Take you out (BL)

Take you out (BL)

By:  DauntlessThird  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vance Haidezo, a charismatic journalist guy. He was assigned for a private TV station project that he was working on. Where he will make a documentary film for the daily life of a billionaire heir. Vance did not expect that the alleged mysterious heir to be is Steven Kiazxon. Steven who was a heartthob, bad boy and his boyfriend when they where in college, whom he still loves dearly. Vance waited Steven after he promised to come back but suddenly disappeared three years ago. Now they meet again. He thought his wait was over but it wasn't because Steven didn't know him anymore who had amnesia. What should he do to make his boyfriend remember him? How would he do that if Steven had already forgotten his true identity? That he can also love and dream of a man like him. "Steven, it's me your Vance. If your mind doesn't remember me, I'll remind you of it in your heart. I feel like you feel that I'm important to you so I'll wait for you to remember me. I read in your eyes that you still love me so I won't give up." What mystery will Vance discover in the incident three years ago that caused Steven to lose his memory?

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36 chapters
Vance Pov"VANCE I love you!" Steven shouted at me when I turned my back on him.I stopped.I restrained myself from looking back at him but not my tears.I took a deep breath. I hope the pain I feel goes away.I tried to keep my voice steady, "It doesn't matter," I blinked, "you can go now-""That matters to me!" he pulled on my arm.I was weak so he easily leaned me against the wall. I bowed, hoping he wouldn’t see my tears."That matters to me Vance," he lifted my face.Our eyes met. For the last time. I want to stare at his face, read his eyes and hear his voice more closely.I felt the agony of his will as he took a deep breath.“It’s important to me that you know I love you so much,” he said hoarsely and seriously.I bite my lips.Shit! I can't stop my tears from falling."Why Steven?"You fool! You only hurting me more!"So that I can have ho
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Chapter 01
VANCE'S POV COLLEGE Days. I thanked the maid who led me to the garden where Wena was. When the maid left, I briefly observed the modern style arrangement of the garden outside. The plants are fascinating before you enter the center of the garden.  There are even birds and butterflies flying around. I turned to the garden entrance when I saw Wena with a man. The man caught my attention when I saw his appearance and posture. My heartbeat quickened. I felt butterflies suddenly pop up in my stomach. I don't know why. Maybe, that's the man Wena is talking about who is courting with her now.That she will introduce to us next week. Perfect! Wena's choice is the handsome one! That's my type of man. I felt jealous. If there's one thing I envy about Wena, it's her being a woman that I dream of. For me to be free to love and be loved by a man of my dreams. For me to be accepted by all w
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Chapter 02
VANCE'S POV "LETS Date-" "I have a date later-" I interrupted what I was saying when I could keep up with what Steven was saying, "so I won't be able to eat with you," I continued in surprise. My voice weakened at the last thing I said, I felt like I wanted to retract what I said. I was devastated when I seemed to catch a glimpse of the pain in his eyes when I said that. I was staring at where I was standing as he stepped closer to me. We were only one step closer when he stopped. I could see his chest lift. "I want to take you out co'z I want you," he stared into my eyes. "For now, lets date first," he whispered and hoarsely. I prayed that he would take back what he said and say it that he was just joking. Go on say it! It was as if I could be deafened by the force of my heartbeat. "You heard me?"  he insisted, "I want you." I shook my head and averted my eyes.I took a deep brea
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Chapter 03
VANCE'S POV "What? Rumor has it on campus what happened to Steven and me? Did the news spread immediately?" I asked in surprise. They all turned to me, wondering why I didn't know that. "I'm sorry, I don't know because after what happened I went home right away. My cellphone broke earlier so I can't update what's going on that I should know." Earlier when Steven punched me and I fell to the ground, my cellphone broke because it was inserted in the back pocket of my pants. They nodded. I turned to Wena, one of the writers of our Publication on campus. "Well, that's one of the things we're talking about right now on our freedom wall on campus and on social media. Because a lot of people are worried about Steven," Wena glanced at me for a moment, "and of course you too. Those guys who's reacting are people who likes you. But more of them likes Steven and his frat members are angry because of the false news they received ab
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Chapter 04
