Shopkeeper Of The Godly System Of All Realms

Shopkeeper Of The Godly System Of All Realms

By:  Shao Shu Jiu Hui  Ongoing
Language: English
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It is said that such a small shop existes in a corner of the continent. There is a chewing gum there that can provide an endless supply of strength; there is a kind of soda water that if people can drink even a mouthful of it, and even if the one is dying, he can immediately be alive and kicking. The warehouse is filled with divine beasts and divine artifacts. "There are only goods that you can't imagine. There are all kinds of goods that will appear there." Countless powerful people gather outside. The powerful ministers and emperors come one after another, but they could only wait outside the door. Because store manager Loren Quest...

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1766 Chapters
Chapter 1 Congratulations On Becoming The Shopkeeper, Host
The Towering Clouds of the Storm Empire.The Towering Clouds referred to the Cloud City, which was named for its proximity to the Cloud Forest. There was an abundance of low-level magical beasts in the Cloud Forest. Consequently, the place attracted a large gathering of soldiers. There was a vast number of institutes within the Storm Empire. These institutes set up the trial grounds for the students, old and new, within the Cloud Forest. The large influx of people fostered the prosperity of resources, businesses, cultures, and defense forces within Cloud City. At a corner of an isolated street within the bustling city, there was a small bookstore. The boss of the shop laid his head on his shop’s window frame, staring at the empty streets out of boredom with a listless and empty gaze. Ding! “The update for the Shopkeeper System has been completed. Do you want to activate the system, host?” An emotionless digital sound rang out in Loren Quest’s mind. Loren was m
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Chapter 2 Purchasing Channels
“Please turn the picker wheel,” the system said. “Sure.” Since he had even managed to transmigrate just in time, his luck naturally would not be too bad. He forcefully shook the wheel, and the picker wheel started turning rapidly at once. “Mythical beasts, mythical beasts, mythical beasts!” Loren shouted with all his might in his heart. However, as the wheel slowed down, the pointer gradually moved away from the panel of mythical beasts.Elixirs. Although he did not get mythical beasts, elixirs were good as well. Loren comforted himself, then he heard something that almost made him swear out loud. “The Elixir Purchasing Channel has been activated. The host’s Shopkeeper’s Level is insufficient. Activating the Ordinary Elixir Pool.” “System, I need an explanation for that,” Loren bellowed out in his mind with a dark expression on his face. The system did not reply to him immediately. It simply brought up another panel. [Host: Loren Quest][Shopkeeper Level:
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Chapter 3 An Unscrupulous Shop!
“Sigh…” Loren sighed. He needed money to draw products, and the system would receive a commission for the products he sold as well. There were difficult days ahead. During this period of time, the institutes had started recruiting new students. There were exceptionally more people in Cloud City nowadays. Although the store was located in a remote area, it was not utterly undiscoverable. As Loren was lost in thought, five people suddenly pushed open the door and entered the store. Loren’s eyes shone as he got up and sat down properly. “Is the boss here?” asked a young man clad in exquisite leather armor. “I’m the boss,” Loren said in an even tone. Although he felt extremely excited, his expression remained impassive. “Is this really a store? This store is so empty. What in the world do you sell?” the young man questioned as he surveyed the interior of the store. Loren pointed at one of the stock racks and said, “Elixirs.” “Elixirs?” The young man re
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Chapter 4 First Business Transaction
“How much is this elixir selling for?” the female student asked the key question. “The prices are labeled underneath,” Loren said. After thinking about it for a while, he added, “No negotiations are allowed.” “What?” the male student exclaimed. “Ten spirit crystals? What kind of unscrupulous shop is this? “A healing potion produced by alchemy only costs two to three spirit crystals. You…” The male student tried up to Loren to teach him a lesson as he spoke. “Auster, wait.” The female student reached out to stop him. After that, her eyes shone as she looked at Loren and said sternly, “We can afford these elixirs, boss, but are you sure that your elixirs are worth the price?” “Sis, are you really going to buy from this unscrupulous shop?” Auster urged worryingly from the side. Loren responded emotionlessly, “I don’t deceive kids.” “Alright, I’ll take you at your word. I want a Vital Energy Restoration Elixir and a Wound Healing Elixir.” The female student, Winter Y
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Chapter 5 The Dark Cloud Tiger
In other words, after completing twenty levels, one would finish their trials as an Adventurer and would obtain the Adventurer Token. One would only then be considered an Adventurer and have the right to continue upgrading their ranks. Otherwise, they would be stuck in Level 20 forever and would not be able to make any progress. The other ranks, too, worked in the same way. This could be applied to the ranks of magical beasts. They were divided into similar levels as well. A Level 10 magical beast could not be considered a beast for an Adventurer rank. For the Youngblood siblings, who were both at Level 15, this was not a difficult task. The siblings moved quickly. Soon, they had killed a Level 13 and Level 10 Razor-Toothed Wolf, obtaining thirteen wolf teeth. This was the proof of the completion of their mission. However, something happened just as the both of them headed further into the forest, getting ready to finish their respective missions. A roar came
