The Forbidden Daffodil

The Forbidden Daffodil

By:  Irene Davison (Esperanza)  Completed
Language: English
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"Is she his mistress?" "No, She is his wife." He regretted passing the information when the facial expression of their Boss changed. The only link to reach the traitor would be her only. "Enjoy the meal boys and don't forget to cut down her every part before throwing her into the burning mansion." She thought death was her escape but found herself in the clutch of another monster because of his husband's betrayal. What she didn't know, was the sin that would be committed by her too. Entangling herself in forbidden love with another man even being married. The end of her torturous life opened another sinful path for her to take. The desire took its turn. Will she accept this life or make herself free from every possible shackle she had? Copyright 2020-2021 by Irene Davison (Esperanza) Paperback Available

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31 Chapters
New York City, United States "Roses are red, the sky is blue; Let me tell you, what a shit are you." "How are you, man? Hope you are enjoying your time seamlessly." A phone call made at a very late hour of the night put everyone on high alert. Every single person in the mansion got their asses on fire. Security was doubled at every corner of the property making it look like a customized high-security zone. A man pacing inside the main hall stopped on his track when he heard footsteps behind him.  "He would be coming down
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Chapter 1
Brooklyn, United States A girl was looking through the window while standing with a cup of coffee when she sensed some movements behind her. Following the footsteps around the room, she stole a glance of the figure who was walking towards the washroom. "Good morning." She mumbled while sipping the coffee. "Hmm... " The man replied and entered the washroom. After some moments the girl entered the washroom where the man was taking shower. Discarding the only fabric she had, her footsteps followed inside the shower stall. The man was standing under the water in his naked glory. Every droplet of the water that was trailing down, looked lik
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Chapter 2
A man in his early thirties was drinking along with one more man. Three of them seemed to enjoy the moments.  "So, what makes you come here?" Carlos was asked the simplest yet complicated question by David. "Just to have a look at my own club. Sometimes you need to pay a visit to your properties." Carlos laughed while clinking his glass with David. Of course, he had come down to Detroit to track down the rest of the moves that were slowly chewing the lion's tail. And here the lion was none but him who had to expand his claws. Sometimes ignorance to the little irritation could cause a big headache.  David was working under him for the past few years. It was not that hard to read through his words. There was more in
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Chapter 3
Greta was pacing inside her room after hearing about Carlos. She was shocked knowing that a mere waitress dared to kill her man. Even the idea of killing Carlos is a grave mistake or rather a near-impossible task. She was hissing in rage from time to time while cursing those who were present at that time. What's the point of keeping so much security if they fail to even see such dangerous activities? She was waiting for Carlos to return. The clock struck 10 at night when a large masculine figure entered the room. Looking at him Greta walked towards him to help him with his suit. Taking off the suit she looked at his face. His jaw was flexed but a glint was present in his eyes. That clearly explained his victory but not the portion of the win. She raised her hand to unbutton his shirt when he gripped her hand in his calloused one. Turning her body he pushed
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Chapter 4
All the colors out there turned grey when he appeared. The clumsiness reached my central nervous system and my eyes bored into those dark orbs. My freedom is wrapped in a dark cocoon making the stage of life as a never-ending pupa. A butterfly died being desperate to come up with her new wings. A dream of wings crashed beneath the desires and lust. Every part of my soul screamed a single name when the body was marked as his. A dreadful memory, a longing love, a life full of spring, all gathered up to sacrifice themselves. The winter never passed away to welcome the spring. It kept on giving coldness. I kept on losing my leaves as they had dried in the hope of receiving some new ones in the future. But spring never came. I sealed myself in the dark box to avoid a little amount of ray as hoped. I fell for the darkness as they were constant. The luxury of life only brought broken dreams and shattered pieces of hope. I didn
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Chapter 5
The room fell silent when I walked in another direction. I opened the door and made my way, a fewer steps more or less in the same hell. "Accustomed" is a newfound word that became my permanent pep talk creator. I wanted to stay inside the same darkness to avoid a single ray of new surroundings. It was not pathetic yet unacceptable in my view. I was ordered to move down to please the almighty. I made my way towards the kitchen as a lawfully wedded wife. My vows remained intact in a certain way. I accepted wholeheartedly my doom along with the darkness. "Love, are you trying to please me?" His voice rang through my ear making me stiff at my place. "Love." A word that once showed me the best of this world ended up crashing every single sparkle of my life. "Unfair" I coul
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Chapter 6
Carlos lit his favorite cigarette while looking at the man sitting in front of him. His facial expression was enough to depict how scared he was. Carlos kept on looking at his face while puffing one after another making smoke rings to reach his nostril.  "Brando, how many times do I have to warn you?" Carlos spoke in such a gentle manner that it looked like he was just scolding his younger brother. But in reality, everyone knows the meaning of this gentleness. It is just a fake wrapper of the cruelest object that Carlos can deliver to anyone.  "Boss, we haven't done anything. The shipment was stolen midway before we could even reach there." Brando clasped his both hands together while reciting every single word from his vocabulary. One wrong word from his side can cause his death.  "I see." Carlos took a long drag and stood up from his chair. Looking at his figure Brando tried to get up too but Carlos raised his finger to make him stop. Carlos
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Chapter 7
It was dark outside. The soundproof room did justice to her screams. Every single scream that dared to invade those thick barricades died within. She shivered, being hung from the ceiling like a piece of chicken with her hands Shackled in metal chains. How far the pain could penetrate through her skin, she didn't dare to think. His growling, anger, and dirty words were everything that she could understand.  "What did you shout in your sleep, sweetheart?" He gripped her already sullen face, digging his nails on her skin. The rage in his voice was all she found more terrifying than his actions. "I am sorry." She whispered this time. For the very first time she dared to speak the name she took in her sleep but ended up being in a mess. What would a person do if he or she had a nightmare?
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Chapter 8
We had our stories painted with a rainbow. We had our words coated with love and our promises made us hold each other in an eternal bond. We both desired to see the sunrise together kissing the morning sweetness. Craving each other's touch we walked towards our beloved journey. I landed in a situation where I found nothing but pain and doubt. A continuous agitation along with painful memories took up my mind. I looked at him with the same eyes I had before. Nothing changed even after all these days, months, years. His promises didn't change. His mind didn't ask about his deeds. All we have is a legal paper in between us to carry forward this mess. A mess was created without any reason. A mess based on love, obsession, and power. I had my choice, I had my dreams. All shattered that day I lost a part of me. I accepted his decision to save what I
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Chapter 9
Carlos "Greta, we have already discussed that. No more comments on that."  "He made a fool out of you. Why can't you understand that?" "Don't try to push me, Greta." "Carlos, why don't you trust me?" I asked myself whether I heard her right or not. My little fuck toy was asking something which never came between us. Being a Mafia trusting someone is foolishness. Especially when the opposite belongs to another mobster's family. She is no saint. She always wanted her stepbrother as my right in command and I knew that. But I didn't expect her to come up with allegations on my current selected one.  

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