The CEO's Secret Woman

The CEO's Secret Woman

By:  Blezzia  Completed
Language: English
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Viania Harper has a secret relationship with the CEO she works for. Initially she accepted all the rules given by Sean Reviano, the CEO, but everything changed when there was a misunderstanding that made their relationship fall apart. Sean Reviano is the CEO of Luna Star Hotel, one of the most popular Billionaires not only in America, but also Europe to Asia. In every relationship he has, there are always three unwritten rules. No Commitment. No Pregnancy. No Wedding. However, the arrival of Viania Harper changed everything.

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81 chapters
Chapter 1 I Gossip
Via looked at the sleeping face from the man she adored, and the one she loved, Sean Reviano. The love that welled up on the man in front of her was no longer unstoppable. She really wanted to say the three sacred words, but it would might definitely end their relationship if she said it.  She kept holding her tongue and swallowed the word ‘love’ just to maintain their no-future relationship. The twenty-four year old girl stroked Sean's cheek gently. Her heart trembled as their skin touched each other. Her smooth hands stopped when the man in front of her squirmed because of the soft touch of the fingers she gave, even a soft murmur was heard, the remnants of last night's event. Via's did not take her eyes off Sean's handsome face which perfectly combined with a hard jaw forming a square with a dimple splitting his chin. She could clearly see the two dimples that added to his perfect handsomeness. She remembers the moment when she first entered t
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Chapter 2 I One Year Celebration
That day, Via came home earlier than usual, because Sean asked, as he worried to see her pale face after the meeting ended. Via also felt unwell so she accepted.  Arriving at the apartment, she intended to cook, but was afraid that Sean would scold her because instead of lying down, she was busy making her own dinner. The ringing of the cell phone was a sign that a new message popped up. She knew for sure that it was Sean who had sent. That man was like a psychic, knowing how Via's head worked. [ Don't cook anything.  Just rest, I'll bring dinner.]  [-SR-]  The corner of Via's lips carved a happy smile, getting Sean Reviano's attention like she could embrace the moon. After preparing for the night skin care ritual, Via decided to sleep first. For a long time, her eyes were closed when she felt a warm touch from Sean's lips on the shoulder, making her open her eyes while smiling. “Sorry to k
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Chapter 3 I Secret Touch
“Isn't that Mr. CEO?” Cece said in a loud voice that rivaled the DJ music. Several heads turned towards Sean who was sitting at the bar with several men. Altha confirmed when she saw the familiar faces with their CEO. “He has a meeting at a private place not far from here, maybe they've moved to a bar to celebrate something,” explained Altha, answering some of her coworkers' questioning faces. “Gosh, that group of masculine guys is really amazing. Just look, almost all the women can't take their eyes off of them,” said Reina, looking around. Altha and the others continued to dance, while Via feel enough. She was reluctant in the presence of Sean who must have been watching from the bar. “I went back to the sofa,” said Via, who only got a nod from another colleague. She joined Kezia who didn't join on the dance floor with them. “Are you tired?” Kezia asked while handing her a drink. Via shook her head slowly. “No
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Chapter 4 I Wrong Thought
  Via's eyes opened when she heard the alarm clock ringing, she felt to the other side and was disappointed to find the cold bed, a sign that Sean had left a long time ago. After muting the alarm, she sat down while her eyes stared blankly at the empty right side of the bed. Via's fingers touched the mattress where Sean usually sleep. She wanted him to be at her side and hug her as soon as she was awake. Rarely did they wake up together, usually Sean was the first to leave, leaving Via alone. “When will you really see me, not just as a body?” Via whispered with choking breaths holding back tears. She just wanted Sean to acknowledge her existence. Maybe not in this city, maybe somewhere else where no one knew. They could just be having fun outside, like a normal couple. A romantic dinner at a five-star restaurant, running on the beach, playing on a swing in the park, enjoying a vacation on a safari, kissing on a playground, or simply going
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Chapter 5 I Attention
Monday morning, Via felt unwell again. She decided to take one day off. Sean looked at her worriedly, reluctant to go to the office when he found Via lying on their bed.  He also persuaded her to go to the doctor, but she refused because the hospital traumatized her. Sean who knew that Via was afraid of the hospital, finally chose not to force her. “Yes Daren,” said Sean while occasionally glancing at Via who was listening from the bed. “I can't make it to the office today,” he continued, telling Daren over the phone. “Hmm… hmm… yup, Oh, Okay, alright,” Sean mumbled then walked out into his study. Seeing Sean's back disappearing behind the door, Via took a deep breath. At first she thought Sean didn't care and went to work leaving her alone, but she was wrong. Her heart fluttered as soon as Sean contacted the operations manager that he was taking a day off. A few moments later Sean returned to the room, there was no phone in hand which wa
