The Rebel

The Rebel

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"Submit!" He growled at her , his grip on her neck tightening but not enough to hurt her. To only have her smirk in return. "Many have tried mate" "I am not others dammit! I am your mate! Your superior!" He screams agitated , looking at her with helpless eyes.While she looks unaffected. "You can try" "But remember. You will never succeed in it." He could end her existence with just a little more pressure. Giving her a fate like others who have ever dared to defy him. Yet the fire in those brown eyes. We wanted to extinguish it. To make her beg him to continue as he denied her. To see her eyes rolling back as he entered her. He wanted her to submit to him completely . Body, soul ,mind everything. To let her be her protector,her dominant, her punisher ,her lover , her mate. Her everything. And he will lay the entire world at her feet. But little did he knew that his mate was not an ordinary Luna who submits to a man's whims and orders. She was the infamous Rebel The mysterious bringer of justice and protector of women. The very person who every male fears in the werewolf world. If only the world knew Rebel was not a man , but a women called Vera Red ....... "The day I submit to a man will the last day of my life life Mate. Vera Red was born as a Rebel, will live as a Rebel and also die as a Rebel. With or without a cause"

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72 Chapters
The world Order
A girl lays in her mother's lap,staring at her mother's beautiful face that has been marked with a big bruise around her eyes.Her small fingers tracing the dark skin as her mother flinched under her touch."Does it hurt...mumma?"The mother moves her head in a no, tears streaming down her eyes saying something else.Rocking her legs,by moving her laps,she urges the little girl of 7 to sleep peacefully.But how could the little soul sleep when her innocent eyes had seen such atrocity."No Vera... it doesn't. It will go away in few days my beautiful daughter"She says placing a kiss on her forehead.Little Vera could see the sadness in her mother's eyes.She was lying."Why don't you stop him momma? He is wrong...he is so wrong to do this to my momma!""Shhhhh"The lady places her finger on Vera's lips. Silencing h
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The Rogue
In a world of fairytales where women expect their Prince to come and save them.She just couldn't sit and wait for her hero to make an entrance.So she become her own hero instead.             She became.         👑"THE REBEL"👑....................................................         17 years later"Is this the right place?"A young girl asks another as they enter a clearing in the forest. Looking around.The elder one looks at the map in her hand and nods,sure that they were at the right place."Yes. This has to be it. I was told I will find him here."They look around to see no one and their hopes die.Tired of the past events and the long journey they travelled to reach here.<
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The Alpha
12:15 amRedmoon packAlpha office"I am afraid Alpha, I bring along a bad news"The gamma of the pack says, making Alpha Logan to drop the quill on the sheet of paper.Sitting back,he gives the gamma ,all his attention."Speak"His voice cold and domineering,making the gamma to tremble slightly."The attack on the silvermoon pack was a failure."The Alpha raises an eyebrow at him ,surprised with the news.Not expecting it."What happened? Get me the Beta."The gamma shifts his feet in anxiousness, how was he supposed to tell him this?"Alpha Logan..I am afraid..we had it covered. The women and kids were captured and even the late Alpha's daughter agreed. But then we lost the mindlink and when we reached with back up...they all were found dead .Includin
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The day they met
Rosie sits in awkwardness rubbing her hands in anxiousness.What she has heard about this man , could no way justify him.Logan KingHis aura alone deadly enough to make everyone bow their heads,his grey eyes pools of coldness ,seeing right into her soul right now.The man was beautiful without a doubt ,but a forbidden fruit too.From what she has heard, he was not like the rest. He was even worse.He doesn't order obedience, he lives on it.No one goes against him or they end up dead , being killed brutally.However surprisingly , no one speaks about his association with any women.Not in his pack, neither in the council.It's either he is an expert in covering his tracks or he simply despises women , considering them to be a weakness.A man of few words and the strongest member of the council.
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...........Vera Red pov..........I have hated the idea of mate's since the day I saw my Dad raising his hand on my mom.And my mom doing nothing in return.The way he placed his claim on her,not caring if she was ready or not.Thinking she was his to do whatever he wishes to, without anyone questioning him.And in so many years,my belief has only strengthened.Alpha's are worst,if not better.And this reason is enough to despise him.Atleast get to know mate first.My wolf speaks and I look up at the man who was my supposed mate.The very Alpha of the pack wolves ,I have slaughtered yesterday.His grey eyes were cold and emotionless. Face sculpted beautifully by the moon goddess.Those black hair were jelled to perfection as a casual shirt adored his muscular front.I feel a sudden warmness surge inside me and I clench my fist.The shit has started.The shit what everyone calls the 'm
