Witchy World’s Lost Alpha

Witchy World’s Lost Alpha

By:  HunnieBahm   Ongoing
Language: English
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Hunnie Inzotta. A spunky, beautiful 23 year old Dark Witch, whom’s also a nurse in the human realm, has a furry stalker. A wolf, who evens watching her in the woods practice her magic. This wolf admires her and even wants to be brought home. He goes through the trouble of harming himself so Hunnie can’t leave the forest without him today. Little did she know,…he wanted his mate and he wanted her magic to break a seal that locked him in his wolf form! A Demon-Wolf King , BAHM!! “I closed my eyes to fall asleep again after everything stilled. What exactly happened next, will probably forever haunt me. I opened my eyes when I felt his claws lengthened and scratched against my panties. The breeze from my window hit my exposed pubes for a short period of time, before Wolfy's shoves his nose deep under my leg, throwing it over his head and lunging his tongue away at my now torn fabric.” After becoming a man again, he wants to mark his mate, but Hunnie can’t have that! She has to reject this lost being and live her life. Her coven would never accept the fact she turned a wolf to a man and it became her mate! After all, her own coven had rejected her for practicing dark magic. So she definitely can’t go making anymore trouble. Jump into the steamy and hot series of Witchy World! Part two “Witchy World’s Forgotten Mate” Now in the making!

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    Chapter 1: The Furry Stalker
            "Damn humans can never clean up after themselves!" I cursed them of their lazy ways, as I untwined a filthy, stained, bed sheet from the tree branches above my head.      Having to jump up and down to grab onto the disgusting thing, while my backpack weighed a ton, making me miss incredibly!       Huumanns!       They always destroy everything they touch.   Food, each other, Mother Nature. Like these beautiful woods that I love to roam in straight from my backyard. I was always in and out of here like a jungle girl most days. Nature always called out to me in several different ways. Always.       Occasionally, I would hear twigs snapping a
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    Nurse Hunnie
        Just breathe Hunnie. He's never hurt you before.        'Snip snip snip'        I inserted the blade under the first wire that was popping out. It seemed like he tried to pull at it a while ago, because it was fresh and mangled with his blood, leaving it to only tighten around his lower legs even more.        I felt sweat dripping down from my head onto the back of my neck. Inhaling deeply before touching his legs to really get under the other wires, I heard another low grumble leave his throat as the blade had slid against his legs and it startled me.        I wasn't sure if
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      Wolf 🐺         "Good boy" She sighed out loud. "But you can't follow me." My heart ached.        I felt that anxious pull in my stomach growing again. I couldn't leave my mate today. I'm too injured and I'm afraid to sleep in the woods tonight. Plus I was starving.          My long skull came right up to her breast, as she looked down at me with her twinkling hazel eyes.        It was time for her to leave again and I couldn't do it today.    I purposefully hurt m
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    Hunnie 🕍         Upon arriving to the academy today, I met with my best friends, Tenn, Lenah, and Carney at our regular spot in the food court.      They were all witches except for Carney. She was an only vampire child to two very rich and famous vegan vampires.      We all went out for drinks last night and they were all suffering a major hangover. I liked to use my dark magic abilities to trade energies with other beings.      Mostly using flowers and stealing their vitality. I always gave them back energy later on when I found something else, such as another plant or animal to give that flower back it's energy source. I continue the process until it's myself giving energy inste
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    Bath Time Baby!
    Hunnie         Lenah and I both grabbed the cups from the bucket filled of water and began to pour it down Wolfy's back. He instantly jumped at the feeling and shot us both gazes before whining up a storm.        For a second we became nervous and felt the temperature of the water, but it was still warm. Not blazing hot but warm enough for the job.        "Let's hurry, ignore his cries, dogs do this all the time during baths." Lenah blankly says before dumping another load of water on his sides.          I hurriedly added a few squirts of conditioner along his long and slender frame. 
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    My Mate
    Time Unknown  Mysterious Woman 📯   "Ugh" groaned a seductively, achey, young woman.    She was lying in bed, with a stiff and sore body. It felt as though someone ran her over with a car.    Could she even move? How long has she been out for?    She blinked a few times and realized she was still naked in a room that wasn't hers. Her maids must've not entered in fear The Beast might still be inside.   She got up from her bed slowly. Feeling aches everywhere. Standing to her feet, she walks over to the vanity and wipes her eyes clean before looking into the pristine oval shaped mirror.    Staring back at her was a woman whoms neck and chest was fi
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    Night Off
    Hunnie,        I awoke to my cell phone's alarm going off, startling me and wolfy, whom was still resting his head and paw on my lap.        "Damnit! I forgot I had work today !" I couldn't just trust this wolf to be here alone, so I contemplated calling in sick.        'Can they find someone on time ? Should I say I am sick? Possibly just go in later?' I began thinking.        My, there goes my perfect attendance.       'Sigh'       "Hi this is Hunnie Inzotta calling out for April 29th's 4pm shift." I hated to call o
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    Responsibilities and Snacks
    Hunnie,          Thanks to Evie, the coven all knew my paternal parents and grandparents were all users of the dark magic. It's in my blood too.        Intertwining the dark magic with light magic spells, and then using a dark object to seal off the rest of the bad voodoo, was my way to control it. I was exceptionally good.        No one, not even Tenn or Lenah knows I have a dark object. I'm hoping one day they can ask how I harness the power or keep myself safe, because they they would know, it's simply the 24 karat gold bracelet I've worn on my ankle since 6th grade.        The anklet was given
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    Forever, your company
    Hunnie 👩🏻‍🦱         Here I am at midnight, cooking my salmon fillet that I was suppose to bring to work.      I threw the unthawed fish on a cast iron pan, and added broccoli around the edges of the pan, and closed it with a lid.        The aroma filled the air slowly, and I could hear Wolfy's big paws scratching away at my door. Ugh! I should have casted a noise cancellation spell.           The fat from the salmon oozed out like cheese and the broccoli was tenderly glistening from being mixed in with the salmon's natural oils. Ahhhhh...       I entered my room and Wolfy started to twirl around in place. His big body knocking ag
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    Chapter 10. Ascension
    Hunnie 👸🏻         Dreaming that very good dream again.      My king of a husband came to see me before I left to go to the Covenant's Ascension party.       He laid me down in my bed and licked the swollen buds of my nipples. Instantly sending a warm sensation between my thighs. He kissed me all over and ran his fingers along my stomach and down to my core.    That hypnotic, baby faced, King.      When I came to my senses and no longer unconscious, I seen it was Wolfy leaning over me and grazing my nipples with his tongue!!!      I froze, not knowing what to do. Good
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