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Chapter 6 I Pillow Talk
 Via asked what Sean wanted to eat that afternoon, but he only said that he wanted to eat chicken, so she decided to cook soup. Today Sean also hadn't allowed her to go back to work, so she filled her boredom by doing anything. But, when she was watching a drama on television, again the news about Sean and Evelyn filled the screen, so she turned off the plasma screen with her heart holding back tears. She became upset every time she watched television, so she decided not to turn on the twenty-nine inch television until nightfall.After the chicken soup was cooked, suddenly Via heard the sound of the door being opened. Not long after that, Sean appeared from living room. He smiled at her who was still wrinkled in her faded pink apron.“I can smell it from the parking lot,” Sean teased.Via laughed because the distance between the parking lot and their unit was very far. It was impossible to smell it all the way to the basemen
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Chapter 7 I He Has Two Numbers
Sean didn't come home today. He gave an excuse that he was going to unpack the luggage in his private penthouse which Via never once set foot. From the very beginning of the affair, Sean gave her a private apartment. At first, he visited only when needed, then left again without sleeping together, returning to the private residence without waiting for morning. But over time he settled there with her. At first, it only stayed for a day or two, without being felt for months.Sean would go back to his hometown tomorrow for visiting his parents. But not just a regular visit, during lunch at the cafeteria, Via also heard that a model woman named Evelyn Madini lived in the same complex as Sean. Rumors spread that the CEO might want to hold an engagement because their parents' houses were next door.“How did you know they were going to make an engagement?” Amber asked curiously.Altha as the source of the gossips explained, “Some time ago
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Chapter 8 I Two Blue Lines
Via bought some kitchen necessities at the supermarket. Even though Sean wasn't around, Via's love of cooking didn't stop her from making a menu of the food Sean liked. When in the sea food area, Via suddenly felt nauseous so she avoided it. Even she was nauseous as soon as she smelled the meat, making her reflexively move away from the drinking area.Via kept calculating the time of her period. For a moment, she felt her body tense because there was something odd about her monthly cycle that she didn't notice. She took the five test packs that were lined up on the shelves and decided to quickly get out of the supermarket, but her steps were stopped when her eyes caught the tabloid that was plastered on Sean's face as the main headline.Unconsciously, Via approached the tabloid and read the title in bold print:  Evelyn Madini and Sean Reviano's romance.Without being able to take her eyes off Sean’s perfect portrait on the cover of the tabloid, Via re
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Chapter 9 I Better Go
Disya accompanied Via who looked devastated until her beautiful face looked pale as if she had no desire to continue living. Seeing the depression that was clearly visible on her best friend's face, Disya sat down in front of Via whose eyes were staring. She looked at the cell phone whose screen was shattered lying on the floor.Her hands were shaking as she took the phone.Her heart believed the contents of the message on the cellphone were the reason Via was in a void state. Right as she expected, Sean's message also made Disya hurt, she even felt a burning anger.How dare that man hurt her best friend and throw her away like trash?! Disya didn't accept it, she really wouldn't forgive him.“Via, oh ... Via,” Disya sobbed while stroking her friend's swollen face.Via's eyes stared blankly at the wall, her tears dried, there were only traces of those tears.“He doesn't want me,” Via whispered
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Chapter 10 I Sean Reviano
Several Days Ago On Sean Reviano POV …Sean stared at the phone screen containing texts from his parents that asking when he would be coming home. For a moment, he looked at the employees who were meeting together in the meeting room. He put the phone back in and glanced at Via who was tucking her long hair behind her ear.Sean's eyes couldn't take his eyes off Via's beautiful face looking down at the report, but his logic prevailed a step until he was relieved to look away.Slightly clearing his throat, Sean gathered attention. “Where were we?”“Our hotel rating and review report on the booking room platform, sir. I think ….”The meeting continued, but Sean's eyes couldn't take his eyes off Via who was explaining about the Luna Star Hotel review report which was slightly down from the previous month.In the middle of the session, Sean found out that Via was daydreaming. In order to appe
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