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Katherine did her best to escape her evil aunt's claws only to find herself trapped in a hotel suite with a hot billionaire--Alejandro Villamar Jr. And little did she know, that incident would change her life forever...

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Chapter 1
KATE halted from pacing back and forth and looked at the dress her Aunt Bernice brought before leaving her again. It really looked expensive, which bothered her. How come her aunt, who treated her like a servant for years, bought her such an expensive dress? There was something wrong with it; Kate could feel the ominous vibe since they left home for the banquet. “Kate!” Her aunt’s voice roared at the back of the closed door of her suite, followed by three loud consecutive bangs. “Katherine, open the damn door!” Sighing, she strode towards the door and opened it. Aunt Bernice gave her a once-over before poking her hard on the forehead. “Didn’t I tell you to get dressed? Why are you still dressed in a robe?” “A-auntie… I-I…” She shut her eyes tightly and cussed to herself. She could not even say what she wanted to say. Kate was afraid that if the wrong words escaped from her mouth, her aunt would hit her. Aunt Bernice grasped both of her
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Chapter 2
JAN attended the banquet because he had an important business. But things did not go on smoothly, which annoyed him. He could not convince Mr. Abel to sign cooperation with their company no matter what he did to persuade him. So, Jan left the banquet early and went to the hotel’s bar and drank a few glasses of whisky until he was tipsy. Minutes before heading up to his suite, he called Daniel, his annoying friend, to inform him of his failure. He said that a surprise awaits him in his suite to cheer him up. That was why when he saw the woman inside the bathroom suite, he jumped at her like a lion to his prey. Jan was so ready to spend a night of ecstasy with his present. But when he brought her to his bed, the woman started crying. That was when he realized that she was not the kind of woman he expected her to be. Jan held the woman’s chin that made her flinch. “Who are you?” he asked with a deep knot on his forehead. He did not get any response from
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Chapter 3
KATE’s mouth suddenly became watery as she stared at the food on the table. She never thought she would have the chance again to taste such delicious cuisines. All thanks to Jan, who ordered food after hearing her stomach rumbled. “Dig in,” Jan told her and left the table with his phone on his ear again. He was such a busy man, Kate mused. Jan kept receiving and making calls. Some were work-related, but most calls were from reporters. She did not expect that the video scandal would be that big in just a few hours. She heaved a sigh and picked up the utensils. There was nothing she could do about the scandal. What she was worried about was her Aunt Bernice. Now that she had a scandal with Jan, who happened to be the son of a well-known family, it was obvious that it would also affect her. But unlike Jan, she knew that the damage on her part would not be as big as his. Kate sliced a generous size of the steak and popped it into her mouth. Then she took
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Chapter 4
“MADAM, the Sir wants to know if you are done,” Rose asked behind the bathroom’s closed door. “He is waiting for you in the lobby.Kate pulled up the neckline of her dress once more. She was raised in a conservative family. Wearing a sophisticated dress that revealed half of her breast made her a little uncomfortable.“Y-yes, I’m coming.” She covered herself with a shawl that she saw in one of the paper bags Rose brought last time. It was not really part of the dress, but the color was somewhat bearable since white blends well with other colors.Rose was smiling at her when she opened the door.“I will escort you to the car, Madam.” Rose strode towards the main door and opened it for her.She grabbed her pouch from the side table and went out of the hotel suite.That day was her wedding day.Even though Jan’s mother threw a fit at the banquet a week ago, he managed to arrange
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Chapter 5
JAN left her to the master’s bedroom after unpacking his luggage. He got an important call from she did not know who. Kate did not bother to ask. She knew she had no right to stick her nose on his affairs, especially when their marriage was nothing but on papers. But then, Jan demanded that they consummate it so his mother would not suspect. Was she ready for that? Kate did not know.She heaved a sigh and started unpacking her luggage. Kate could not help but grimace as she took the clothes out of the suitcase one by one. She did not own a single thing inside that suitcase, so she did not know if she could really call them her own.“Jan bought all of these. We’re married,” she told herself for consolation.With her clothes in her hands, Kate sauntered to the walk-in closet.Jan told her that she could use half of it. But now that she saw it, she doubted she could use the half because his clothes took up almost three-fourths of the
