Thunder wolf ( book 2)

Thunder wolf ( book 2)

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The head which was expected to be held high to bear the crown of a princess, was bowed down in fear. The eyes which always saw love and care were forced to see blood and tears. The lips which were always smiling were quivering with horror and nightmare. The hands which were always held by her parents for safety and care, were now alone to shudder rapidly in fear. With time all wounds disappeared but their marks continued to boil her blood in vengeance for those who brought her here. The royal blood running in her veins will not let her stop till she has punished all those who played unfair. The girl was Ezra Grey Allistair and she was going to be everyone's worst nightmare. With eyes as blue as thunder and hair as dark as night. She was the resurrection of the strongest known wolf to exist. She was the thunder wolf. *Could be read stand alone.

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34 Chapters
Nerdy nerd
I entered Rosewood High to see a big building entering my view.This was the best werewolf school in the entire werewolf world and they were known to be very strict, disciplined and demanded perfection.I worked hard for my entire life to enter this school.Without a scholarship, I couldn't afford to study here.Everyone here screamed wealth from the expensive cars that were lined in the parking to the expensive clothes they were wearing.I stood out in my 5 years old worn-out sweatshirt, faded jeans and white sneakers.But I didn't careMy motive was only one and by coming here I managed to get one step closer to it.As I walked in people were giving me looks of disgust, hate and pity.Some were even laughing while pointing fingers st meI was a master in ignoring.Well, I mastered it with time and now their words or looks didn't matte
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The Beta
The next day in my history period I sat on the same seat Aria refused me to sit on.She was trying to tell me to get up from his seat but I decided to ignore her.Today he came.And when he entered all chatter around died downEveryone was looking at me and then at him.He was chatting with his group of friends when he entered but when his eyes met mine he became silent.I continued to unpack my books breaking our eye contact and ignoring his presence but he didn't wanted that.He placed his hand on my table to get my attention but I still continued to ignore him."Look at me!"He ordered with power seeping through each word he spoke.My stubborn self still refused.I remember when I was a kid Dad and Mom always used to say how stubborn I was.Old habits truly die hard but this was no longer a habit it was m
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Meeting the Alpha
I completed all my work early so that I could visit the gathering on time.I dressed in loose clothes and picked up a black scarf from my wardrobe to cover my face.I couldn't show my face to anyone.My face would give away my identity and I couldn't let that happenI secretly made my way out of the packhouse .On crossing the border I could see a large gathering.It was easy to blend in such a large crowd and that's what I did.The temperature was near freezing point here so everyone was covered in hats or hoods or mufflers. This made me feel safe and hidden, as my role required it.Most people were gathered around the centre which was risen on a platform.I could hear his voiceLoud and clear addressing the audienceBut I couldn't see him.Hundreds of people were blocking my view.I tried jumping up a
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Electric blue
Electric blue was the colour of her eyes,Innocence and fear were evident in them.Longer I stared into them,The deeper I fell into their depth of mariana trench.Blue was not my favourite colour,But it just took just one look to change it from then.Love was not experienced by me before.But those eyes forced me to fall deeply and madly in love with them.Her purity was a curse ,To my evil eyes who were blinded by the light of goodness in them.Yes I was evil,Evil like a deadly beast who killed for content.Evil like a villain who ordered the death of innocents.But for her,I wanted to be a hero .A hero who will save his heroin in distress.I just know one thing that,Those eyes were holding me captive.And I was willing to be captivated forever in them.They were the most beautiful in the world,As I saw my soul mate in them....... Read more
Xavier Black's povFearThe only feeling I want everyone to have for me.You can call me a sadist because I truly like to cause people pain.This brings a kind of satisfaction to me and now I am addicted to it.Those who face my wrath curse me from the depths of their heartBut it dosen't matter to meTheir words are nothing when I know that my birth itself was a curse.I was not meant to be bornMy birth itself was a curse which made me loose my mother.She was supposed to live while I should have died in her womb but when moon goddess controls your arrival and demise, we are just puppets in her hands.It's not that my father dosen't love me.No instead ,he is the only one who truly loves me but when I see him hold my mothers picture and cry for hours I can't help but hate myself for his pain.Others hate me and I don't have a problem with that, because I also hate myself.But,Those be
