Death Wolf

Death Wolf

By:  suzangill  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You can't reject me!" She pleaded with tears glistening her eyes, while he stands there indifferent. Hatred evident in his grey orbs. "Please!" He moves closer to her , entrapping her body between the wall and his big frame. Looking at her from top to bottom in disgust, he seethes at her. "You should have thought about it before sleeping with the bast***" "You should have thought about it before betraying me mate." ............ She was a havoc created by nature, found wrapped in a blanked at the side of a river. Bullied and shunned by the werewolf society. She was a mere rogue who was surviving. Untill he came , hating her. Cursing her and playing with her like a prey. Doing everything to break her like her betrayal has broken her. If only he knew she has not surrendered her virtue by choice, if only he knew she was an innocent. If only he knew he could never break her for she was not a weak pathetic rogue. She was the girl born with the power to summon the strongest known wolf in the world. She was the very soul referred to in the werewolf books of philosophy. She was none other than the summoner. The summoner of the death wolf.

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93 Chapters
The punishment
"Locked under the magic of witchcraft is a wolf strongest known to exist.With eyes red as blood and fur dark as night, he was a sight no one remained alive to describe.Many have tried bringing it to life,but failed giving away their lives.Untill an innocent girl comes sealing her and the fate of entire mankindThe girl named Thora Valentine"..................................................7:15 amBloodmoon pack groundsA girl lays on the cold freezing ground.Her breath coming out heavy as she tries to move.Her muscles sore with the punishment,lips cracked and dried.She pulls on her arms to hear the cranking of steel chains tied around her hands and legs,sighing she leaves the struggles ,once again.12 hours 42 minutesTh
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The Werewolf King
Landon sat on his seat,waiting for the Alpha kings arrival.His eyes landing on Thora,who stood beside him in his chosen dress.A small maid dress ,with it's hem barely covering her ass. The blouse tight,highlighting her thin yet perfect figure."You are to serve them the drinks and food. No mistakes will be tolerated. Am I clear?"She nods ,not in the mood to fight with him after the punishment last night.The whip marks still fresh on her back."Good. Now come here."He says with a smirk and she already knew what this was about.Grabbing her from her waist,he makes her land on his lap.Before she could react,he has crashed his lips on her.Thrashing was no use,she was used to his behaviour till now.Laying still ,she allows him to kiss her.But then all of sudden,her weak wolf thrashed in her mind and she started pushing him back
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              Thora's povI was trembling,like literally. The dirty utensils shaking in my hands as I cleaned them under the freezing water.Surprisingly Landon didn't scold me or punish me after that small accident. But I guess that's because he was very busy in today's meeting.My mate's grey eyes make a shiver run down my spine. And I move my head, trying to forget about him.But who was I kidding. My mate was no ordinary manHe was the werewolf King.King Volkan KnightGulping ,I clean the sweat on my forehead with my sleeve and place the last utensil in the utensil tray.Done with my today's work.Sighing I look up at the full moon , wondering what will my future hold.He already hates me,I saw it in his eyes.He thinks I have betrayed him,if only he knew the truth.My mate is going to reject me.This was the harsh reality,every she wolves fear th
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Taking her home
Landon stares at the Alpha King sitting in front of him.Confusion evident in his eyes as he dares to question him again."My apologies Alpha King but did I hear you right? You want to take that Omega along with you."Volkan just stares at him harder. His words an evidence to his irritation."Yes. The girl is to come with me. And in exchange ,you will be given the tender to the Redwood territory"Landon couldn't believe this. Thora was a used and broken pathetic Omega of his pack. What could a powerful man like him had to do with her?"The offer sounds quite attractive Alpha King. But may I know why?"Volkan clenches his fist, not happy with him questioning him.But he can't tell anyone she is his mate,he was ashamed to be honest."She has a really foul mouth. You know I don't take disrespect lightly,yet she dares to disrespect me. I will deal with her my way in my territory."Landon was not finding this hard to
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A maid?
