Alpha Xander

Alpha Xander

By:  Humble Smith123  Completed
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Lena's entire Pack was wiped away, her whole family also killed, all happened right in front of her eyes, she was saved by Lillian the Luna of the Blue Moon Pack, She thought her life would be better in the new Pack not until the Luna died from the internal injury she got while saving her. This alone made everyone hate her deep and raw especially the Alpha and his son, she became lower than an Omega, A slave, No one knew the great powers hidden in her, she was a rare hybrid but the key to her powers is her mate. One day, she saved a Werewolf caught by a powerful trap not knowing he is Alpha Xander, the most powerful and ruthless creature ever known, never did she knew that one act would change her life. What do you think would happened when they meet again in school right in the same class and then she finds out who her mate truly was? Xander hated her so deep and raw as she was a weak wolf, but then, fate has a lot for them... They will have to be together to fight their enemies and discover the killer of their loved ones.

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64 Chapters
Episode 1
"Run!!!... run!!!" My father's scream rang out in my ear as mom clutched my hand and ran away.I was limping and glancing back to Dad, who had stopped running with us and turned to fight back against the enemies who were chasing after us. Group of men who I know nothing about as they were all masked.Hot tears brimmed my eyes and flood over my cheeks with sweat covered on my face. My heart was hitting furiously inside my chest in great terror while my head banged so badly like my skull was broken. I was extremely hungry, but all that wasn't what anyone was talking about.We were fleeing from some group of assassins who had wiped out all of the members of my pack; they have attacked us and killed everyone, with only me and my parents remaining as the only survivors."Mom, will Daddy die?" I asked, amidst my tears.Mom couldn't give me a reply, she only let out a shrill of pain and I could see her lips quivering as she tried hard not to burst into a cry.She kept running faster with all
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Episode 2
All of a sudden, I began to hear the sounds of blows and kicks instead of the death I anticipated. I couldn't decipher what was going on, but was still afraid to open my eyes as my heart thumped harder inside my chest in fear and sadness.I feel it would be better not to see as my life comes to an end. I wanted to avoid having my eyes opened when they hit me, but the kicks and punches which were filling my ears were getting intense, yet I couldn't feel any pain, which meant I wasn't the one they were hitting, so I was forced to open my eyes only to be shocked at what I saw.A beautiful stranger in a white robe was fighting the men. My eyes flickered, as I sat up immediately, trying to understand what was happening. I kept peering at the lady who already had wounds all over her body, wondering who she was and why the hell she was risking her life to save mine. I watched as she fought tirelessly against the wicked men whose eyes were already bloodshot in rage as they attacked her with a
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Episode 3
Lena's POV"What is your name?" I asked the lady who had just saved me.She smiled and held my delicate hands gently."My name is Lillian. And you?" She inquired as she led my way."My name is Lena," I replied and sulked, feeling so sad as I darted my gaze back to where my dead mother's body lay, which increased the pain in my heart.The scene of those men hitting her brutally made my heart heavy with pain, so I quickly looked away."I'm sorry for the loss. I came late. You have to calm down and get over it because you will grow to become more powerful than anyone. You will do more than fire fireballs. " She soothed before shifting into her big brown wolf so easily that I was left in awe, admiring it, as I can't shift yet. I've heard it's painful at the beginning, so seeing her do it so easily amazed me.I climbed to her back right away, she took off like a gust of wind, and I had to grab her furs to keep myself from falling.I enjoyed the cool breeze slapping my face. I loved how the
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Episode 4
Lena's POV."Please... please... I didn't hurt her, she fought and saved me." I explained as I was brought into the palace, chained like a murderer, after the Luna had been taken away to be treated in the clinic. They all scowled at me with their eyes showing how much they already hated me.My lips were quivering, with my voice breaking as I stood in front of the angry Alpha and his son."Well, there is no need to listen to you. I'll wait until my Luna wakes up, then she will tell me all that happened. I swear to kill you if you ever cause her to be that way!" The Alpha growled and stood up."Lock her up!" He commanded, before walking away.I was about to sigh in relief as I wasn't tortured as I thought, but my breath seized as the Alpha son marched forward to me. His tall muscular body gives me chills. Those dark green eyes exuded pure resentment and disgust while he peered at my face. He looked handsome, but was like a devil in front of my eyes at this moment."What is your name?" He
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Episode 5
