My Luna? Never!

My Luna? Never!

By:  S. M Rory  Completed
Language: English
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Valerie is thought to be the princess of the Redwood pack by inciting enemies from the Blood Pack. The Blood Pack had a long unsettled dispute with Redwood over land boundaries and sovereign power. When this war began a decade ago the Redwood overpowered and slew all the princesses of Blood Pack. The Blood Pack posed for revenge in the nearest future that is oblivious to the Redwood Pack.  Valerie and her family were living a simple life in the Redwood. Her Dad is the Deltan to the Alpha and has no authority at all. Her Mom was the peaceful one at home and she made sure they stayed away from troubles in the Pack but Valerie's aunt, Ava, decided to destroy Valerie because she is envious of her been mated to a prince. Ava had lost her little daughter to the last war between the Blood Pack.  The Alpha of the Redwood would search for a pretty princess for his Prince and finds Valerie as the right choice.  Ava thought she needed to act fast and not let that happen. Valerie's Dad would never allow his daughter to mate the prince because of his knowledge of the war with the Blood Pack. He knew his daughter will be killed if she is identified to be the next Princess of the Redwood Pack. Valerie's mother is going to make sure her daughter is the next princess because she is oblivious of inciting war and wants the prestige and honor of being the mother of Redwood Pack princess.  Blood pack plots to kill Valerie as revenge but suddenly they want her for their prince as a Mate.  Prince William of Redwood has more battles to fight if he loves Valerie. A battle of love, sorrow, and betrayal

