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Crescent Armstrong doesn't expect to catch attention of a another beautiful woman except the one besides him. After his breakup with Henley, he is back to pursue her not contented that all was lost. However Della happens to be the woman who has attracted him differently other than Henley. He convi

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23 Chapters
Chapter one
I don't know how I am supposed to act at a time like this. Seated to my right is my loving father Declan Armstrong while to my left sits my ex. The ex I also happen to still be madly in love with and her new boyfriend. Gracious!I don't know how I have managed to smile throughout the entire conversation with them even though I know deep down I would rather be anywhere but here.For the last five minutes, Henley, the girl I fell deeply in love with two years ago also my ex now has been smiling to something lover boy on her side keeps whispering in her ear. I on the other hand have had two glasses of champagne and tried as much as possible to look anywhere but them which has proven to be the hardest thing.Just a few months back, I was where the douche is sitting. It hurts so much how she has moved on so fast. I can't deny the feelings I still have for Henley. I don't actually believe there is a day I have been over her since she left even when I convinced myself I had. Now that I see he
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Chapter two
I wake up to a very feminine smell clouding my senses. It smells so good and addictive. I sniff the sheets beside me sleepily drowning in the smell."Thank God you are awake." A beautiful feminine voice startles me. I quickly open my eyes to a sight every man would dream to wake up at.Her bare back is to me with her entire backside on display. I remember how things escalated from one passionate kiss in a car to long forgotten coffee in her kitchen to her room. I could replay last night to the best of my knowledge.I am not surprised when I realise the morning wood I am sporting under the sheets. It has been long since I last had very addicting sex with any woman. Last night's sex is the best sex I have had in a while.Della is combing her hair unbothered by my leer look at her bare ass. I spot a tattoo on her rib side. The little heart tattoo looks like an outcome of wild teenage days. I don't judge her, I have scars of my own. The ink looks perfect on her skin that I envy it."Mornin
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Chapter three
I reach her house at exactly seven. Punctuality is one of my best virtues. The door flies open as soon as I knock at the door. The sight that meets my eyes is drool worthy. I stop and stare for a moment not caring to be hideous. Can Della be any more sexy?Suddenly all thoughts in my head have no plan of going to any opera but getting her back in, pin her against the door and get her out of the sexy red dress."How do I look?" she gives me a three sixty by spinning around. I swallow hard when my eyes find her plump ass in the dress. Oh dear Lord. I am a fully grown man, I should be able to control my libido."A..amazing, astonishing, sexy...""Okay prince charming. I appreciate the compliments. How about we hit the road before it is late?" she winks before walking towards my car. Her sexy cat walk has me on a leash and all I am left to do is follow. I didn't know how sexy dentists can be but Della has shown me.I open her door and rush to take my seat behind the wheel. I smile at her
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Chapter four
I could wake up like that every morning and not complain. I didn't wake up feeling akward as I thought I would feel. In fact it was rather productive. I woke up to Della's sneaky hands under the blanket and damn did it feel nice. Reliving the moments of last night this morning is the best thing that has happened the entire day.And that is because right now I am stuck with my dad, Henley, her dad and stupid ass boyfriend playing golf."I heard about the alliance you have managed to make with the Chinese. That is such an achievement Crescent." George, Henley's father compliments. I am sure it is my father spreading all the rumour to him."I am glad I did too. The Chinese's alliance means a lot to the company." I reply."Brad got signed into Toronto Raptors, right honey?" Did I forget to mention my new replacement is a six foot five douche who plays basketball. No wonder Henley fell for him. She has always had a thing for the bad boys. I would have lived down her flaunting her boyfriend
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Chapter five
I have thought about buying a dog for a while but I don't know if I would manage taking care of it with my busy schedule. I would want to come back from work to something or someone. Now that I live alone, the house feels so empty sometimes.I take off my coat and tie unbuttoning a few buttons before my phone rings. I reach for it from my pockets not caring to check the caller ID."Crescent." The quivering voice of Henley catches my attention immediately."Hen..Henley, are you alright?" I ask."No." The answer makes my heart constrict."What happened? Did he hurt you? Where are you?" I ask incoherently."We had an argument with Brad." she starts. I feel my chest heave with anger. I knew fucking Chad was up to no good."Did he lay hands on you because I swear...""No." she cuts me short."What happened Henley?" I quip impatiently. If he laid hands on her, I am going to kill him."I had this pregnant scare today. When I told him, he lashed out. We had a heated argument and then he drove