The car door is opened for him and he proceeds inside while I struggle to open my side of door with tied hands.Failing ,I scoot and come out from his side instead. Breathing heavily to find him near the entrance already.Shit! Why is he so fast?Before I call him to stop,the doors open and my mouth opens in shock.The castle was humongous, a line of fountains welcoming with small bushes perfectly trimmed.A broad pathway, laid towards inside.And when I looked up ,I almost stumbled on my feet.Damn! I have never seen something so beautiful. This place was like a palace I only saw in books and he was like the Prince. But sadly I was no princess,I can never be.Coming back to reality,I saw men surrounding him like bees. Following him ,as he barely says anything. I increase my pace,trying to catch up with him.But he was already near the castle.Maids line on either side,bowing to him and I blush w
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Adjusting or surviving?
She stares at the kids playing.Her dirty sneakers covered in mud , a loose sweat shirt and worn out jeans covering her, as she tries stopping the tears falling down her eyes.Nose red and eyes puffy , but no one cared.The screams of children around, making her feel like she was surrounded.When in reality she knew she was alone.Always.Using her loose sweatshirt to clear her tears, she folds her arms on her knees and lowers her head on it.She doesn't remember how long she stayed like that when she feels a tap on her shoulder and she looks up." lonely?"A small girl with big blue eyes looks at her in worry, making a small smile to leave her lips."No dear. You all are with me.... aren't you?"I ask and she moves her head in a no, sitting beside her."No. They all are bad! They are not my friends."The girl says and Thora couldn't help stare at her. The little girl was beautifu
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The heat
The first wave of heat hits me and I curse. Rushing outside in the open.The cold winds hit the beads of sweat covering my forehead, giving me a temporary relief. While I clench my stomach which was churning in pain.I have waited too long....Volkan will not be coming.Shifting to my small brown wolf which was the mere size of a fox, I rush out into the lush green garden not caring about anything anymore.Determined to reach the forest.My claws heavy and body staggering with pain, but I don't stop.It was do or die today.Merely 5 minutes into the forest and the howls of wolves start echoing around me. Making adrenaline to rush in my veins.Determination to save my virtue , was unfathomable today and I was going to prove it to him.Another wave hits ,stronger this time and I scream. My scent emerging around me like waves of pleasure , hitting the unmated wolves.They growly again and this time I
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DeathIt's not that easy as it seems. Atleast not how I thought it to be.My numb body was thrashing against the current of the water, my lungs protesting and whines leaving my wolf.But I couldn't escape it, the thrust of the water much stronger than my weak limbs.Water gushed into my snout and my wolf form hits random rocks, making a cracking sound to be audible to my ears.It seems I will be broken beyond repair.If that was not enough of a nightmare.Imagine the very reason I jumped into the water was still there.The rogues,they were crazy and blind enough to jump into the water behind me.And were now barring their teeth at me.One of them was just near my hind leg and next I know,he grabbed it in its deadly jaw, making a sharp helpless yelp to leave my lips.Please....not like this moongoddess...not like this.The other rogue joined him, holding my other hind leg ,when our bodies hit anothe
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Repeating Rule 2
He stared at her .His eyes taking in her wounded thigh and the long claw marks on her stomach, and he couldn't help feel the anger run in his veins.How much he hated those filthy dare they touch his mate with their filthy hands.Yes he didn't like the girl...but those vulgar  thoughts of those rogues about his mate....The ones he could hear clearly in his head.They made him tear apart their limbs to throw them into the running water."The girls healing is slow your Majesty. The wound got infected and her wolf is too weak to fight the fever.I have given the IV ...but she will take more time to heal."The pack doctor said and Volkan merely sighs. Expecting this."Hopefully once the heat is over. The fever will come down on its own."With this the doctor leaves, closing the door behind him.While Volkan runs his hand through his hair.Sta
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His Care
"But-"What is he even doing? I was in heat yesterday....what if his wolf wanted to do it forcing me? No...I can't let that happen! No way!I try to turn around to only have him place his hand on my neck from behind making me still.My back hits his front and I feel the tingles explode."Don't argue with me girl. I have had enough of your disrespect.""Now do as I say."Gulping I merely nod, feeling his breath near my ear.I widen my legs a bit, and his grip on my neck loosens.Trailing down his fingers, he moves them down my back and I feel his touch leaving a trail of tingles and warmth."Wider"His heavy commanding voice sounding distant than before and that's when I feel his fingers near my thigh. Making me jerk away from him suddenly."Ahhhhh"I wince in pain as my sudden movement made the wound to hurt more. His grip on my thigh ti
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