Fated To The Feral Alpha

Fated To The Feral Alpha

By:  Imaginator CM  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You want to play a game, wolf? Fine, let's play a game. The game is called making that throbbing sensation between your thighs go away. " * Isberlt have been a rogue for as long as she can remember. After the death of her mother, and sudden disappearance of her father from being thrown out of the pack; Isberlt made it past the outskirts of the life she was used to, with a promise to never return again. Now living her supposed normal human life by being a medical assistant to one of the most intrigued scientific researchers world, Isberlt is finally living the life she wants. —The life that puts her werewolf gene behind. The life outside her past. But that's until she's caught by The Alpha King. The big, feral Alpha. An Alpha that's referred to as deadly. An Alpha that other Alphas bows to. An Alpha that loathes disrespect and disobedience. An Alpha whose name makes all others tremble. What could such an Alpha possibly want from a rogue like Isberlt? Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse; he unleashes his feral fury on her; Chained and strapped down of power. Will Isberlt make it through the brutal life that she's forcefully being dragged back into? Or will her contrasting attitude to that of the Alpha be the end of her?

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31 chapters
ISBERLT.  A long sigh flies past my mouth as I drop the serum on the desk; turning around in my seat to remove my glasses, a d gaze out the window to see that the world has already been covered by darkness; the illuminating light from the full moon, the only source of light which once again reminds me that I'm the only one left in the company—excluding the parading guards.  Staring at the moon, I'm somehow drawn to it, and find myself at my office window, arms crossed against my chest as memories that I find hard to keep down every day flow through my mind.  I remember how excited mother used to be during full moons, and the look that always cover dad's face anytime he watches his wife give praises to the feeling of excitement that comes with the full moon.  And I also remember the betrayed look on mother's face the last time I saw her—the last full moon that she saw.  My heart clenches at the memory, and I close my ey
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ISBERLT. I groan slightly, hand moving to my head as I take in the sight of my environment—darkness covering the area, with large leaves from trees blowing wind across the area, and I feel myself being moved at an inhumane pace—my big lab coat being the only thing protecting me from the harsh wind.It takes me a few minutes to realize that I'm dangling off something with my body placed in a vertical position upside down, then a long minute to realize I'm on the shoulder of a man; my face right in his backside. It doesn't take long for my memories to move back to places, and I realize this man is the Alpha, and he's taking me to God knows where. Raising my head to stare ahead, I take note of the fact that we are no longer in the city, but now deep in the forest—into the life I managed to escape years ago. He must have noticed that I'm conscious, and he tries to gaze back at me. "Don't do anything stupid. "Read more
ISBERLT. "Strip down. "He looks me dead in the eye as he mutters those words, and I bite down on my lips; feeling the outrage soaring in me. This damn motherfucker. "You heard the Alpha King, " The man that stands beside him says with a gruff voice, and I raise my brows at him. "I heard him, I just didn't find any good significance in his words. "I tell him, teeth-gritting against each other in annoyance, and low gasps and angry howls erupt in the crowd—reminding me that there are still very sure other wolves in the room. "You nasty little bitch!"The man that stands beside him snarls, making a move towards me, with eyes blaring enough to almost have me back down, but it doesn't. "Say that to the girls that open their legs wide open for you each night to satisfy your desires. Who the fuck do you think you all are?"I snap, trying to raise, but the chain restrains me and
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ISBERLT. "Get up, Slave!"He hollers, and echoes of laughter, and satisfied howls fill the room in my state of humiliation. Biting down on my lower lip, I scowl at the wolf that stands before me— the string of cusses at the tip of my tongue, just lingering for me to release them. Shaking the thought of cussing at this man off my head, I get up, brushing my butt as I begin to walk away; only to be yanked back by the same man again. "Where the fuck do you think you're going, whore? I'm not done with you!"He tugs me back hard, and I jerk my hand away from his grip, glaring at him with shimmering eyes. "You will not touch me, do you understand me?"I tell him as calmly as I can, and the room quiets down— everyone concentrated on the drama that's managed to come up once again. This is the drill. It's been five long excruciating days since I've been here, and just l
