The Truth that Lies Behind Celestia

The Truth that Lies Behind Celestia

By:  Angel  Ongoing
Language: English
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After the death of her father, Celine Hathaway was forced to enter Celestia to find her mother as a fulfillment of her father’s last wish. She was estranged by her surroundings in the enchanted world where magic exists and was scared of all the strange things that she never have encountered before. Celine went everywhere and met different people as she connects the clues and hints of her mother’s whereabouts but little did she know that being close to her goal also means being close to danger. What truths will unfold on Celine’s journey on finding her mother? Will she find unexpected love on her way?

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3 chapters
A beeping sound woke me up from a long deep sleep. I realized that I am inside the car with my Dad, heading to our new home far away from our former one. Dad decided to move to a new house because of the strange things that happens in our old house. I’m not against that decision since our old house creeps the hell out of me. Sometimes, I wake up at 3 in the morning, only to find out that I’m not in my room anymore but on the floor of our living room. I also wake up because of unusual strange sounds coming from our yard and someone seems watching me from the window of my room.While on our way, the rain started pouring. The sky turned to grey which made our surroundings look so much creepier. I got chills as I look at the swaying trees beside the road through the car window where the rain drops catch each other.“We’re getting near.” Dad said out of nowhere. Instead of replying, I dozed back to sleep and waited for my father to wake me up.<
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Chapter 1: Celestia
I woke up, only to find out that I’m not in my own room. This room is bright and the walls are painted white which made the room even brighter. I tried moving but I felt dizzy when I did so I didn’t bother to move at all. I just moved my eyes to see my surroundings and if anyone’s with me but I didn’t see anyone, except a big window beside the bed that I’m lying on to. There I saw a green landscape where there are mountains and trees. I realized that this house is built up on top of a hill where you can see everything down below, making me feel comfortable and peaceful.“Oh, you’re awake now! Thanks to the Gods and the spirits. Anyway, how are you feeling? I got fruits and a soup for you to recover fast, eat it while it’s still hot.” An orange-haired girl came into the room with a tray of food on her hands. She looked concerned and somehow grateful after seeing me. I don’t know who she is or where I am so I’m k
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Chapter 2: Training
Spirits… Magic… All of it seems unreal. If only I and my father never left Celestia, I wouldn’t have to be in this situation where I need to adjust and to learn new things every once in a while but I won’t blame my father or my mother either. I still don’t know anything about my family’s background and I am very eager to learn everything.Thankful for her and her mother’s kindness, I am now doing my best to show Odette that their help is very much appreciated. Her mother taught me how to call the spirits and now, I already attained 3 spirits. The earth, water, and air spirits. I still don’t know how to use them but I know that I can do it.“Safharra Academy would have their entrance trial in 4 days. It’s a good thing that you’ve been able to attain at least three spirits and I am so amazed that you were able to learn in just 3 days! You really are a Celestian.” Celestian. A word I’ve never
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