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Chapter 6
KATE stayed awake for a couple of hours, waiting for her husband to come back. But Jan did not return to the masters’ bedroom that night. She just thought that he slept in another room. His mansion was big enough; there were a lot of rooms for just the two of them.It was already dawn when she woke up to the creaking sound of the closet. She knew it was him, but she did not leave the bed nor talk to him. Kate pretended to be asleep. She did not open her eyes even though she felt the cushion move.“I know your awake, Katherine,” said Jan.Her body shivered with just the sound of his voice. It was as if his voice had hands touching her.Damn it…Perhaps it was the after-effect of what happened between them last night.Kate opened her eyes when she felt his hand caressing her side. She looked at him straight in the eyes and immediately got lost in them. She could not help but wonder… why were his eyes ha
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Chapter 7
“JAN, can we talk?” Kate said as soon as his mother went up the stairs.“Sure.”He tugged her to the study room.She heaved a deep sigh and made sure that the door was locked before turning in Jan’s direction.“I don’t like what you told your mother. She already doesn’t like me as your wife, and now….” Kate breathed exasperatedly. “You made me feel like… I’m one of your… whatever you call those women.”He raised a brow.“I’m sorry if I have offended you.” He cleared his throat and sauntered toward the swivel chair. “I don’t know what to tell her to drive her away because I don’t usually do that, you know.”“I… I’ll try to adjust,” she told him.“Well… that’s good.” Jan sat and clasped his hands. “Maybe you and Mom will learn to like each ot
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Chapter 8
“WHERE the hell have you been, Katherine?” Jan grasped her arm the moment he saw her inside the elevator. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere—” He seemed to notice her hand was hiding something on her chest, so he pulled her hand away. His eyes widened when he saw the cigarette burn at the top of her breast. “What happened?” Jan’s tone changed; it was gentler with a hint of worry.“I… I—”“Who did this to you?” he said through greeted teeth. He fixed his coat around her shoulder and ushered her out of the elevator.“Jan, w-where are we going?” she asked when she noticed that they were already heading out of the hotel.“Where do you think? Of course, I’ll get you to the hospital to get you treated.”He threw his key to the valet when they finally got out. After a few moments, the car arrived.“Hop in,” he orde
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Chapter 9
WITH her eyes still closed, Kate’s hands searched the other side of the bed and found out that her husband was not there anymore. She heaved a deep sigh and sat up. It was always like that; she would wake up without him beside her and sleep first at night because he was always busy with paperwork and business calls. She wondered if he was able to get a decent sleep, or if he ever ate on time… or when could he have time to perform that marital duty that they should have done a long time ago. It was kind of disappointing that they did not even have this thing called honeymoon. Kate shook her head when that thought crossed her mind. What was she thinking? Her fantasies would not come to life if their marriage was just nothing but a piece of paper. Could it be that he has a problem with…? But no… Jan touched her one night, and his mother said he had slept with lots of women. Then why would he not do the same thing with her? She was his lawfully wedded wife, after
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Chapter 10
JAN did not let go of her until they reached the administrator’s office. It was as if it was his way of marking his territory. That could have been so sweet if only their marriage was normal.A middle-aged woman greeted them when they got in.“Jan, I’m so happy to see you,” the woman said and smiled. “It’s been a long time since we last saw each other. When was it again?”“Oh, it was three years ago when I was the speaker.”“Oh, right! The graduation.” The woman turned in Kate’s direction afterwards. “So… I presume this beautiful lady here with you is the one you’re talking about.”“Yes. This is my wife, Katherine,” Jan introduced her.“Hi,” she nodded shyly.“Katherine, this is Mrs. De Luna. She is the university administrator and my aunt to my mother’s side of the family.”“Oh&hellip
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