Void Contract;Lore Breaker

Void Contract;Lore Breaker

By:  Asinine Rymme  Ongoing
Language: English
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It happened all of a sudden. Humanity received a trial from the gods. They were given blessings but fought for their lives. A goddess aims to hinder the gods for her own goals. But her power was not enough. An entity called the Void Contract appeared before her. It was a being shrouded in mystery, even among the gods. But in actuality, the Void Contract may be more human than one expected. He's quite a bit of a mischievous bastard himself.

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1: Rhyme;Reason
On that day, the gods gave humanity a trial. Mankind had been able to pull through several years. Wars, pandemics, and disasters emerged a few years back. Most people thought that the end of times were near. Humanity was not united, no. There were still corrupt people in power. There were still clashes in beliefs. There were still various kinds of disparities and discrimination. But the human race continued to struggle to survive. As if praising their perseverance, the gods made themselves known. [The gods are impressed with the steadfast existence of humanity.] On that day, almost every person on Earth found themselves staring at these words in front of them. “Do you see this?” “There's something in front of me...”Read more
Chapter 2: Enigma;Emanation
A couple of years have passed since the trial began. Humanity is quick to adapt. Different organizations rose from the ground up. Players. Awakened. Hunters. Heroes. The chosen. People had different terms for those who have had their souls weighed. The accepted terms for these individuals are ‘Breakers’. Their goals are the same: to prevent a repeat of the tragedy of the first day. At least, on the surface. The existence of transcended humans is part of the norm. It integrated into society. As if it were a phase that everyone would go through. “This is Sera Mckenna,” a woman spoke through her earpiece. She had fiery red hair and eyes. Flames danced around her wrists before fading. As the flames died, her hair became a blonde color. Her eyes also turned blue. “We have
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Chapter 3: Information;Illusion
“Name?” “Q.” “P-pardon?” That was not the answer the doctor was expecting. He was inspecting the patient's pupils for any abnormality. That response caught him off guard. “Q. My name is Q,” he reiterated. There was nothing on him that held any identification. He didn't even have a wallet or anything of the sort. That in itself was peculiar. The other civilians were done being treated. They sent those well enough to the agency that will assist them in getting back home. It was a normal procedure. This patient was the most gravely injured. And yet... “Vital signs appear to be normal. Limbs are… normal.” He hesitated a bit. There was nothing wrong with the patient's limbs. Well
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Chapter 4: Kaleidoscope;Kinesthetic
“Please change into this,” Estelle said as she gave Avis Walker a blue tracksuit. Some of the staff often referred to him as Subject Q. “Alright.” He took the tracksuit and had a feel of it before he started taking off his clothes. Estelle was slightly flustered as she recalled their previous hookup. “Excuse me,” she said and left the room in a hurry. “It's all part of the job,” she told herself as she regained her composure. This wasn't the first time she used her charm to extract information. Her eyes have an ability to affect the mentality of a person. She never had the chance to use it on him, though. There was no need. She just didn't expect him to be so straightforward. Q opened the door and went out of the room. He looked back for a moment and chuckled. They w
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Chapter 5: Unexpected;Understatement
The training dummy's head rolled away as the body fell backward. “Did anyone get any data from that?” The assessment team in the observation room was scrambling to get the data from Q's attack. Estelle and Sven were also watching the candidates. “Strength registers as high A. Same goes for speed,” one of the analysts responded. “Other parameters are normal so far.” Regular breakers can take down training dummies with ease. Even Zeke Arnold took down the level one training dummy in one hit. But that was using one of the training weapons. Plus, Zeke is a melee fighter. Q is a mage. A summoner, at that. That's why it was more surprising that he took down the training dummy in such fashion. “That was reckless,” Q told himsel
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Chapter 6: Transcendent;Trailblazer
The first phase of the assessment finished for all three groups. They were given time to rest before the next phase. In the meantime, they were provided meals during the short break. The candidates were recuperating during this time. Meanwhile, the assessment team compiled their data on promising candidates for this batch. “For the non-combat group, we have a promising candidate,” said one of the staff officers. “Caitlin Aoife. Mid Tier Class: Priestess. Her parameters are decent with high focus on VIT and INT. She is a bit reckless but she has a good sense of her surroundings.” There were also evaluations for other candidates from that group. Caitlin stood out because of her ability to make quick decisions. “About the general group, we have a title holder without a
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Chapter 7: Overwhelming;Obfuscation
The last part of the assessment had the groups gather into a single large hall. They were lectured on the other basics of being a breaker. They were taught basic skills of a breaker. Inventory skills, especially, are very useful. The orientation also included the responsibilities, privileges, and the prospects of recruitment. It had the purpose of motivating new breakers to strive to get stronger. While it was happening, the assessment team was swamped with analysis tasks. It wouldn't be this busy usually. But a certain individual has been adding workload to the assessment team over and over. Even now, they are examining the relic from the level zero field. “The results show that it's a replica-type,” one of the analysts said. “There's nothing abnormal about it. At first glance, that is.” “At first glance? What d
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Chapter 8: Hindrance;Hysteria
The realm of the gods differed barely from the human world. The sole difference being its inhabitants. Instead of continents, there are pantheons. Gods and goddesses are able to mingle with each other. So it was not difficult for other deities to visit another's realm. At this moment, a beautiful goddess entered the temple of another. She had long flowing hair and a fair complexion. Her oriental attire accented her curves. Behind her, a glowing insignia hovered. If a human were to lay eyes on her, they would immediately feel the warmth of the sun. Her mere presence would urge one to bow and kneel. “How distasteful,” she said as she gazed at the pillars. Her voice sounded motherly yet cold at the same time. There were various chains wrapped around the pillars. They all led to the center where a maiden lay on a stone platform. Her beauty was on par with the god
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Chapter 9: Notorious;Nemesis
A goblin fell to the ground as it was cut in half. Its blood was blue, but it didn't lessen the feeling of killing another creature. It was almost as tall as a human and had similar features. It had green skin and large eyes. Its teeth and claws were sharp. Other than those features, it was almost human. “How are the newbies?” Sven asked as he shot another goblin in the head. His weapon was a silver revolver. He didn't need to reload but he had to pull back the hammer for every shot. Its bullets materialized from his magical energy. “As expected,” Sera responded as she cleaned her blade of blood. It was a beautiful long sword. Its blade was a red color and had grooves. Those grooves were able to extend her reach like a whip's. The hilt and the guard were both trimmed in black. The teams were split into two. The n
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Chapter 10: Overwhelming;Ordeal
“There's no end to them!” Sven shouted as he kept shooting monster after monster. He didn't need to wipe them out. He only needed to buy time until team Alpha was able to retreat. Thankfully, the other staff officers arrived and made things easier. Given their situation, he couldn't complain. Sera ended up with the shorter end of the stick. She was keeping the blue oni at bay. But it was still a daunting opponent. It was one that would be classified as a raid boss. A party of veteran breakers would be able to take it down. But all she needed to do was buy as much time as possible. The blue oni roared and Sera was immobilized for a moment. It swung its large fist down on her. Quick on her feet, she leaped back and swung her blade. The blade extended like a whip and pierced its eye. “Sera! Time to retreat!” Sven sh
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