Young CEO loves me

Young CEO loves me

By:  Sweetanne110  Completed
Language: English
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Betrayed and heartbroken by her lover and one of her best friends, Alisha Perry decided to end her own life but was fortunately saved by an unknown guy who turned out to be Kelvin McSmith, who was the heir to his father multibillon company. To make Alisha's ex boyfriend jealous, Kelvin came up with a plan and decided to become Alisha's fake boyfriend...

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33 chapters
Chapter 1
Alisha Perry, an average looking seventeen-year-old girl with a very long, natural blonde hair, extremely skinny and paled skin applied a bloody red lipstick on her lips, and checked herself in the mirror before walking out of her room. "Mom" she called as she walked to the sitting room "I'm going out. I will soon be back.""Okay. Have a nice time."Alisha touched a small box inside her jacket and smiled with all her heart before replying her mother "I will."Today was Alisha's seventeenth birthday. After celebrating her birthday with her only family member who was her mother, she had planned to visit someone later in the evening. But when Alisha stepped out of the house, the weather had been so cold to the extent that she had deliberated whether to postpone what she was planning to do or notNo. She thought. I'm doing it today. And with that thought being fixed into her heart, she walked more determinedly to her destination. Her destination wasn't that far
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Chapter 2
"You don't have to waste your airtime." Alisha said as she stepped inside Zhang's room.Zhang and Piaf were both lying on his bed and Piaf head was placed on his chest.Alisha tried to control herself from crying. She wasn't ready to break down in front of them. Most especially Piaf."You can tell me right now." Alisha added."What the...?" Zhang said as he quickly jumped out of his bed shockingly while Piaf blinked her eyes countless of time to confirm what was happening in front of her eyes whether it was real or a dream."Alish..." She called slowly as she sat up and wrapped the blanket around herself."I'm waiting for you to tell me." Alisha said."Alisha, it's not what you're thinking." Zhang said as he was hurriedly putting on his boxer."It's what you're thinking" Piaf who Alisha had no idea that she had gotten out of the bed said. "Zhang doesn't love you."Alisha slowly turned her head and looked at Piaf's direction before saying.
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Chapter 3
"How did I get to your house?" She asked."Don't you remember what happened?" The guy asked worriedly.Alisha racked her brain for few seconds before talking "ah...not much. I remembered celebrating my birthday and then, I wanted to kill myself""You really don't remember?""I don't know. Everything is blurry in my brain""Do you remember who Zhang is?" The guy worriedly asked."I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me" echoed in her brain and the next second, she angrily disconnected herself from the drip and angrily got out of the bed."Who do you think you're!?' she angrily screamed into the guy's face "Who gives you the permission to save me!?" Tears rolled down uncontrollably from her eyes. "How dare you?""Killing yourself..." The guy started saying but he was cut off by Alisha's angry voice."It's my life! You shouldn't have! How am I suppose to live now! Who gave you the right to save me. You shouldn't have!" Her voice crack
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Chapter 4
Eric McSmith was a billionaire CEO who died a few months back from heart attack. His company was popular all over the world and it was worth several billionaires of dollars.According to the internet, he was happily married with two kids. With Kelvin McSmith being the eldest and Angelica McSmith being a year younger than him."Can you borrow me your phone?" Alisha who was still processing the fact about who Kelvin was asked."Yeah. Sure" Kelvin said and handed it to her."Do you mind excusing me?"He shrugged before replying "I don't mind" and walked out of the room.Alisha dialled her mother's number when she was sure that he was gone but there was no answer so, she tried again."Hello. Hello. Who is on the line?" her mother said the moment she picked up. Tears rolled down from Alisha's eyes and she slowly wiped it away with the back of her hand."Hello" her mother called again "Who is there?""It's me mom" she replied and bursted into t
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Chapter 5
Alisha decided not to step out of her house for the whole week because of the incident but on Friday night, someone knocked on her door.She firstly checked out the visitor through the peephole before opening the door because some paparazzi had been trying their best to get a hold of her in the past few days.The visitor was Mindy.Mindy hugged her the moment Alisha opened the door and said "I'm sorry for not being there for you. I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry.""It's okay. I understand you."Mindy had been out of the country for the past ten days for her elder brother's wedding .They let go of each other and Mindy followed Alisha to her room."The moment I saw your message, I was terrified. I tried calling you but your phone was not reachable. So, I called your mom and told her what was going on. You shouldn't have done that. That was the most stupidest thing that I've ever seen you done."Alisha heaved a sigh "I'm sorry. At the time I w
