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She only wanted to work for her government and serve her country. So committed she was to her job that a promotion was worth her effort. The hunger to work hard and smart manifested inside her but all this was taken away from her by the same government. How fast she became a public enemy and a fugitive saddened her. Worse was that even her own organization wanted her dead and she had to survive to clear her name. Framed for the murder of her own boss was a card she never saw coming

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    The morning introduced itself glissfully replacing the night. The suns beams penetrated through spaces that the curtains had not covered in her window. It made her room glow golden. This is one of the rarest view that everyone admires to take a picture of, the moon dissappearing in the horizon while the sun appeared on the opposite side. She was still turning within her bed sheets before her alarm broke the dense silence that overwhelmed the room. She quickly turned to put it off and remained on the bed while staring at the ceiling with the feeling of wanting someone to hold her while in her sleep and wake up to find him staring at her with eyes full of love. Well this was all a dream since she was still single. Although she had everything a woman would want in life, she still yearned for someone to possess and make her feel owned.Sometimes, she disliked her job due to various
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       "Peter... Peter", Lusaka was getting impatient because he had been calling Peter like seven times and he had not even turned to look at him. Peter's desk was right next to his and he could not get to understand where Peter's mind was. He knew something was up since he had never seen him this way, not until today. Of course, Terrorist Managment Unit has always been dealing with cases that endangered human lives and they were used to it. He got up from his seat, marched towards Peter's and gave him a part on the shoulder.      "Peter, are you okay?" He asked him. Peter turned with an insanely tense look as if his boss had found him doing something wrong."Uuuuhm... I am okay... I am good, whats up?" He replied while trying to look relaxed." I have been calling you over and over again and you didnt turn even once?""Really?" Peter still tried to remain calm but now with an inquisitive look, " when was that?""Like two minutes ago
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        Juornalists were eagerly awaiting at the gates of statehouse for access to the pressroom. News headlines all over were ranting of TMU's  director assassination. It was the hot story now and everyone wanted a piece of it or rather be the first to get first hand information. Every weekday at ten o'clock they would be granted an audience with government spokespersons and few high ranking officials. They were lucky sometimes they would have an audience with the president himself and this was that day. Not that they knew the president will be there responding to there questions since the appearance was always random.       Statehouse is one of the most lethal and extremely protected building in the country. GSU officers were all over the compound with different kinds of riffles like AK-47, qq9, etc. There was also snipers who had very accurate rifles like Arctic .50 to take care of ground units from a far in case of any impending danger.
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       An unchartered plane landed at a private field in the outskirts of Nairobi. The plane was completely anonymous and not even the local authorities were aware of its presence. Such level of secrecy always involved something illegal. The plane field had a man-made runway consisting of dead grass and dirt and was completely surrounded by tall brown grass and trees. The runway was atleast three hundred metres long and only small cargo planes landed in this area. At the end of the runway was a mansion that had atleast ten rooms inside. Tall bushy thickets made it almost invisible and tree canopys surrounding it, made it undetectable to satelllite images.    The runway dissappeared into some dense trees that had also formed a canopy. There were like four other privately owned planes inside the dense trees. You would never guess from an aerial view that there could be planes and most likely assume cars because of the rough road that emerged from it. Th
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      The country's distinguished gentlemen were all now gathered in the conference room including the president together with his wife. If you wanted to cripple a nation instantly, just bomb statehouse and target mainly the conference room at the moment. Tony's heart was really racing since everything was escalating at a pace he had not anticipated. His wife held his hands underneath the table to calm him down. They had been together for so long that they had learned each other quite well. She could sense when her husband was getting tensed up. Her warm hands calmed his nerves. A national security threat was never good news and deep inside he needed her.  "Since we are here, we shall commence”, Fredrick begun, “ Mr president, Edgar is on call with some vital information. We tried to have him inform us so we could relay it to you since you were with the press. He declined and his instruction was that you have to be present. Shall we proceed?” This time he was addre
