Obsessed With My Husband's Step-Brother

Obsessed With My Husband's Step-Brother

By:  Belleza J  Completed
Language: English
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Rated 18+!! Steamy mature contents contained here!!! Leilani Waters, a really beautiful independent lady, with the perfect body that can make any man sin willingly, won the heart of one of the most famous billionaires in the city, Neil. He loved her so much with his entire heart and could kill for her. Their lives went on smoothly until he walked in through the front door…Adonis Ace Giles, Neil’s stepbrother, a sex god, whose mouthwatering features will make any woman kill to get a taste of him and yet doesn’t believe in love. Leilani found herself drooling over Adonis, and when the heat between them became unbearable, they had sex… and from that day, everything changed for Leilani. What happens when Leilani is caught between marrying Neil and confessing her feelings to Adonis? ***Excerpt*** “F*ck me, Adonis.” I gasped against his shoulder, helplessly pressed into him as he rocked my body slowly with his slow, hard grinding. He yanked his hand off my ass forcefully, and the thong snapped. The sound and the smack of it against my skin made me shudder, almost cumming. He pulled the black thong away from me, the small fabric slick with my juices, and stuffed it in my open mouth. I groaned, hearing the tortured sound of my own groan muffled by my panties slick with my own wet. And I moaned again. “So many fucking things I wanna do to your body, Leilani.” He growled, “I’m gonna f*ck you so hard.” He said, gazing sinfully into my eyes as he said those maddening words and slid his erect cock out of his grey sweatpants. My vagina clenched, spilling more moisture. Then he parted my legs even wider and plunged his cock into my vagina. Deep. Wet. Hard.