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Defiance 2
"Xav she is defiant I am telling you!""Eric you saw her, she was so scared, I don't think she is capable of even speaking to me let alone defy me""Okay then lets provoke her to see ""Eric do whatever you want to, I am busy right now ""Okay! But please come to the canteen in the lunch time to see the show"I ignored him and continued my work.After completing my work I went towards the canteen to get something to eat.As I entered I saw a circle of students gathered around something rather someone.They saw me and cleared the way for me.What I saw was unexpected Eric was enraged with anger, his aura had a deadly vibe to it and his eyes were fixed on his target which was struggling to break free.Erics hand was squeezing her tender neck leaving huge red marks on it and breaking her air supplyShe was struggling under his grip,she was desperate for release As desperate as a goldfish in
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Hold on
Ezra's povSeconds turned into minutesMinutes turned into hours.The visibility of the day was followed by the horrifying darkness of night.Everyone left hours ago not daring to help me by going against the Alpha kings son's order.My lips were getting cracks from dryness ,forcing me to moisten them with my tongue again and again.My arms which were tied behind me around the bark, were now numb with pain and rigidity.I closes my eyes to escape from this harsh reality .When a person gets caught in a hopeless scenario as mine one usually thinks of the happy memories one has,those smiling faces cross their minds ,those giggles enter their ears ,and memories of those who love him  give him strength. But in my case those little happy times I had in my 17 years of life were eclipsed by the horrers I had faced .I was too young to remember those happy memories I spent with my family.I try to remember the
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Hold on (2)
Xavier black's povI was doing my regular workoutSweat was dripping like water from my forehead as I did my push ups.999.10001001...My face was facing the mirror in front of me where I was watching my muscles flex with my every movement.I was angry and I had to release it one way or the other.That defiant girl was the reason.I slapped herDammit!!I slapped a girl!!How could I??A real man never raises his hand on a girl .I moved on to the punching box and continued to hit it with full force.My actions got controlled by my emotions and I hated it when I loose control.My knuckles were turning red but I did not care.I had to punish myself and this was nothingNext I heard Chris enter the room"Exercise at this time?Xav man are you alright??"I didn't paid heed to what he was saying That girls face kept coming in front of my eyes
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His Mate
The biggest fear a child has is of getting lost and loosing his parents.I experienced it at a very young age of 6 when my world collided with his.Flash backThe thunder was striking and the swords were clashing. Mama was holding me tightly in her arms shielding my eyes from the inhuman acts going on around me.Screams of pain around me were making me fear only one thing.DeathNot mine, no I didn't cared for myself as much as I cared for them.They were my life.And without them I was no oneThey were my mama and daddyAnd I feared their death."Ezra baby go with uncle Dan ,I will meet you in a few minutes at our favourites placeOkay?"She said looking into my blue eyesI refused to leave her still clinging onto her not releasing my grip "No mama!!!! Please take me with you!!!""Mama loves you sweety and I will never leave youI promise I will meet you there
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Thunder Mark
I was not normal.I realised this till now.Those blue lights I saw around me eliminating from my body were far from normal.There was something about me which even I didn't know and this was scaring me .Am I ill?Am I even a wolf?Or Am I just a human?I was standing in front of the mirror staring at the thunder birth mark on my chest.Mom asked me to hide it from everyone but she never told me why?The mark I beared was never heard of before.No one was ever born with special marks .Then why was I?Was I a freak of nature?I looked at my face in the mirror to see blue eyes staring back at meBlue just like the clour of light that surrounded me in the forest that day .I closed my eyes remembering the dayMoon goddess what am I??Please tell me!!I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear someone else enter the room.Only when warm hands engulfed me fr
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