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129 Chapters
 ***"They will never have peace. I will make sure this is the beginning of their troubles. Jonathan watched me lose my little princess and only hope. Who doesn't want to see her daughter mate an Alpha's son? but I am the one who will never see such a wish come to pass.******I will destroy his family!  The good part of it is that no one will ever know I, Ava,  is behind the fall of Scot's family. Jasper's is out of the way now. I feel like dancing!******His greed made his death easy for me to achieve. I have four persons left.  Jonathan, Valerie's father. Valerie and her Mom, Joliet. Then her two brothers Gordon and Taylor. Any other person who tries to make anything good happen to this family is the fifth on my list. I am their household enemy unknown!"***\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\****Valerie's POV***I looked at the wall clock hanging on my shattered living room wall, it is 11:45 midnight about a few hours
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***Valerie's POV***Ooh yeah, a new day in the Redwood Pack. It looked all foggy outside and there is hardly any trace of sun. It is shivering cold and perhaps the coldest day of the year, but thankfully the sun began to rise. After having a quick bath and light face cream, I got out to the street. The excitement of seeing snow, made me forget the torture and severe troubles in the house from my aunt, Ava."Valerie! Valerie! Valerie! How many times did I call you? Just don't make me think you are going to school today again" Ooh noo, Aunt Ava, not again. She knows I had not been able to get over uncle, Jasper's death. It hit me so hard but she always acts as though his loss didn't want anything to her. Rather she yells at me at every little thing and nags like a heavily pregnant woman.Honestly, I am not getting comfortable with her anymore but when I want to let Dad know how I feel about Ava, he just shuns and tells me she is doing all that because
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**Williams POV**The scent of cinnamon and honey strike me as soon as I stepped into the school hallway. It wasn't the nicest smell everyone would like but it sniffs nice to me." Do you smell anything nice?" I asked my beta and best friend Sunnyvale. "Smell what?" He asked. I became suddenly happy he didn't sniff anything because I felt possessive of that scent and I didn't know why.  The smell became stronger as soon as I sauntered farther into the school hallway. I never agreed with Dad when he asked me to come to this school because he felt it would be glad I got used to the pack's culture. Studying abroad had been fun for me, I thought I would miss a lot and feel sad when I got here. It just didn't make sense to me but to my surprise, the scent keeps making me want her. She is the most beautiful thing I had seen. Her cherry blonde hair shone like the sun and it fell in waves behind her back. She is tall, I guess that she stood a
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**Valerie's POV** I couldn't get over the thought that the hot guy I am fantasizing about, is our Alpha's son. Alpha Gerrard! My blood was boiling. He asked that my Uncle be executed. I didn't know how to fill it all through the day in class. I had to even leave immediately after the school over bell rang. I didn't want to talk to anyone, not even Damien. I just wanted to go home and stink my head in my pillows. Crying preferably. The money heart longs for is the same person I want to take revenge on his family for what they did to me and my family.  I manage to help myself get home, to find my Mom dozing off again as she waited for breakfast which has turned to lunch. Ava would help Mom out to make food even though she knew she was ill. The yelling voice of Ava came calling from the kitchen and snapped me. I instantly sensed that something wasn't right at the moment with her voice in the kitchen though it is never different from how
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*I stood up after some time,  consoling and cleaned up myself,  I was walking out of the kitchen I saw my Mom coming out of her room clumping hastily towards me.**Nervously walking away from where I stood close to the kitchen door. I was resting my back against the wall just to pretend nothing had happened to me. I stylishly gazed at her with the side of my eyes as she was walking towards me. She got to where I stood resting my back against the wall and walked past me. She said nothing to me, just stared at my face while in motion, and walked past.**I sighed, weeping the tiny sweat bubble on my forehead with my left palm. I heard my mom's persuasive voice as she turned her back towards me.**“Why do you seem so calm, Valerie, are you sure you feel good today?”**I got startled and mute. I didn't know what to say or how to react so my Mom never finds out Ava assaulted me in the kitchen. I kept quiet trying to process and compose mys
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 Ava had caught a glimpse of Mom before she came into the room.“Are you sure you don't have the needles and thread, I need to fix my dress?” Ava said walking away from me. She was beginning to act as though she had come into my room for that purpose.I just kept mute and didn't want to reply to that disguising question then I remembered her last word before my Mom stepped into the room.“Yea, I have one in my wardrobe” I replied“Okay, then get it for me" she yelled. She has vowed to make me look ugly if I ever tell Mom what she did to me.My Mom was just stunned and staring at Ava, she should be wondering why Ava is in my room at this time of the day.I went to my wardrobe got the needle and thread and handed it over to Ava than she left my room, leaving me with my Mom alone.I was beginning to quiver, I don't want my Mom to demand I tell her why Ava came into my room because if that
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A stack of unopened presents stood in the corner of the hall wrapped in smooth shiny wrapping paper. A silk bow had been carefully tied around each parcel. Hungry pups loomed over the table which was filled with food. It was a buffet. Some grabbed sandwiches and filled their mouths with sweets.A huge cake covered in thick white icing and decorated with tiny pink roses sat in the middle of the table surrounded by brightly colored bowls that were filled with food. A jug of brightly colored juice had been knocked over and formed a puddle on the floor.The compartment was decorated with streamers and balloons. A special birthday cake was ordered for him. Isaw. It was a chocolate cake, with juicy cherries on the top.His grandparents came from Montreal to attend his birthday party. All his friends were also invited. I was very happy to see them. They all brought gifts for him. Luna kept them carefully in his room. Everyone wore all wore nice party dresse
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Valerie's POV It was still very cold in the morning, I was still lying in my bedroom and wrapped under my blanket. I seem to be feeling feverish but I have to shake it off. What happened at William's party the other day has not gotten off my mind. I wonder what came over me. I was supposed to have a great with my mate, the one who made my heart skip when I first set my eyes on him. But it all went the opposite, I was swerved to the corner by a total stranger. His scents were anything close to William's but it was fluffy.  “Valerie!, Valerie!, Valerie! will you get off the mattress and get ready for the ceremony today or I will leave without you if you delay in but. I guess you wouldn't want to regret the day I gave birth to you, if I get to leave without you then that will happen definitely” Mom yelled at the top of her voice. I
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I was shocked to know more about his identity. I had to try to keep off my over excitedness from showing forth. I had felt all the bit it is all confirmed now. The Alpha's Son is my friend but that didn't make me think less of how wicked his father is. “Maybe we should go inside now, I feel the party is about to start and we ought not to miss any scene” William suggested. “Yeah, I think we should go ahead now” We made our way into the packhouse. The pack members were all over the place, I could hear the voices. It sounded like an argument but they were chatting out of joy, merriment was on and the smiles on everyone's faces were scintillating. I feel they are having such a great day but my day is just about to begin tonight after I found someone I could call my buddy. I had seen him severally right from my balcony but I f
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I was beginning to hear the roaring and growling all over the hall. The Elder had left their seats and we're changing into a white and yellow color robe. It is going to be a long night for us. I was thinking we still had a little time to take a deep breath before we get concentrated on the rituals but my thoughts were caught short with a deep groan from the Alpha. Then the Alpha gave a sign for us to lift our heads for his prayers, we lifted our heads once more. We weren't permitted to open our eyes but I disguised it and I saw the Alpa eyes turning deep yellow and a flaming red at intervals. This moment looks like the longest of my life but what can I do, it is just a few minutes to go. The hall's hourglass struck midnight and it all began. I think it's started with William because he was right beside me. He forcefully let go of my hands and I could hear his bones snap then the guy in f
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