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........Logan pov.......She is entrancing.Those brown orbs have a spark that light something inside me.Her words entertaining.BastardIsn't this what my little lioness called me if only she knew the real me.I was way worse than that,this curse no way justified me.She will be a difficult one to control ,I know it already.But with time she will learn,I will teach her obedience.Maybe she lived as a rogue all her life. Maybe she was never taught manners.But considering she will be my Luna ,the highest female figure in the council. She has to learn it all.She has to learn to lower her head to me atleast and not this world.Unlike the usual submissive females she has that fire in her,the fire which can even burn her.Female Alpha?The idea itself is ludicrous. If she can even survive a month,I will consider her lucky.I know how power hungry Alpha's are like.They will try to ki
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His mysteries
 I stare at his dark orbs in shock, while he sits there on my sofa.With one leg placed on the other and an irritating smirk plastered on his face.The very thought of him sitting here and staring at my sleeping self,made a shiver run down my spine."What the hell are you doing here? How did you came inside?"I ask staring at the door which was still locked."I think you are not in the habit of listening to orders mate. Wasn't I clear when I said, keep your door open?"The coldness and arrogance in his voice made me more angry at him.First he has the audacity to invade my privacy and then he questions me like he is my superior."You got me right Alpha. I am not in the habit of listening to orders, specially from men like you"He stares, hardening his jaw while I push aside the quilt and put on my slippers.Standing in front of him,I point towards the door."Get out"His eyes were changing col
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Her Strength
 Few days laterMoving her blade skilfully against the Alpha's neck , Vera kicks his body to land on the ground.Cleaning the sweat on her forehead,she takes out a handkerchief and cleans the blood on the edges of her blade.Looking around at the dead bodies in the silent forest,she sighs and leaves back to her territory.Everyday there is a new enemy , waiting to claim these lands and people.But unless,she was alive.They can't even touch them. Let alone hurt them.They were her people now and she can go to any extent to protect them.                 Logan povBen nods, entering my office as I sip the coffee from the cup in my hand."I am afraid Alpha, the information is correct this time. The Rebel is helping them."" Luna Vera....she knows Rebel and he is saving them from all the attacks. No other logical reason can explain the defeat of the greates
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Where is he?
 "I don't know any Rebel, you are mistaken Alpha"I say trying to push myself out of his grip but he refuses.Staring at me without saying a word."Don't lie Vera. I hate liers with passion. Now tell me."I gulp , staring back at him. Not afraid to lie on his face again."I said I don't know Rebel. Do you need an affidavit for it now?"He doesn't like the way I retorted back, his fingers coil around my neck from behind and he pushes me closer to himA shriek of surprise leaves my lips as I stumble to land on his chest."Lies , again lies. You alone are not capable enough to defeat one of the strongest Alpha's Vera. He is helping you. I know it. But why are you protecting him?"There is this fire in his eyes,he looks jealous all of a sudden.Can I use this to make him hate me? To make him leave me alone? I never wanted this mate thing anyways, an idea strikes me and I smirk at him."Why am I protectin
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The attack
 Vera povHis eyes keep me awake, messing with my brain.And my wolf is not helping me either way.Trust mate. He will protect us.I don't need his protection. I am capable to do it myself.Rubbing my forehead in frustration , I try to distract myself when his last words keep resonating in my mind.Forget him or I will make you.Possessive, controlling and egoistic.He was just like others. Who said he was different.Putting on my leather jacket ,I proceed towards the forest for a run.I can't shift,the risks of anyone seeing my wolf form is very dangerous.So I just walk, enjoying the silence of the night.An hour later ,I was returning when my wolf sensed something.The aura of the forest was changing and I closed my eyes sensing the silence.Thud ...thud...thud1..2...Fuc*My eyes open as I turn around ,there were too many. In thousands if not in hundreds.An at
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