The Alpha's Rejected Mate

The Alpha's Rejected Mate

By:  JK Bartolome  Ongoing
Language: English
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For a werewolf to find a mate is very difficult. There are many obstacles standing in their paths - not the least of which is that they are surrounded by humans that they have a hard time relating to and that have a hard time relating to them! Many werewolves go a long time without finding a mate. But how did the ones that did find one do it? When a werewolf comes across their mate they can sense it. They feel an inexplicable urge to be near the individual. There is something compelling about the individual. They want to know everything about him or her. They want to spend time with the person. Inside, the werewolf will feel a sense of knowing they've found the right person, and they'll no longer feel quite so alone. Everything will feel right, happy, and complete when they're with their mate. this is what they say about werewolf mate. but what if your mate rejected you? what will happened next?

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    32 chapters
    “What? Cassy has found her mate.” I asked in shock. “Yes, and guess who.” My best friend Lani asked. “Actually, I have no idea. Who is her mate? Tell me quickly! I want to know.” ‘I feel jealous that she already met her mate while we still don't have one until now.’ I said to my wolf Slade. ‘Don't worry Angel, the Moon Goddess is just preparing us for our mate. At the right time, we will meet them.’ My wolf answered.  “Mathew, her childhood best-friend. You see, they’ve been together for a long time but only now did the Moon goddess reveal that they are made for each other. We don’t know, maybe our mates are just around the corner.” Lani said. I was happy with what she said, but can he accept me? compar
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    chapter 1 - Slade Angel
    Two years Later I can see them, what are these fools thinking? Do they think they can escape me? Are they kidding me? no one has ever escaped from Slade and me yet. “Angel wait for us!” Mark shouted. He is my new Alpha now. I just smiled at him. He might be powerful but I’m faster than him. I will not let these rogues escape over my watch. I will arrest them and give them the appropriate punishment they deserve. ‘Come on Angel, what are you waiting for?’ Slade asked. I can feel her power inside of me. She wants to fight already. ‘Nothing! you are in a hurry again. Don’t worry, they can’t escape us.’ I jumped in front of them.
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    Chapter 2 - My New Life
    We’re in the meeting room now and waiting for Alpha Mark for what he has to say. He rarely convenes a meeting unless there is an important mission or announcement in the pack. I’m getting excited to be part of mission again. Last time we help other packs catching rogues who’s been killing young wolves. I remember beheading that psychopath. ‘Mark, where are you?’ I asked through mind link. "I'm already here, kid." He said as he entered the meeting room. I just nodded. I have a lot of respect for Mark even though he is often overprotective. He always lecture me about being careful all the time. "Okay everyone, please listen very carefully. My friend from another pack got a problem with His pack members, they are weak and not trained properly due to the lack of experts in their pack. So, I decided that Kayden, Aden, Simon, Lea and Angel will go there and train
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    Chapter 3 - Why can't it be you
    Everyone is ready to leave. Kayden and the others are using car while I will use my motorbike which I got from Mark. He gave this to me last year on my birthday.  "Angel and all of you be careful. If there is a problem, you can call me at any time. Update me on the training status once you get there." Mark said.  'Mark included me in this mission, then he doesn’t seem to want to send me away.' I said to myself. "Yes Daddy!" I promise before I ride the motor. I waved him goodbye then I motioned for Kayden to follow me. Since I know the way to the Moon Crescent Pack, I will lead them there. 'You're such a naughty kid Angel.' Mark said to me using pack link. 'Love you Mark. Take care when I’m not around.' I replied.  It was noon and we decided to sto
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    Chapter 4 - Moon Crescent Pack
    ‘We’re now entering Moon Crescent Pack territory.’ I said through mind link. Thirty minutes later, we arrived at the Pack house. First to go out and meet us was the beta of their pack. And he ..... he is my older brother. Michael Clinn. My heartbeat quickened as I saw the sight of him... BROTHER. "You are probably the Wolf Fang pack members." Michael said. "We are, are you the Alpha? I am Kayden, Beta of the Wolf Fang pack." Kayden held out his hand to my brother and he accepted it and smiled at us. "I'm Michael and the Beta of Moon Crescent pack. Alpha Gabriel will meet us later, he is busy at the moment." Michael had just said that when Gabriel suddenly hurried came out from inside the Pack house. There is a good chance that he felt my presence here and he could also smell my scent that’s why he’s co
