Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne

Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne

By:  Caroline Above Story  Ongoing
Language: English
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I’m a prisoned omega.A slave maid.While the prince who forced himself on me claimed me as his MATE.---------Get up, quickly! Prince William is here, he asked for all of the maids to be checked!"That woke her, she scrambled out of bed and almost tripped over herself. Doris paled at the thought of facing him. "Checked? Checked for what?""Apparently he left a mark on one of the girl's neck." Beth already looked delighted from the gossip, she started shoving clothes at Doris before she paused. "What's wrong? Are you feeling alright?""Nothing's wrong!" Doris turned away to change, "I was just wondering what he could possibly want with her. She's just a maid, after all." Doris touched the mark at her neck beneath her dress. The makeup she used would surely have rubbed off by now-she needed to reapply it before she left. If he found out it was Doris he was looking for, would be able to leave the palace?

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Chapter 1 (Doris) - Attacker
Chapter 1 (Doris) - Attacker “Please…” my cries for help pierced the night. “Please, let me go…” Tears ran down my features as the cold brisk air made it painful to breathe. What was once a freeing night, turned into an utter nightmare. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. I felt blood trickling down the nape of my neck, where he had sunk his teeth and smeared across my bare breasts. The pain of his teeth in my flesh made it almost unbearable, but his tender embrace and soft kisses on the wound made the pain subside slightly. His words were echoing in my ear, words that still made no sense. Yet, he keeps repeating them. “My mate…” What did those words mean? Surely, he wasn’t insinuating that I was his mate? I couldn’t be his mate. I didn’t have a wolf. Most would develop their wolves at the young age of 14, but I was 21 and I had never developed my wolf. It wasn’t possible for me to have a mate. A sha
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Chapter 2 (William’s POV) – Wedding Ceremony
William stumbled through the foyer of the palace, the music from the ballroom growing louder as they approached the grand doors. A servant on each side of him to make sure he doesn’t fall over or try to get away. He’s been dreading this moment for months since he got word that Grace Reilly, a woman he had once fancied, was to marry his half-brother, Crown Prince Martin. The wine he had drunk moments ago was making his head spin and he could hardly walk a straight line. His wolf was angry with him and wanted him to return to the gardens for whatever reason. It kept telling him of his fated mate but that couldn’t have been right. He was with a servant; she wasn’t anything special and she certainly couldn’t have been his mate. He didn’t even know her name. The idea of a mate was disgusting to him; his own mother died because of her fated mate and he won’t allow something like that to happen to him. Servants went in and out of the ballroom as they wo
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Chapter 3 (Doris POV) – Banquet
I ran from the rose gardens to the palace; thankfully everybody was busy tending to the ceremony that they didn’t notice me. I don’t know what I would tell them as to why I was half-naked, dripping with blood, and cold. At that point, I didn’t even know what to tell myself. I was still in shock over what had happened. Prince William attacked me and bit into me; he marked me as his. He kept calling me his mate; or rather his wolf was calling me his mate. But that had to be the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. I was a werewolf without a wolf, which also meant I didn’t have a mate. Tears flooded over my eyes, and I bit my bottom lip to keep from sobbing. I couldn’t cry right now; I had to clean myself up. I ran into my bedroom, throwing my ripped uniform onto my bed and grabbing a fresh uniform out of my drawers. I stumbled awkwardly into the bathroom and filled the bathtub with water that was so cold it would surely numb my body. L
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Chapter 4 (Doris POV) – Collecting Roses
“How dare you disrespect the prince!” Melody hissed as she stepped alongside me. I scrambled to my feet, my features flushing, embarrassed. Wide eyes were staring at me; anger was clear on Luna Queen Cara’s face. My body was shaking uncontrollably as I tried to keep the tears from escaping through my eyes. Melody was furious with me, but this was her fault. “I’m so sorry…” I stammered to William. “It was an accident.” His lip curled up in disgust as he stared at me, but he kept his tone low and even. “What is your name?” He asked. I’ve resided at the palace for 5 years and he still didn’t know my name. “Doris,” I answered weakly. “Doris…” he repeated, still staring around my body. His eyes caught mine for a moment. “Flowers.” I felt my face draining any color it once had. I opened my mouth to protest that he was mistaken and that it wasn’t me in the gardens. I couldn’t allow anyone to know that it
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Chapter 5 (Doris POV) – Calling for a Meeting
