Drowning in Her Darkness

Drowning in Her Darkness

By:  Carrie S.  Ongoing
Language: English
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She's always been alone. Without a name. With out light. Without any idea that this is not what life should be. Until the day she hears her in her mind. A strong, sweet voice that tells her this is not what life is. This is not living, just drowning slowly in darkness, but she can help. What happens when a girl with no name and no memories of a life before the dark, escapes and discovers there is so much more then she thought in this world? What will she do when the life she built, after emerging from the darkness, comes crashing down around her? Can she stand and fight for the light she’s now apart of, or will she find her self Drowning in Her Darkness forever.

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64 Chapters
“Hello” What was that? I looked around but as always, I saw nothing. Just the darkness. Always the darkness. I know that the room I am in is round, I know it is tall, and I know that the walls are smooth and hard and always cold to the touch. I also know that the floor is made of dirt. I know these few things because not only do my hands tell me, but so do my eyes the times that the hatch above my head has been opened. It’s not very often and it’s always for the same reasons, I get food, fresh water, and occasionally a new piece of cloth to use to cover myself.  I have never seen what gives me food and water, I’m always blinded by the light the moment the door is opened. “Hello?” There it is again! I put my food down on the cloth it had been lowered in and stand, moving towards the wall. Ten paces and my hand touches smooth cold stone.<
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The Escape
When I woke the next morning and opened my eyes, I realized something had changed. I could see in the darkness. Everything looked a little lighter even though no light was present. “Do you like it?” I jumped, looking around for the sound. It took a few seconds for my sleep addled mind to awaken enough to realize I recognized that voice. “Sapphire!” I thought happily. “You are real! I thought I had heard you in my sleep.”  “Your dreams Evangeline.” Sapphire said softly, as if she was smiling. “I forgot you had given me a name as well.” Now I felt a warm feeling in my chest, near my heart. It was happiness. “I like my name Sapphire, thank you.”  “You’re welcome!” She said happily. &ldq
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First Apperance
Sapphire ran for hours, as the sun faded away and finally set and the moon began its accent before we came to a deep enough part of the forest that she felt we could stop for a bit and rest. Well, she could rest. I was not tired, I wanted to see everything, I wanted to touch everything. I could feel everything through Sapphires paws, but it felt clouded, as if there were layers of cloth in the way, I wanted to feel everything myself. “I’m going to shift now Evangeline, and I’m going to rest. I need my strength before we continue. If you need me call me.” Sapphire’s voice sounded so tired. As she receded to the back of our mind to sleep, I took over the reins and shifted us to my human form. As my paws became arms and legs, I lifted my hands off the ground in surprise. It felt odd, the ground felt fuzzy, and it tickled my skin where it touched. “Grass, the fuzzy green stuff is grass Evangeline<
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Are We Safe?
The icy water of the river dragged me down stream as I fought to keep my face above the water, gulping air into my lungs every chance I got. When I managed to break the surface facing the direction I had jumped from, I could see wolfs running along the riverbank trying to keep pace with me as I was tumbling through the water. “Don’t fight the water, Evangeline! You will just wear yourself out faster. Lay back and let the water pull you down stream, once you get a few good breaths in, turn our head towards the opposite riverbank and kick your legs. Between the river pulling you down stream and the motion from your legs aiming us, we’ll get there.” Sapphire was exhausted and barely staying with me at this point. It felt like it took forever but soon I was close to the opposite riverbank, so far down stream that the bank I jumped in from was out of sight. I could see the wolfs though, all five pacing back and fo
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Three Months of Healing
“Up Eva!” “Damn it, Galden! I just started training with swords a week ago, can’t you take it a little easier on me!” I gasped and rolled to the side; his sword blade was now buried in the ground beside my head. “Holy shit Galden! The goal is to train me not decapitate me!” I rolled over onto my back and slid my legs up closer to my butt, pushing off them I threw myself up and into a crouching position facing my trainer, who was grinning like the freaking idiot he was. “Tsk tsk Evangeline, such language, I know the Luna didn’t teach you that!” He moved to lunge at me again, stepping forward quickly and swinging the sword towards my left side. I slid back, bringing my blade up to parry his blow and thrusting forward sending him on the defense. “Oh those words I learned from you Gal!” I used the nickname he hated most and twisted my wrist, bringing my