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    If S*x Was A Person
     Leilani Hot mouths.Wandering hands.Deep, wet kisses.Massive male hands. Oh, those hands. They made me feel sensations that felt illegal. But nothing feels more illegal than writhing beneath a male body three times bigger than yours. Three times warmer. Three times wilder. Three times hornier. Moaning beneath that ripped body and skilled hands were heaven and sin… Pure sin.It was pure, carnal sin. I prayed for forgiveness, alright. But if you ask me…I’d do it all over again.*“Are you really gonna keep me waiting, baby?” I called out, eyebrows raised in mild frustration. Leave it to Neil to keep his fiancée waiting after she put so much effort into a romantic tub bath and wine. “I’ll be right with you, babe, I promise.” Neil’s voice called back, distracted by a phone call. Probably.Huff
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    Adonis Was Trouble
     Adonis  What are you doing tonight, handsome?A small smirk appeared on my face as I read the flirty text on the screen of my phone, followed by a picture of a naked woman curled in a position that pushed her nipples out and spread her ass cheeks on the bed. Tina. I guess that’s what she said she’s called in her previous texts. I’m not sure. The lengths women go to get my phone number are beyond me.With a flick of my thumb, I sent the picture away from the screen to stay with the other countless nudes in some goddamn part of the phone. I looked through the tinted glass of my car to scan the area as I drove past. Neil must have good enough taste to get a house in a residential area as pretty as this. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this is surprisingly better.Not like I really give a fuck.I only plan on spending a few weeks, helping
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    Holy F*ck!
     Leilani “So, there’s this new model the company’s working on and that’s why I’m here with the rest of my team,” Adonis said, squaring his intense gaze on me.My belly quivered but I tried my best to seem unaffected by his proximity. And that god-damned mesmerizing smile of his. We were having lunch together, and I had sent Neil a text earlier informing him that Adonis had arrived. Thankfully, he was no longer shirtless.But sweet sin, the thin black shirt he had on now was worse than the previous one. This one clung to every dip and contour of his biceps and toned torso. It even had a hoodie thingy that he pulled over his head, gazing at me with electricity in his dark eyes.“Neil mentioned you’re pretty good with cars,” I took a bite of my apple. And froze when his gaze dropped to my mouth. Why does he keep looking at me like that? Read more
    Exclusively Nude Edition
    Leilani I walked back to the living area where Brooke sat with her legs crossed together, with two filled wine glasses in my hands. She paused, her gaze fixed on the open laptop resting on her thighs, then she giggled.My eyebrows furrowed.She giggled again, shaking her head slightly before re-focusing her gaze on the laptop screen. This is weird. Brooke never giggles. But after that little incident with Adonis earlier in the kitchen, she had been giggling to herself. Like a silly school girl.“Here,” I said, holding out one of the glasses. She looked up, startled from her thoughts.“Oh, thanks.” She smiled and took the glass, bringing it to her lips and taking a sip.I sank into the couch a few feet away from her, briefly looking in the direction of the kitchen as male voices reached my ears. Neil had got back earlier than usual today since Adonis just arrived and they were currently
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    He Was Wet, Steamy And...
    Leilani I smiled at Neil as I walked down the stairs, watching his eyes light up with appreciation as his blue gaze took in my appearance. He was sitting at the glass dining table, a phone in his hand, looking handsome as usual. He motioned to me to come over to him. When I got to him, his hand held my waist and pulled me against his body.“You look so beautiful, babe.” He gave me a flashy smile. I giggled and leaned down to kiss his lips, caressing his jaw. He tried to pull me down to sit in his lap but I pulled away, smiling.“Come here,” He protested, holding my hand.“Baby, I’m helping Sara set the table,” I cooed. “I don’t want you to get to work late.”He scoffed. “I’m the fucking manager, I do whatever I want.”“Getting to work late won’t get your project going faster.”He bit his lip. I obviously had
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    My C*ck Hot And Heavy With Lust
    Adonis   My cock was hard. Fucking hard. I let out a breath as I leaned my roughened palm against the steamy glass. My other hand was clenched around my throbbing cock, hot and heavy with need and lust. Leilani. God, I want to fuck her. So hard. Right from the moment I stepped into the goddamn house and was attacked by the sexy view of her bouncy breasts and ass cheeks. Her soft sensual voice and the way she looked at me made me wonder if she was luring me to fucking grab her and make hard, rough love to her till she passes out. Or maybe she had no idea how her feminine gazes made my cock throb and strain, begging to plough into a warm, wet vagina. Preferably hers. “Fuck!” I growled, moving my hand up and down my length, squeezing hard.  I could go out there and fuck the hell out of some woman, but my insatiable sexual appetite wanted Leilani. Her. She was so close, yet so fucking out of fucking reach
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    What The Hell Am I Doing?
    Leilani Neil knocked on Adonis’ bedroom door again.My heart started to beat a slow rhythm of dread. Oh god, Neil can’t see me in here! Does he know I’m here? Did he come for me? My skin had gone cold with trepidation. This is really bad. My wide-eyed gaze darted to Adonis. He was staring down at me, face impassive.“Adonis? I hope to hell you’re fucking not naked cos I’m coming in!” Neil called out, voice muffled by the thick door.I froze.But not for long, because one of Adonis’ large hands grabbed my arm, completely encircling it. Then he pulled me towards the bathroom and nudged me in.“Stay.” He said, nailing me with those intense eyes of his before closing the bathroom door. He didn’t need to tell me, because I definitely had no intention of not staying.My entire body was stiff with fear as I clenched my hands tighter around the shoes in my grip. How did I get myself into this type of situation? Hiding from my fiancé in a man’s bathroom? Only cheats
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    his eyes met mine
    Later that afternoon, I was alone in the house. I had no idea when Adonis left. He didn’t even have breakfast. Maybe he’s not just the type of guy that likes eating together with people like a family. We are a family.Family.Family members don’t find each other sexually attractive. Family members don’t check other members of the family out when they’re not looking. Gosh. It’s hard to think of Adonis as my brother. It just feels so wrong.But I was sure there was some kind of strain in the Giles family. One they didn’t like talking about. And I’m sure Adonis Ace Giles is right in the center of it all. Fuck that, if I’m going to become a daughter-in-law of that family sometime in the future, I had to know as much as I can about them.I heard Chase knock something down in a corner of the bedroom and I looked over, his huge body was crouched over one of his toys but my alarm clock lay pathetically on the floor.“Stop knocking things over, you fathead,” I said to him
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    Can We Have A Threesome?
    Adonis My eyes were locked with pretty honey ones.Leilani.She was in the pool, floating with the clear water swishing around the tiny red straps running from her neck to her breasts beneath the water. Dark strands of wet hair were plastered on her neck and the rosy skin of her cheeks. And she was staring right back at me.That is until her gaze suddenly glided a couple of inches to rest somewhere at my side, and I remembered that I came with someone.“Hm,” A feminine hum came from my side. “Is she the reason you ditched a fucking master suite and came to stay here instead?”I threw a glance at my side, grinning. “If you want me all to yourself, all you need to do is fucking ask.”Jade let out a huff and raised her middle finger at me, eyebrows furrowed, unimpressed. Jade was part of my contract team. The only female in a team of five, actually. After getting the huge contract to design a new model of sleek luxury cars for the biggest vehicle company in th
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    Sex In My Office? What The Hell!
    Leilani I parked my car in the brightly lit garage and the door slid upward. Grabbing my purse, I stepped out of the car, locking it as the chirp chirp echoed through the garage space.It was late evening and I had come over to the big office building where my brand office and studios were located. I preferred to come over unannounced to keep the staff on their toes as some of them would like to take advantage of the fact that I mostly work from home.Besides, I had a little idea that would probably allow me to twist the conditions of the big contract to suit my preferences. I hoped it would.My soft wedged heels dully hit the floor as I walked through the general reception, smiling and exchanging pleasantries with the people there. They were always pleasant no matter how long they had been working, especially the males, I must admit.Soon I was in the elevator with a man from another office in the building. He was roughly familiar.“Hello, Miss Waters.” He sm
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