VANCE'S POV I can’t say that I never thought I would want to taste their body.Wena asked me, what if there was a man who knows that Im a gay and like me then seduce me and undress in front of me as well? What will I do? My only answer. I will walk out of course!  I will stand by my position as a man because I am not yet ready to reveal who I am. I didn't hesitate to answer like that because I honestly haven't been able to figure out the man who will do that.  But now that I think Steven will undress in front of me just so I can give up? I was swallowed.  I felt my face turn red and I felt warm. I close my eyes and feel my chest. I remember Steven applying his hand there earlier. There was some heat in me. I was slowly shivering in my seat when I was suddenly awakened by the heat of the milk that spilled on me when I drank it. I suddenly woke up to the present. I slapped myself. How far was it when I t
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Chapter 05
VANCE'S POV RESULT: 1. It could possibly be the beginning of a fraternity war between the fraternity involving Steven and Braxton. "What?" Im shocked and stood up.It just sinks into me why Delsie is presenting this as a representative of Braxton's fraternity. Because Braxton's fraternity was involved now in the incident yesterday. "How did that happen and why?" I asked Delsie. "Well, the first went out and talked about is the scenario one with a picture of Steven with bruises and bloody lips. Then there was the picture of you still happily drinking wine in a bar. Scene two only came out when Braxton's fraternity talk about." I don't feel good about what's going on as if it happened on purpose. I wasn't from the bar last night, I was just at home. I also have bruises and wounds but not as bad as Steven. I don’t know if he just punched weakly or he held back strength when he punched me. I hadn’t even moved on to the l
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Chapter 06
VANCE'S POVAS I approached the door I couldn’t help but smile. I'm serious when I get in. The wind blew me away when I noticed Steven was no longer following me. I sat down when I saw that Calvin and Braxton were already here. Calvin happily talks to Kedrick and Dashei in a corner. He has two co-officers on the student council. They are included in the meeting to mediate. Kedrick is a representative while Dashie is secretary to take note for student councils records.  While Braxton was talking to Karson. Karson was also one of the officers of Braxton's fraternity. Braxton's jaw clenched when his ex-girlfriend Clodeth arrived with her boyfriend Arlo. Arlo is one of Steven's fraternity officers while Clodeth is a sorority officer. I was guilty. I know Braxton avoids seeing and meeting the two because he hasn’t been able to move on yet but now he has to face them because of Steven and I’s issue. That's sad.Read more
Chapter 07
VANCE'S POV I drank it. I calmed myself down and kept it from blowing while listening to what Steven was saying. "Vance and I were schoolmates in high school-" "Enough," Braxton groaned. "we don't care." But Steven continued, "I'm sure Vance doesn't remember me anymore but I can't forget him. Vance is known to-"Steven's words were cut short when Braxton approached him and grabbed him by the collar, "I said shut your fucking mouth!" Suddenly there was a commotion. "Braxton!" Arlo shouted then stepped to meet Steven but Davion stopped him. "What are you doing Braxton?!" Ryker shouted as he stepped towards the two but Karson blocked him. Kedrick mediates with Arlo and Davion. While Wena mediates with Ryker and Karson. Calvin and I rushed to Braxton and Steven to appease them. "Why don't you listen? I have reasons. Why don't you listen to me first before we fight?" said Steven proudly but obviously his h
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Chapter 08
VANCE'S POVI was not doing anything wrong.Being gay is not a crime. I didn’t beg to Kuya Dernico to stop. I didn’t fight either. I accepted his blows, if that was the only thing that would make them feel better and be the way for me to be accepted. I was bleeding and my clothes were torn when Kuya Dernico stopped because of the people who came. I was surprised to see Brywin carrying by two bodyguards. He was crying and had bruises on his face.Fear enveloped my whole body. I was not prepared for what our love would cause.Kuya Dernico dropped me to approach Brywin. I clung to his leg and stopped him from what he was planning but he just stepped on me.I forced myself to stand up and block Kuya Dernico when he pulled out the gun of one of Daddy's bodyguards and aimed it at Brywin."Kuya, don't!" I knelt down to him. "Please... dont hurt him! Hurt me instead! Don't hurt the man I love-"I almost l
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Chapter 09
VANCE'S POVMY Mommy gave me a large amount of money for my expenses for a year. She said they could only give me one year to allow me to live what I want. After a year and I have not returned to them as a real man, they will cut my allowance.So I saved and kept that money.I thought I would have to work to earn money that I would add to my savings and also to provide for my daily needs. Besides on that, I want to entertain myself. I want to exhaust my body so I don’t have time to think about what had happened before. I want to forget the past and heal the wounds in my heart.A month later I heard that Brywin and his Aunt were dead. It was reportedly killed by riding in tandem.That happened after the truth came out that Brywin and his Aunt were paid-people by Daddy's political opponent and the incident about us was just fabricated by them.No one knows who plotted their deaths. There were suspicions about who but that didn't matter a
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