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ISBERLT. My head snaps up to the hand that halts his, and Rio is glaring at the wolf; his face covered with an expression I'm yet to decipher. "What the hell do you think you're doing, Peter?"He asks him, eyebrows draw in concentration, and lips pressed into a thin line. The wolf, whose name turns out to be Peter looks down at me, back to Rio, down to me again, then back to Rio before withdrawing his hand, and straightening his stand. "She disobeyed me, Beta. That much you should know. "Rio glances back at me, jaw tightened, and I avoid his gaze before finally finding my feet; my hand clutched to my stomach from the pain that shoots through my entire body. "You do not unleash your powers on a wolf that can't defend himself, Peter. She might be a slave to the wolf pack, but she's still one to the Alpha King, and he did not give an order to have her mistreated...""She's just a fucking Slave, Beta.
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ISBERLT. My eyes go wide as I stare down at my ripped gown, then back into the eyes of the feral alpha that stands before me. "Kneel!"He growls, his eyes turning a darker hue, and without having to be told twice; I go down on my knees before him, my eyes trapped on the smooth tiles that rest beneath the skin of my knees, and my hands on my bent lap; clenching my torn dress to my body so I'm not flashing my naked body to him. "Raise your head, wolf. "He speaks again, and I immediately lift my gaze to meet his; my heart racing a bit faster than normal against my chest, and my grip on my lap tightens— fingers digging into the skin, probably bruising it— as he steps closer to me, closing the small distance between us, and his hand wraps around my chin, raising it higher. The silence in the air grows more suffocating as he trails his finger down the skin of my jaw, tracing the dollar that rests against my nec
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THE HUMAN WORLD. SCIENTIFIC WORLD. THE LAB. COREY. "What do you mean you have no idea what happened to her? Is she not your roommate?"Doctor Philips snaps, jabbing his palms on the desk, and I glare up at him, shaking my head. "How the fuck am I supposed to know where she is when she just vanished out of the blue? I'm just her roommate like you said. I'm not a fucking watchdog that have to watch over her every single damn time!"His scowl softens, seeming taken aback by my words, but it doesn't take long for that to decompose from his expression to be covered by a frown. "You will repeat those same words to doctor Zion once he's here. You were given one responsibility! Just one simple mission! To look after the wrenched werewolf till we have every knowledge, and observation we want from her but you failed at it. And now thanks to you, our test experiments, and the wolf girl is gone!"I say nothing, but stare d
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ISBERLT. His smirks grow broader as he crouches towards my ear, his grasp on my narrows nearly repressing me, and depriving a whimper out of me. "Let's see who will save you from me this time, you fucking whore!" He snarls, his sharpened claws shovelling into my neck, and almost drawing blood. "Let me go, you bastard!" I fight to release his grip on me, but of course, my strength comes nowhere near his. His hold on me releases, and I cough as I struggle to get on my feet and calm down my breathing. Closing my eyes to steady my racing heart, I raise my gaze to meet his with blaring eyes, only for me to be met by a strike across the face; stinging my skin so badly that I'm sure it's red. I gasp as I hold onto the assaulted side of my face, before turning to meet his evil smirk again, and he lifts his brows at me; challenging me to speak up— which is exactly what I did. "Did you just raise your hand on me?" I questi
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ISBERLT. I dab my palm against my cheek harshly; anger streaming through my veins as I look up to meet the stupefied face of Heather— The old woman— and the frantic face of Peter at the thought that he's been caught. "What's happening here? Isberlt?"Heather gazes over Peter's shoulder to glance at me, and I rise on my feet, clutching the dress to my chest as I wait for the bastard to say something. "Nothing happened here. You saw nothing; do you understand?" I watch in skepticism as heather gazes at me, then back to Peter, a despicable look crossing her face as she gazes at me again than a frightened one covering it up as she gazes back at Peter. You must be fucking kidding me! Don't tell me she's going to fucking agree to this? This motherfucker almost raped me! He fucking assaulted me!"Do you understand me, Heather? For Evelyn's sake?" He smiles at her— a warning smile— and Hea
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ISBERLT.A familiar sentiment shoots through my body as I turn around in my stand to come into view with a smoking Rita. "Of course it's you!" She laughs, her eyes trailing down my body, taking my appearance in with a too familiar glint in her eyes. "I felt like it's you! I thought you left us, how come you're here?" She raises her brows at me, twirling a strand of her hair around her fingers as she smiles mischievously at me, and I bite down on my tongue; my hands curling into fists as the memories of everything this girl that stands before me comes rushing back. You see; Rita is the daughter of Alpha Gael, my old pack's Alpha, and just like her father— Rita is one of the most horrible people I have ever met. She's selfish and greedy to the very core. Not to talk about the fact that she's a manipulating dirty little bitch, and the things she's done to me; I can never forget. A SHORT FLASHBACK. [EIGHT YEAR
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