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    Chapter 5 - Nothing's change
    I was looking at my old photo’s hanging on the wall when someone knock on my door and open it without even asking. "SLADE ANGEL CLINN! YOU BITCH !!!!!" Lani shouted when she entered the door and suddenly jumped up and hugged me.  "You're a bad girl. You left me without saying goodbye. I looked for you, actually, Michael and Alpha Gabriel and I looked for you but we didn’t find you. Where did you go? I’m so worried about you." She asked while crying and hugging me. 'They were looking for us?' I said to Slade but she didn’t answer. "Just calm down Lani, ask me one by one only." "Stop me with your jokes like that Angel, that won't work for me right now. Do you know how worried am I about you? You just leave without saying goodbye. Like you don’t value our friendship at all." "What if
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    Chapter 6 - Confrontation
    "Lani, leave us for a moment. I just need a few words with Angel." Gabriel said when he entered inside my room. “But Alpha, I just got here. We’re still talking, I want to catch up with my best-friend.” Lani said. “You can talk her later after we talk. Now leave, don’t make me say it twice Lani.” “Yes Alpha.” She looks at me with worried expression. I smiled to her. It’s okay. I’ll be okay. She doesn’t know about me and Gabriel. There’s a moment of silence after Lani left my room. "I don't want to be rude but I don't think we should talk Gabriel." I turned my back on him and started arranging my belongings. "You're different, you weren't like this before. You have to respect in me. I’m your Alpha." I stopped what I was doi
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    Chapter 7 - Claw Gabriel
    That day when our eyes met and I realized that Angel is my mate, I will admit I was surprised. I can't accept the fact that the Moon Goddess gave me a mate far from what I’m dreaming. I want a mate who's strong and beautiful. Someone I can be proud of throughout the pack. But all that was not in her. She's fat, she doesn't know how to dress herself. She always worn an oversize shirt and pants, moreover, people avoided or bullied her because of what happened to Michael's parents. Their parents died because they protected her from rogues attack a few years ago. She was told not to leave the pack house but she still came out, causing his parents to focus on saving her. They were killed because they got out of focus in the fight. Since then I avoided her. I also see in Michael that he is not okay with Angel. She’s weak and always needed protection.  That day, I made the worst decision of my life. I rejected my mate and hurt her.
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    Chapter 8 - I want to kill her
    I fell asleep so I am in a hurry to catch up with the meeting. What is happening to me? I'm so careless. Kayden is probably starting to introduce themselves to them. I was in a hurry to take a bath and get dressed before I went to the training ground. When I got there, I saw they were just standing Kayden and seemed to be waiting for something. Shit! am I what they are waiting for? I'm dead! When Kayden saw me, he motioned for me to speed up. When I arrived at our group, Levi (Moon Crescent Pack Third in command) prompted everyone to listen. Levi is a nice guy. He is the only neutral person here. He is in charge of the training of the pack and one of Michael and Gabriel's best-friend. He's staring at me now and his eyes suddenly widened when he seems to recognized who I am. I just smiled at him and waved. "Ev
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    Chapter 9 - You're playing a dangerous game
    Gabriel walked quickly back to his office but I still managed to catch up. Why am I following this guy again? Closing the door to his office he pulled me to sit on the couch. "What do you think you were thinking back there? you let Slade fully control you? You almost killed Danna. Do you know that it will make a war between our packs?" Gabriel said. He gets the first aid kid and put it in the table and cleaned my wounds. Gabriel didn’t know that I can heal myself. "I don't like what she said to me, and why do you have to protect that woman? She would have been dead if you had not protected her." It poured the disinfectants on my wounds. "Ouch! Take it easy idiot!" I said. "We have rules Angel, I know that Mark already told you about that. Even you’re here to help us, it doesn’t mean you can freely kill our pack members,
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