the next minute, they were still. Their snarls had turned to whimpers, and they were all looking in the same direction. I turned to look at what they were looking at, and what I saw shocked me. It was amazing, a brown wolf with golden eyes. I could swear the fur had golden highlights, but gradually the highlights turned brown. As the wolf advanced slowly, my attackers backed away. I searched around for Sam, but she wasn't there. That was when it clicked in my head that the majestic brown wolf was Sam. She snarled at them, and they shrunk in fear. I wondered how an ordinary wolf could command so much respect from other wolves. Her golden eyes shot out bright light. The light was so bright it hurt my eyes. The moment the light was out, the three wolves lay unconscious on the ground. Sam's wolf walked up to me to check on my wounds. She nuzzled me and licked my wounds. The most amazing thing happened. As she licke
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    Chapter 10 Trouble
    Samantha I woke up in a comfortable bed. My surrounding wasn't familiar. I sat up and looked around. I found the yellow and red roses in a vase next to the bed. Everything started coming back to me. Alex was my mate. I couldn't believe it. What a cruel joke. The meanest and most obnoxious wolf was my mate. How could the moon goddess be cruel? "Don't be quick to judge," Helena said. "Welcome back," "What happened?" I asked her. "I emerged. I had to. They were going to kill him. So I emerged to save his life. Being our first time, it took a lot of energy from our human body, but we are okay now." she explained. "I see," I said. There was a knock at the door, and I asked the person to enter. It was the matron of the Alpha's quarters. She had a scornful look on her face. She was carrying a tray of food. She dumped it angrily on the table by the wall. "Who the hell do you think you are? " She began in anger. " Do you know how long I had worked here? How dare you report me to Alpha Al
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