Bound to the Alpha

Bound to the Alpha

By:  N Chandra  Completed
Language: English
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"Date me or cover the repair fee," the dangerously handsome looking man said to Lisa. She glanced at the scratch on the sleek Lamborghini and her heart sank. She could never repay for that monstrosity. "Ok I will date you," she sighed just to escape paying the compensation. His lips curled into a smug smile. She belonged to him. She was his gift and she had no idea what he would do to her. Another werewolf story!

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100 Chapters
Lisa's woes
The teacher droned on and on as Lisa spaced out. It was her final year of high school, only a month remained, and she couldn't be happier to get out of the place. She had always been quiet, so she didn't make friends easily, but more than that, she hated everyone in that God-forsaken hellhole.   Today was worse than usual. She had a lot on her mind, and couldn't even remotely pay attention to what was being taught. It was her 18th birthday in two days, she would become legal. Not that anyone cared. Her junkie mother probably didn't even remember her birthday. However, Lisa was excited, she could leave that hellhole that was her home. Her mother had just gotten a new boyfriend, Jacob, and the man was a total asshole, to put it lightly.She couldn't even be in the house with him without him screaming at her, and worst of all, her mother appreciated it.  Lisa was the product of a single-parent home, a mother who spent her days working minimum-wage j
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The accident
Lisa sat in the back of the classroom, her hands wrapped up in the long sleeves of her hoodie. She thought about yesterday. She hadn't woken up in time for school, hadn't even woken until late in the afternoon. When she had gotten home, it was awful. Her stepfather had beat her with a belt and the pink welts still stung a little, but not too bad. What she was more worried about was getting away from this place. Even if she tried to move away, she didn't have much money. She had a part-time job as a cashier in 7/11 but all her money was taken away by her mom. She claimed to be saving them for her, but Lisa knew she blew it on drugs. Still, she had managed to save some cash which was hidden in a secret place, but that wouldn't be enough. She couldn't decide what would be worse, staying back or running away penniless. “I saw your boyfriend talking to Vicky,” Emily, her kind-of-friend, said as she plopped down in the next seat. Emily was one of the few people wh
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Crashing into you
“This is the last time I am going to put up with these endless parties,” Ruben de Montrose, thought. He had enough of the constant parade of available she-wolves for his consideration. He had told the council, countless times, that he didn't need a mate to rule. He had no desire to tie himself down with just one woman. But did they ever listen? Ruben knew they had his best interest in their minds, but he was damn tired of everyone throwing available bitches in his face. And he did mean 'bitches,' literally. As the ruling Alpha of the Rivermoon pack, they expected him, soon after he had reached his two hundredth year, to pop an heir. All of his predecessors had found their destined mates during their second century of life, as was written in the ancient writings and promised by the Moon goddess Luna herself.  Hence, the council wanted him to follow his ancestors. The bunch of them were a pain in his ass most of the time; they were so set in their ways and could not s
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A date ?
“A date?” Lisa stared at the man, he was drop-dead gorgeous. He looked around 21-23 years old college guy, and he was dressed in an expensive white dress shirt, probably part of a tuxedo. Judging by his Lamborghini, she could guess he was a rich brat who was used to getting his way. Why would he date her unless he had an ulterior motive? But then if he could help her wiggle out of this mess, then why not? He nodded,” yeah, just a date.” “How Chivalrous,” she said dryly. “Why do you want to help me out, and take me on a date? You don't even know me.” She asked, folding her arms and sitting cross-legged on the dark road. “I would feel better if I drop you home rather than let you walk alone in the dark. I am feeling generous today, so I am helping you and since it's your birthday I am taking you on a date.” He explained. He couldn't tell her the real reason, of course. His wolf was pushing him to protect her. “Is this something you norm
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Birthday date
“Wow! Praise my luck,” Lisa mouthed, as she counted the banknotes. That eccentric man had given her twenty thousand dollars in cash! 'Who carries this much money around?' She thought. It was enough to pay Jacob and run away from this hellhole. She hid half the amount in her jacket and moved towards her trailer, hoping to slip in undetected. Always Evangelical, Miss Donald watched her as she opened her trailer door. Her glasses moved up her narrow nose as she surveyed Lisa. Her haggard appearance and the time screamed out “Returning from a sinful night “. “She is so cursing me to eternal damnation,” Lisa thought. Miss Donald shot her one last acid glance before the doors closed again. “I have been judged,” Lisa thought ruefully. She crept into her door and rapped her knuckles on the metal twice. Leaning against the wall to hold up, she heard the tell-tale footfalls approach. The door swung open to reveal a visibly worried Mary.