There were murmurs from the maids going around the foyer of the courters. Everybody looked almost nervous, but they couldn’t have been more nervous than me. I tried hard to keep my posture and my composure. I couldn’t break in front of everybody, despite how terrified I felt. My heart was beating heavily against my chest and the palms of my hands were nearly dripping with sweat. I attempted to wipe my hands on my skirt to keep them dry, but it was no use. Beth kept glancing at me nervously, probably wondering what was wrong with me. But I kept my eyes straight ahead. After what felt like a long while, Mr. Carson finally spoke. “Quiet,” he said to the worried maids. Everybody began silencing almost immediately and focused their attention on Mr. Carson and Melody. I was relieved that he was no longer looking at me suspiciously. He wasn’t looking at anybody suspiciously, but he had a hardness to his features and an almost unreadable expression. “R
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Chapter 6 (Doris’ POV) – Checking for a Mark
We were led out into an open field where we gathered as Prince William stood above the crowd with some of his guards and Mrs. Shirly. She was one of the elder maids and the most trusted. She’s worked for the royal family for over 40 years and worked closely with Prince William himself. Prince William was taller than everybody there, including his guards. He wore no jacket over his suit and his shirt clung to his well-built form. I understood why most women fancied him. With his blue eyes and dark tossed hair, he could make anyone’s knees weak. He looked as though he had just crawled out of bed, and I couldn’t look away from him. As good-looking as he was, I knew of the monster that lay under his skin. He wasn’t anything special. His appearance meant nothing if his insides were ugly. I could hear the crowd around me growing excited as the gossiping began. Everybody was curious as to who this maid was that Prince William marked last night. Everybod
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Ch7 - Any woman would do?
What am I going to do?Should I just admit it? Can I deny it even if they see the mark?      Doris asked herself silently.   Just as Doris was about to step into the booth, a sweet voice rang out behind them. Doris knew that voice well.   "Your majesty, I believe I'm the girl you've been looking for."  It's Melody. What was she saying?   Prince William loosened his grip on Doris and turned away from Doris to focus on Melody. Everyone in the crowd turned to look at Melody as well. She knelt close to Doris, her head bowed. "Forgive me for hiding so long."   "Do you know what you’re talking about?" Prince William furrowed his brows, as if he was confused.  Doris could have deflated from relief when his eyes finally left her, the look he gave her alone was enough to follow her back into her nightmares.   Doris knew Melody was lying to become
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Ch8 - I thought he took you away.
"You surprise easily, don't you?" Prince Martin smiled as he walked in, a familiar sight she started to crave. It was nice to have a bit of kindness around here. Doris pushed her brown hair behind her ear and returned his smile, her cheeks already warmed under his gaze.     She watched as he went to browse the same shelves quietly as he always did. Doris worked up the nerve to follow him and offer him a bit of her help this time.     "Why weren't you here last Thursday?" He casually asked over his shoulder before she could say anything.     The question startled her for a moment until Prince William's face flashed in her mind. Doris quickly shook her head to clear him free of it. She did not need to remember the disaster that happened last Thursday, or picture that man's      face.       "Oh! Prince William was
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#Chapter 9 You looked familiar.
"Your majesty." Doris curtsied as he passed her. Prince William never failed when it came to making her nervous. Among so many other things she didn't want to think about.     Prince William only nodded, barely looking at her as if he didn't remember her at all. Perhaps he didn't, why would he? Doris released a small breath of relief as she followed him into the library.   She'd never seen him in here before, she didn't even realize he liked to read. She briefly wondered what kind of books he liked as she adjusted the collar of her dress.     He took the first book his hand touched from the bookshelves and flipped through the pages absently as if he didn't really care what it was about.       "Did Prince Martin just pass through here?" He asked Doris without looking at her, his voice almost casual.     "Yes, your majesty."  Read more
Ch10 - Are you mocking me?
“I’m nothing compared to you, my lady.” Doris said quickly to reassure her. It was a wonder why she would ever compare herself to Doris when she was sitting as his lady and Doris was still a maid. “Besides, he’s already chosen you above all girls in the Palace. You’re his one and only, my lady.”            Doris didn’t bother to add the fact that she had no intentions of ever wanting to be in her place. Melody looked at Doris in the mirror for a moment before she laughed quietly. “I never knew you were so good at sweet talking, Doris. Good. Remember who you are and what your place is. If I hear anything strange about you and Prince William… well, you know what I’m capable of. Understand?”            “Yes, my lady.” Doris said gently. Doris was not who Melody had to worry abou
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