My heart thudded harder in my chest. I felt so happy. The fear of losing my mother left me, and I couldn't wait to see her. I badly wanted to hear her sweet voice and see her smile sweetly. It was so sad for me when I met her unconscious on the bed, and knowing it was the strange girl named Lena that caused it, I only wanted her death.In a few seconds, I was already inside the room."Mum!" I squeaked like a child, running into her arms, careful not to hurt her as she forced out a smile. My eyes got wet as I felt how thin she had become. Her body was also hot..."Mum, why? Why would you let that little girl cause you this? You should have called me, raised the alarm, and we would have come to your rescue if she had used much demon power!" I whined, peering into her eyes.My words made her frown deeply. She glanced at Dad, then at me."What are you saying?" She asked, confusedly."You know what I'm saying? You were very healthy and hearty when I left for school this morning. I came back
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Episode 6
Hutton's POVMy eyes fluttered and finally opened, but I shut them back as the rays of the sun radiated in, causing my head to pound. I grunted as I felt too weak to even move my finger. I can't remember how I got to that state. I arched my brow, taking a deep breath, racking my head to remember what had happened. I could feel a deep sadness in my heart, making me wonder, "You are awake?" I heard someone mutter beside me, and I opened my eyes again. There was a maid and a doctor. I stared at them and noticed the streak of tears on the face of the maid. I turned to every other person there, and there was no trace of a smile on their faces. I sat up immediately, even when the doctor tried coaxing me to lie back and rest. My head pounded more, making me hold it in my palm as I grunted, gnashing my teeth. "I'm sorry. How do you feel? Do you feel pain?" The doctor kept asking why I shut my eyes, thinking so hard."What happened to me?" I asked, turning sharply at them. Has he lost his
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Episode 7
Hutton's POVThe school bell rang for break time, making me sigh in relief. Finally,I threw another glance at Scarlett, my girlfriend, but she wasn't looking at me and had never looked at me since she came to school. I shifted my gaze to Xander, feeling my anger soar. He was sitting some distance away from others. His desk was large enough to contain two more people, but no one would dare sit beside him or come close to him. My girlfriend had been the person sitting beside me, but now she had already changed to her seat after I failed her. She must have hated me for doing nothing, even after seeing how Xander molested her. The students began to troupe out while I rested my gaze on her, bracing myself to move over and talk to her. I felt ashamed, but I still loved her deeply. Almost half of the class was out, but Xander was sitting on the spot without moving his body. His face was grim and scary as always.My mother is dead and my girlfriend leaving me would break me more. I needed
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Episode 8
Hutton's POVI hate myself for that. It hurts to know that there was nothing I could do. "Now leave!" He shrugged and yanked her hair again as he turned to her. "Are you really leaving? You aren't my boyfriend?" The voice of Scarlett broke in like a slap to my cheeks. I had already taken three steps away before she said those words, and It really tore my heart into shreds. "He isn't your boyfriend, he doesn't fucking care about you, so shut your mouth!" Xander growled and slapped her hard.She fell off to the ground, sending rage through me. Xander smirked and threw a glance at me like he was inviting me to a fight.It was like he wanted me to fight him and was hurting her intentionally. "But why are you doing this to her?" I asked under my breath. My voice couldn't sound harsh, it couldn't sound strong. I even found it hard to keep a stern face instead of a fretting one."You have no guts to ask me that. Come take her from me!" He taunted and dragged her from the floor. He pressed
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Episode 9
Lena's POV I hissed loudly, hating myself, hating how my life was turning. There was no way I had thought of a day when I would be stuck in a room like a slave, having all these chains. The beating was painful, but I wasn't thinking of that. It was better to be beaten than caged like an animal. I felt more like cow dung."Lena, are we slaves for real?" My little wolf, Elena, mumbled inside me with sadness in her voice, I shrugged and rested my head against the wall. My mind flashed through the past, when life was going fine with the love of my parents. Now it was all gone. I'm no longer the sweet baby, I've turned into a demon hated by everyone. I shut my eyes, sighing deeply. The thought of Lilian the Luna dying broke my heart. Just as painful as that of my parents, the feeling of guilt made tears fall off my eyes. My appearance in her life made her lose hers. I just can't help but wonder who I am to let these people die for me. Not only that, but I don't know how I'll kill Xavie
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Episode 10
"Can you defeat...?""Shut up!" I hushed my wolf, who was trying to warn me. Being the Alpha's daughter is an opportunity I should never pass up.I was still trying to brace myself for a fight when something so heavy and hard like steel hit my belly, forcing blood out of my mouth in a spurt. I held my belly as the force pushed me back. I tried forcing myself to stand, but I couldn't. My whole body was on fire from the blow to my stomach,Another blow landed on my face, making me cry out loudly as I fell heavily to the ground.She didn't even give me the chance to bear the pain before rushing at me from the ground where I lay. She kicked my belly so hard that I couldn't breathe well."Please..." I cried out, tears falling profusely from my eyes as I got overwhelmed with intense pain. What was I thinking when I braced up to fight her? "Is this how you will fight and kill Alpha Xavier?" The Alpha yelled, with disappointment filling in his tone. I tried standing up to show I had got so
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