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Six Months Later: The Battle
“They’re coming from the south!” A warrior shouted from the edge of the southern forest’s boarder, drawing the eyes of the ranked wolfs surrounding the battle strategy table we were standing around. Alpha Henry looked up and I saw uncertainty briefly cross his face.   “All of the pups, elderly and non-warriors are in the bunkered!” Shouted Lila as she and her mother, Luna Davene, came running from the pack house, both carrying their weapons of choice.   Lila carried multiple throwing knives attached all over her body by harnesses strapped to her, each one coated in silver and dipped in wolfsbane so even the smallest cut could be deadly if left untreated. She had told me once she even had knives in her boots that would flick out with the right pressure in the right spot, and a couple wolfsbane coated pins in her hair, just in case.   Luna Davene carried a bow with a quiver of arrows wrapped around her, the arrows were mad
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Six Months Later: The Battle Part 2
Sapphire flew through the forest, dodging trees and logs expertly, never losing speed. When we caught up with the fighting it looked exactly like what it was, a war zone. Dead men and women were everywhere, naked except for the blood that covered their bodies and the grass and leaves that stuck to their hair and wounds. So many eyes staring but seeing nothing. My chest grew tight as I looked out over the dead, so many lives lost, and for what? Land? Money? Power? I fought down bile as I began searching the bodies, looking for the Alpha, or anyone who could be saved. Praying for anything to give hope. I heard him before I saw him, a wolf creeping up on my right side from behind, I dipped my head to the ground, as if checking another body, wanting him closer before I turned to face him. Just as he was gearing up to sneak attack me, I flipped around and jumped him, rolling across the ground as we snapped for each other’s throats, snarling
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Living On
“Again!” I shouted.  The group of young up-and-coming warriors in front of me groaned as they stood once more and faced their partner’s, getting back into their first stance.    “Remember! Legs braced apart, but not too far or you’ll be an easy take down.” I pointed to a boy in the back with long blue hair pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. “Yes, I am talking about you Shrouder!” The rest of the teenagers laughed but sobered quickly, getting in stance.    “First position!” I hollered. Walking around and in between the young wolves, watching them carefully, calculating their every move. “Nice stance Leena.” I said as I passed a particularly young girl with her pink hair in pigtails. Her face lit up with a smile at the praise.    “Second position!” I yelled, watching as they shifted towards each other. “Good. Third position and swing into fourth!” The pre-teens moved at each ot
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Living On: Part 2
I spent the next 7 days with Neil and Galden. Doing all the things I never got to do with them. We went to the beach, ran through a field of wildflowers, danced naked in a river, and even just sat around cuddling and watching movies for hours. It was my heaven on Earth, and I never wanted to give it up.       But like all good things, it had to come to an end. As the doctor began the process of waking me up, I had clung to Galden and Neil, begging them not to go. I did not want to lose them again, but they were calm and just smiled sadly back at me, brushing my hair with their hands, and kissing my forehead and cheeks.       "You will be fine Wolfy. No tears now, you already got more time with us then you would have. Be thankful of what we have had."  Galden had said softly, pulling my face up to meet his and placing a sweet, loving kiss on my lips, before wiping the tears from my face
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The Real Story Begins
"Have you ever wondered what it's like to fly?"  I asked quietly, watching as the clouds and birds floated across the blue sky above us. A bird was the first animal noise I had heard when Sapphire had broken us out of my in-ground prison, I had been fascinated with them since, but had fallen in love with them the moment I learned that they could fly. Could you imagine? Being able to fly away from your problems? Never having to look back.   "Except your pain is in you, you can't fly away from that."  My inner voice, Sapphire, whispered to me, and of course she was right. But right or not, I push her back down, shoving her observations away, and becoming what the world now sees me as. The Dark Beta of Dark Forest pack. A little on the nose if I do say so myself, but I did not give myself the nickname.   "I imagine when we run, the air flying through our fur, it's similar to flying."  Link answered thoughtfully from the
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