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Chapter six
I feel something heavy on top of me when I stir up. I quickly open my eyes scanning the room before I come face to face with dark brown hair. The soft snore vibrating against my chest makes me realise how we ended up in such a compromising position. We watched die hard 2, 3 but through 4, Della fell asleep. I made her sleep on my lap not wanting to wake her up. I might have dozed off too.However the position we are in is kind of weird. I smooth my hand through her hair. Soft, silky and long is how it feels. Della moans a little when I do it again. I can't believe she is still this soundly asleep. I raise my eyes to peak a look at her face. She looks so relaxed and very beautiful. While I lay back down, I wake her up unintentionally. I didn't realise until now how inconvenient the position we are in is until she stirs and another sensitive part on my body stirs. Oh shit!"I am sorry." I apologize quickly. Della raises her head immediately to look at me. Despite her sleepy face, she ma
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Chapter seven
Dinner with my family has always been a drama show. I have a feeling tonight is not going to be any different. With a mother so loving, kind and helpful who always scolds you for the smallest things like tasting the salad before the steak, a father who needs control of your life twenty four seven and a brother who is hell bent on making your life hell. A mixture of such characters is destined to end in a shit show.I have been texting away on my phone for an hour now outside at the balcony. The reason I came out here was to get some oxygen and just be alone except Aaron, my elder brother doesn't understand the theory of personal space. "A little birdie told me you got yourself a hiding place at the balcony." I don't turn to confirm anything. I already know he wants to make me mad."Are you texting a girl? Whoa, let me..." I duck my phone away from his grabby hands. I turn to scowl at him."What? I thought you wanted your little girlfriend back." Aaron mocks. He wants me to give him th
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Chapter eight
Something has been bothering me the whole day since I had the face time with Della this morning. For the past days, we have been texting non stop and flirting maybe. Della is one of the cool people I have met. She is also fun to talk to.This early morning at six, I called her to talk about our unfinished conversation yesterday night and wish her a happy Saturday. What happened is when she picked up, she was in bed. That was not the best part. Meanwhile through our conversation, I heard a masculine voice in the background.When I asked Della who the guy was, she admitted that he was a sleep over night stand. There and then I felt sick to the stomach. Imagination of them together has been burned in my brain like a tattoo and so far the day has been so sombre and my mood sour.I get off early from office and drive straight to her place. I feel my self going crazy when I don't find her home. When I called her, she tells me she is out having some drinks with friends. I persuade her to ret
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Chapter nine
Last night was the best night I have had in a while. When I open my eyes, I come face to face with a sleeping Della. I could wake up to the sight of her and not get tired. I take in her sleeping form caressing her with my eyes shamelessly. Her untamed hair looks flawless as it falls down her face. I always knew she is a good looking woman but watching her like this so peaceful, she is so magnificent. I bring my hand to sweep away the locks out of her face waking her up in the process."Good morning." I mutter. I find her half lidded eyes fascinated by how pretty her blue eyes look. I could stare in them for as long as I can."Have you been watching at me? That's creepy Crescent." she smirks half asleep."What time is it anyways?" she asks."Noon. It is late for all I care." I reply."We need to get out of bed." Della says sitting up. I lay back on the bed watching her adjust to get out of the covers."Don't you have work, things to do today?" she asks."No. You?" I ask."I was plannin
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Chapter ten
I wake up yet again beside Della. For the few days we haven't seen each other, we have casually texted. She called me last night in need of a ride home because hers had a problem and was at the garage. I was happy to help as a friend except I ended up in her bed, again. Sometimes I tend to think she cast this spell on me. The moment I set eyes on her, I can't resist her."Morning." Della murmurs."How was your night?" I ask pocking her cheek lovingly."Fun. Yours?" she smirks. "Better." I reply."Come on we have got get up. I need to be at the hospital in an hour and so do you." she sits up."An hour? We could do so much in an hour." I point out. Della shakes her head when she catches on the meaning of my words."No Crescent. We are going to be late." Della says. "Says who?" I pull her back to me before I flip us so that she is beneath me. She gasps a little caught offguard. "Tell me you don't want me now and I will let you go." I nip the underside of her ear eliciting a soft moan f
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