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    Nairobi is a very big city being the Capital of Kenya, boasting the greatest share of the country’s GDP. It has a great businesses umbworld within its economic realm and attracts a lot of investors. Some of the most prominent people in the world come to visit this famous city to view its unique landscape topography, the parks and recreational centres infused with the cultural heritage it boasts of.  Within it, were constituencies that joined together to forth come  this great city and give it life.  Westlands was one of this constituencies with high end businesses encroaching its every corner. Indians greatly inhabited this area and called it home. We are not ruling out other ethnic races that were present in the area, only that they were the major residents. Shops popped up in every corner of the streets with malls in strategic areas that were easily accessible to anyone whether on foot or driving. At night, most of this building would shine bright with L
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    “Am I?” Lucas returned calmly, no twitching in his eyes. His gaze identical to the one a predator maintains on its prey as soon as it sets eyes on it. Maina was on the receiving end. Almost pinned into a mental corner it seemed and nothing looked real to him for some seconds. Even his intuition and subconscious disagreed on each other hence the power of instinct was a little lower.“Was it in Naivasha?” Maina abruptly turned and asked Indimuli who was puzzled.“I am sorry”, he replied to affirm his stance of being in the dark.“when I won a game with a royal flush”’, he further expounded.“Oooooh!”, Indimuli retorted in both amazement and relief, “what a royal win it was, the pot was a hundred million.”“Yes”, Maina jumped in.“What are you doing?” Lucas couldn’t hold it and the question just popped up directed to Maina, “if you trying to
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    She had not eaten the whole day. Even the thought of it didn’t cross her mind yet, her stomach kept lurching. Everything was happening too fast for her to comprehend. The way her life had quickly taken a turn to the worse was even more scary. Unfortunately, she didn’t have friends except work colleagues and with the current situation she couldn’t risk contacting them. The probability of most of them believing her was astronomical. An irony it was that they were actually the ones hunting her. She only trusted Peter but it also meant risking his life even though she was aware that he wouldn’t mind. She wasn’t aware of the affection that Peter had for her but she knew she could trust him. She had never been posted in the field yet but circumstances had now posted her on behalf of the agency, only that this time she was running from her own government with nowhere to run to. Going to jail was the last option she would think of and she was so determined to stay alive and running for as l
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    The train wheels screeched loudly as they rubbed against the metal rails. The passenger train came to a halt at Mombasa Railway Terminus. He was just arriving for his side job before he could embark back on his main mission. As frustrated as he was with Abubakar, despite the offer he was proposed, he couldn’t resist still. It was just a simple job that would not take him more than twenty-four hours. He was donned in black fitted jeans and a white T-shirt with long sleeves. To top it all was a raincoat that he was fond off and a Harambee Stars cap that concealed his eyes. A ringing sound came through the speakers followed by a lady’s voice informing passengers that they had reached their destinations and some directions on how to alight, not to forget the appreciation for choosing them. Well, all this were just gibberish to him. The death of Luyenji had seized a toll on him and he was so yearning for revenge. The late TMU director was like a father and dear friend to him, so was Myra
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    He was about to enter the parking lot chasing after Peninnah when the gates burst open from the impact of the black Audi that smashed through it. The car was not stopping though as it drifted to the right narrowly escaping a fast-incoming truck on the main road. It accelerated away at a terrific speed leaving Pinto agape staring. “Who is this bitch?” He asked himself loudly rhetorically. “She recognised me. How does she know me? Who is this lady?” His inner voice conversed within itself with no definite answer. This now nagged him more since it looked too good to be a coincidence. A silver sedan appeared from the garage and the driver was in awe as to what had happened there. He saw Pinto on the side and slowed down to a halt. “What the hell happened here?” He inquired. “Here?” Pinto also acted surprised as he moved closer to the car, “just came out of the hotel since I heard the commotion from inside.” He was now by his window. “He must have been in a rush”, he replied. “Yeah, t
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