His Maid (ENGLISH)

His Maid (ENGLISH)

By:  Pseudonym  Ongoing
Language: English
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Elyse is divorced from her husband because of some reason, she tried very hard to find a job for her daughter because their company went bankrupt. One day while walking she saw a paper and it is written that they're looking for a maid, Elyse can't ignore it because of the salary. Then she applies for it and she got hired. The woman introduced her son to Elyse. Elyse thought that being a maid of a man called Xander is easy... Not knowing that her life would be changed because of that man... Elyse thought that being a maid of a man called Xander is easy... Not knowing her life would be changed because of that man...

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6 chapters
CHAPTER 1: Cheating
“What the f**k!” I was shocked when I bump into the car in front of me. He just suddenly stop and I couldn’t break quickly! I slowly got out of the car and groaned a little because my head hit the streeing wheel. I saw the driver also come out and stare at his car until he slowly turned to me. “You just bump my f**king car!” I almost dropped my jaw because of what he said. “What do you want me to say? I’m sorry? It’s your fault you stopped suddenly!” I couldn't help raising my voice at him. He’s getting into my nerves! “If you don’t have any money to pay for the damage to my car, just don’t talk about it.” He said coldly and turned his back on me, but I pulled the hem of his suit so he faced me. “What’s your f**king problem, huh? Old woman?!” What did he say? Old? Old woman?! “I think you’re a few years older than me, so don’t ever call me old!!” I said aloud. It closes tightly and seems to be irritated by my vo
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CHAPTER 2: Divorce?
“Busy? Seriously? What are we going to eat if I don’t work?! I’m looking for a way to give you time! Even though I’m very tired from work, I still cooked for you and Elizabeth. I’m still doing my responsibility as a mother and I am trying to be a good wife to you!”“Well, do s*x matters to you a lot Daren?! Is married all about s*x for you? Do you want us to have s*x every day so that we can prove that we love each other? What is more important to you s*x or love... s*x or me?” I’m trying to calm down my voice because Elizabeth might hear me.I don’t want her to know what kind of father she has!“So, are you blaming me for everything? Are you saying I’m lazy? That I should work instead of you?!” he asks, raising his eyebrows at me.“Yes! Because you are the man!! Every time I come home, you’re always playing video games! Aren’t you? You’re no longer a chi
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CHAPTER 3: Goodbye
2 months later,“Thank you for working with us for almost six years, Yaya.”“You’re welcome, Ma’am. I won’t forget your kindness.” I hugged her, then she hugged me back.I have to do this because I don’t have any money to pay her anymore, and we’re about to leave this house right now. I am selling this land and house.Daren and I finally aren’t together anymore. He went to his woman, and he took the company’s money that I worked so hard for. He even tried to ruin me on social media. He says that I am the one who cheats!“Mommy, I’m hungry. What are we going to eat today?” She asked. I looked at her and held her cheek.“Mommy hasn’t bought any food yet, baby, but there’s an apple in the ref. Just go get it and eat it for now. Let’s just wait for the buyer of our house and then after that, I’ll buy you food,
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CHAPTER 4: Mindy
I was walking today, and I stop when I saw a familiar restaurant.“Wait, from what I remember, Mindy is working here as a waitress,” I murmur.“Get out! Leave and don’t ever come back here, you thief!!” I was surprised to see Mindy being pushed by a woman out of that restaurant.“Ma’am Fiona, I’m not stealing anything, I didn’t steal anything from her, I’m telling the truth!” Mindy even knelt at that woman, begging.I saw another woman behind Fiona, she’s smiling and staring at Mindy. It looks like she’s happy seeing Mindy like that!What’s going on, by the way?!I quickly walk toward them and pulled Mindy’s hand to help her stand up.“Why are you kneeling to that woman Mindy?! She’s not a god, so why are you kneeling in front of her!” I glared at them. That woman in the white dress looked at me sharply.“She’
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CHAPTER 5: Apply
“I’m sorry but we don’t accept people who already have a child.” Tsk, what’s the matter if I already have a child?! Does having a child can’t work anymore! Just tell me if you don’t like me, just don’t make some stupid reasons you make.“Okay.” I went out and started walking. I looked around, and I saw some sweet lovers and then another couple with their child, they’re happy and having fun together.They look very happy, just like Daren and I with Elizabeth back then. But everything changes because of that mistake... No, it’s not a mistake Elyse! Cheating is not a mistake, it’s a choice. So, I just let him be then, if that is what makes him happy, then fine._“What? What did you say?” Mindy asked again.“They didn’t accept me because I already have a child.” What kind of restaurant is that, by the way? I’m just applying in
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The heck.I just let out a big laugh. I said, "He's 29," and I still find it hard to believe it.Elyse, it's all right. It's alright since you might simply feel the same way.I almost slap my forehead. He doesn't talk much, Elyse, what vibes! How can you two have the same vibes, okay!"My son is kind, as I've already said," I said."Are you sure?" She shook her head when I asked. What exactly she was talking about has me completely baffled."Oh! How old is your daughter, by the way?""She has already turned ten..." I paused mid-sentence if unexpectedly taken aback by what she had heard?"You became pregnant at 17?""Y-Yes.""You were so young when you became pregnant, wow.""Yes, but I didn't become pregnant once more; that one is sufficient for me." I've never been pregnant, no matter how often we were together, and as my company expanded, I ran out of time to talk to Daren since I was so worn out from work. I can still cook and look after Elizabeth, but I have no desire to do so."I
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