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Chapter 6
Before entering the club, Mindy passed Alisha a fake ID which looked professionally the same as her normal ID but the only thing that was different was her age. On this ID, she was nineteen years old.""Mindy winked and smirked at her "Forget about the 'how'. Forget about everything tonight. Let's just rock and roll."The music was buzzing from every angles when they finally entered the club and there were hundreds of people on the dance floor."Come this way!" Mindy screamed into her ear before getting a hold of her hand. And after walking for some minutes, they stopped walking and Mindy screamed into her ear "Sit here! I will soon be back!"Mindy started walking away but before she could be far away, Alisha grabbed her hand and screamed into her ear. "Where are you going!?""To get us some hot drinks! With that inside of you, you can hook up with anybody!"Alisha rolled her eyes. She wasn't there to hook up with anybody and she
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Chapter 7
Kelvin McSmith and some of his friends had been at the club for few hours. Just drinking and hooking up with the girls. They were at the VVIP section."What about that girl?" Shane, Kelvin's best friend asked. He had been trying to hook Kelvin up with one of the girls since their arrival "She is hot, isn't she?""Yeah, She is but she isn't who I want right now.""I'm done trying to hook you up with one of the girls." Shane said a little bit irritatedly "Get a girl yourself."Kelvin lifted up his wineglass and was about to drink out of it when he spotted the girl that he had been thinking about for the past week walking angrily out of the club. Even with all the make over and everything, she still looked the same to him."What is she doing here?" He thought.He instantly dropped the wineglass and got out of his seat. "I'm coming." he shouted as he walked away."Where exactly are you going to?" Shane asked but Kelvin didn't reply.Kelvin fixed h
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Chapter 8
The car was as silent as a graveyard as Kelvin was speeding to her house and even though he had so many things to say, he had no idea how to start it. But after deliberating for sometime, he tilted his head and talked."Do you still love him?" His voice broke into Alisha's thought and jerked her back to the reality."Huh?""Do you still love him? Zhang?"Alisha heaved a sigh and looked out of the window. She didn't want to answer that question."It's obvious you still do. He doesn't deserves you.""I know." she replied and tears rolled down her eyes "But I can't help myself. I've always loved him and right now, I can't stop myself from loving him.""Were you at the club because of him?"She wiped her tears away and looked at Kelvin "No. I was there because my friend wanted me to be there. But I wouldn't have come if I had known about him coming""Wow. You're trying to avoid him. Why are you trying to avoid him? He is a douchebag. He shoul
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Chapter 9
"Take." Kelvin said and handed her his card. He had volunteered again to drive her back to her house, which they were now standing in front "My offer still stands."Alisha said nothing."Call me anytime. I promise you that I'm going to be there for you.""Thank you so much." Alisha replied and walked away from him.Kelvin whistled as he walked back to his car.Alisha checked out the card that Kelvin had given to her and she knew that there was no way that she was going to come into terms with Kelvin's plans.She slowly opened the door and stepped into the house but was forcefully pulled inside the house by an unknown force. She instantly readied herself for operation fight or flight but when deep green eyes stared back at her scared ones, she relaxed."What the heck, Mindy?" She said angrily. Mindy was the one that had pulled her inside.Mindy acted as if she doesn't care and happily sat on a couch "Tell me about it." she said."About wha
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Chapter 10
"He still hasn't called." Mindy said annoyingly as she checked her phone for the hundredth time in order to confirm that she hadn't missed any call."He will." Alisha said."But I'm already going. How are you going to answer him when he calls? You don't have a phone with you right now.""Don't worry Mindy. He will know how to get in touch with me.""Okay." Mindy said as she opened the door. She was going back to her own house "We will talk tomorrow morning, or aren't you coming to school tomorrow?"Alisha sighed "I don't know. I will think about it overnight.""Okay. Bye. Take good care of yourself. I will call you through your mom's phone later in the evening.""Alright. I will be expecting your call." Alisha replied and waved at her friend as she drove off.Thirty minutes later, someone rang the bell and Alisha hurriedly opened the door with the hope that it was Kelvin but to her surprise, it was a very young boy who smiled at her before han
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