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Chapter 6 The Power Of The Elixirs
The fire elements gathered in front of Winter. Her actions shocked Mitch, who was using all his energy to heal himself.“Are you trying to conjure Explosive Fireball? You foolish woman! You don’t have enough magical power right now.” Mitch stared wide-eyed at her, nearly shocked to death. The Explosive Fireball magic could only be used by Level 20 Adventurers.It was the best option that one could use to kill the Dark Cloud Tiger. However, it was impossible for Winter to create an Explosive Fireball given the current capacity of her magical powers. If Winter were to fail, she would lose all her magical powers, and all six of them would not be able to escape. “D*mn it, I didn’t bring a magical potion this time around.” Mitch punched his lap. As a warrior, he would not bring potions used by magicians along with him. Furthermore, no magical potion would be able to resolve this situation no matter how effective they were. During a battle, there was no way to activat
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Chapter 7 The Vitamin Functional Drink
Auster immediately swooped forward and dug out the magical nucleus from the Dark Cloud Tiger’s head. It had an Adventurer-rank magical nucleus. It was also the lowest standard of magical nuclei formed in magical beasts. Mitch and the others watched Auster’s smooth and quick movements in astonishment, momentarily forgetting how to speak. Suddenly, Mitch recalled the two porcelain bottles. “They were from that store!” Mitch exclaimed loudly as he jumped up from the ground. Suddenly, he hit himself on the chest and stomped his feet in regret. The shop’s boss had been telling the truth. The healing potions that they had used were truly garbage in comparison to those elixirs. If he had been willing to spend a little more to buy those elixirs back then, things would not have turned out this way. Presently, the Youngblood siblings, having kept the magical nucleus properly, made their way up to Mitch and the others. “Thank you for your act of kindness, Young Master Kan
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Chapter 8 Restock
“A single sip of this malt drink had such an incredible effect.” Loren got back to his feet after some time. He sensed the raging power within him. He then closed the lid decisively to keep the remaining malt drink in the bottle. Although there were plenty of jobs related to combat in this world, one’s combat or magical power was the only energy that one needed. This was the distinction between a warrior and a mage. Nevertheless, there were plenty of other jobs related to combat that stemmed from being either a warrior or a mage. However, the energy surging within Loren’s body resembled an amalgamation of combat and magical powers. The energy within him had the advantages of both combat and magical powers. It had also removed the shortcomings of each power. “I feel more secure now that I have powers of my own,” Loren said as he clenched his fists and sensed the waves of energy within him. He felt way stronger than he had been back when he was still a normal person.
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Chapter 9 We Want All The Elixirs
However, Loren had only managed to draw two Discontinuity Elixirs. Including the three bottles on the stock shelf, there were now 23 small porcelain bottles in his shop. Every time Loren placed a small porcelain bottle on the shelf, the price of the elixir would appear on the shelf. The three new ordinary-grade elixirs that he had just drawn would each be sold for ten spirit crystals. As for the excellent-grade Discontinuity Elixirs, there was a steep increase in price—each bottle was sold for 80 spirit crystals. Loren pondered for a while, then grabbed three bottles of the malt drink and placed them on the shelf, ready to be promoted at any time. Now that there were more products, the small shop looked more like an actual shop. Thereafter, some people came in from time to time, but as soon as they saw the prices, they all berated his unscrupulous shop as they swiftly walked out. It was as if they would fall into a trap if they had left a moment later. It seemed th
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Chapter 10 No Price Negotiations
The Youngblood siblings immediately walked into the shop and headed toward the shelves. “Wow, why are there so many elixirs all of a sudden?!” Auster had not noticed the new elixirs when he was outside the shop. When he recalled what he had said outside the shop, Auster’s face flushed red. Although he was the son of a wealthy and renowned family, he would not bring so many spirit crystals with him. He roughly estimated all the elixirs to be worth at least a few hundred spirit crystals. “There seems to be a few new types of elixirs among the products. May I know what their effects are?” Winter asked Loren. Loren had just sat back down behind the counter. After hearing Winter’s words, he simply answered her questions. Winter’s eyes shone after listening to Loren. These elixirs were all fine items. Particularly, the Discontinuity Elixir that could reattach broken limbs. The ability to reattach broken limbs was almost impossible except for priests who acquired this
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