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Buralo Club
“I took language class in school, I like old dead languages.” She said, making him chuckle. “What else do you like?” He couldn't help being curious about his mate. He had asked her on a date to pacify his wolf, who getting antsy. He was still not sure if he would claim her just yet. “Track sport, books.....and….,” she was going to say to Steve but then stopped. She had been so busy thinking about the mysterious Ruben that she had forgotten all about Steve's betrayal. He had not called her, even though it was her birthday. She sighed and brushed away that thought. Tonight she wouldn't think about this though, tonight she was going to enjoy and let loose. She eyed Ruben slyly, maybe get rid of her V card as well. “Did Jacob trouble you?” Ruben asked suddenly, breaking her reverie. “No! The money was enough to shut him up, thank you for saving my life and my hide.” “I told you helping others is my thing,” he chuckled.  She took a dee
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Mutual attraction
The first thing that Lisa noticed was that Ruben's eyes turned a strange grey-green as he grabbed her hand. It was back to its normal self within a flash. She blinked, this was the second instance she noticed something strange with his eyes. Maybe it was a reflection of the neon lights? Maybe he had some medical condition which she was unaware of? She dismissed the thought.The second thing she noticed was that an electric current seemed to pass from him into her, where he was holding her wrist. The spark shot up her spine and flowed out to her nipples and down to her very core. She'd never felt anything like it and stood transfixed, staring into his eyes. He moved first and, taking her by the hand, led her to the dance floor. She felt as if she were in a daze, watching through a fog as he effortlessly moved through the crowd to the middle of the floor. There he turned to face her and, with his hands at her waist, pulled her close to his body. She felt drawn to his heat as sh
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The seduction of Lisa
"Mine!" growled his wolf. "Mate. Now!'" His wolf wanted to grab her and plunge into her body right away. "She's human," he reminded his wolf, "and they're awfully frail." So, he struggled to control his inner beast. Besides, he didn't want her to be afraid of him. He tried to take shallow breaths to calm his raging need. He inhaled her intoxicating smell, which went straight to his groin. Unbelievably, his cock got bigger and harder than it had ever been before. Lisa was pinned against the door while Ruben took her lips again in a mind-numbing kiss and felt his hand at the back of her dress, caressing her through the fabric. Before she realized his intent, he pulled her zipper down and peeled the dress down her breasts. Lisa stilled, coming to her senses. She pulled her head back, breaking the kiss, and was about to tell him to stop when he held one breast in his hand and closed his lips around the bud. Her intended protest died before she could find her voice. The feeling o
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Morning After
Ruben De Montrose just lay there watching her sleep. He had hoped that his wolf would be satisfied now.  She had fallen asleep due to the exertion and the bite. She would be knocked out for hours. He couldn't leave her now. His wolf won't allow it. He wasn't vain, but he knew he was in excellent shape. He just hoped she liked what she saw. He certainly liked what he had laying beside him. She was a human and knew nothing about him. So, he would have to be patient and teach her his ways, and a few other things he would enjoy teaching her. The thought made his loins tighten up again.***************The entire house was at a standstill, the present emotional state of the pack leader reverberated in the compound, even his betas did everything possible to keep their distance. The alpha was not to be disturbed. This was more of an emergency than whatever else anyone had to bring up.No one knew the identity of the female the Alpha had brought with him, he had ta
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Lisa breathed with relief as soon Ruben left the room. She just wanted to get out of that place and forget about everything, she cursed the day she met Ruben. Her heart tugged a little at the thought of leaving him. But she couldn't stay, he was mysterious and who knows, even dangerous. Determined, she caught her sandals in her hands and looked for her purse. She found it on another chair and noticed that she had several missed calls on her phone from her mom.She left a brief message for her mom, telling her she was fine and stayed back at a friend's place to study. She was on the way home and then decided to call a cab, but she had no idea where she was. Thankfully, she was smart and knew how to use technology. She searched Google Maps to find her current location. She was surprised to see that the house was on the edge of a forest in the middle of nowhere. However, she managed to call a cab company and asked him to arrive at the nearest place she could recognize near the r
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