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What would you do if you've been saving yourself for your mate? Only for him to choose another Alpha Female right in your face? Reciprocate the act. Avenge. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Easier said than done. Because whenever he was around me, my body betrayed me. "Alia, do you trust me? Even just for tonight?" His voice came out low and rough that it sent shivers of pleasure direct to my core. I know I should not trust him. But my mouth and body have a mind of their own. "I trust you, Gavin..." I whispered as I pressed my back to his naked chest. He took a deep breath and dipped his head into the crook of my neck, slowly brushing his lips against my burning skin. I angled my head, giving him more access while a sultry moan escaped my throat when he started nibbling and sucking the soft spot where his mark should be. This was all wrong, but I don't want to be right this time. Just for tonight. ¨¨¨¨¨¨Book 2 of the Black Shadow Pack Series - The novel is stand-alone, however, to understand the characters deeper and the concept of The Claiming, I highly recommend that you read the first book HE'S MY ALPHA (completed). Also available on this app. Black Shadow Pack Series: Book 1 - HE'S MY ALPHA (Completed) Book 2 - THE BETA IS MINE (Completed) Book 3 - LOVING THE GAMMA (Completed) Spin-Off Book 1 - IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA (Completed) Spin-Off Book 2 - THROUGH THE EYES OF MY ALPHA (Ongoing)

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80 chapters
Chapter 1
ALIA  My name is Alia Williamson. I lived in a world that humans thought did not exist, a fantasy world. We do, however, exist. I am a shifter, a second-born Alpha Female from the Williamson clan. And this was the first time I had left our territory since turning 18 four months ago. Not that I wasn't permitted to, but with my father gone and my brother still learning the ins and outs of being an Alpha, I opted not to add any more worries to his many responsibilities. So I kept still and had not left the territory, until today.  For the Claiming. No, I was not in attendance for my own Claiming. My brother wanted to attend the Ball to find his mate and I insisted on tagging along. I  wanted to see what this Claiming was all about. Not that I wanted to be claimed. I wanted my mate. Only him. I was just curious about this whole ordeal.  My older brother, Alpha Caspian, took up the Alpha posi
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Chapter 2
GAVIN The females had started to enter the Claiming Area and my eyes wandered to look for two females. My mate and Clair. I didn´t see my mate but I spotted Clair. My hands coiled into fists as I witnessed her behind held towards the entrance. The man holding her by the arm has forced her to step inside and I could see her eyes even from afar, she was fighting off the tears from falling.  If Jake was here, this would have been over. He would never let them take his mate just like that, but he´s not here yet and it was my duty to take his place until he arrived. As soon as the signal for the Alphas and Betas were fired, I watched as Alpha Aeon dashed to the entrance. The fucker couldn´t wait. I needed to get going.  I carefully tread my way through the forest ground, using my nose to scent Clair. She wasn't far ahead now but I could smell another scent mixed with her, it must be Alpha Aeon following her track as well.
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Chapter 3
ALIA The Claiming already started. I sat quietly beside my brother, Alpha Caspian at the spectators´ area in front of the Claiming Arena with a heavy heart. Today, I would witness my fated mate claim another Alpha Female. I had no idea how I was able to compose myself and masked my emotion with a poker face when deep inside, I was beyond shattered. "Finally, Alpha Argon´s son had chosen a Luna for himself. About time he takes over the Alpha post for Blood Moon Pack." My brother whispered to the man beside him, and if it were not for my werewolf ears I would not be able to catch it. "But what´s taking them so long to get out here?" The man beside him asked, which if I remembered correctly was Alpha Al. He grabbed his binoculars to take a closer look at them. "This is turning to be boring. No challenges yet." My brother chuckled. I kept my eyes closed. There were already 6 or 7 Alpha Females that walked out from the Arena with their Alph
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Chapter 4
ALIA I don´t know how I was able to hold myself together after the Claiming. It has been three days since that day and I felt like I was just a walking zombie. I ceased to exist. Sooner or later the bond would weaken and I would be free from him. I knew now that he didn´t win the girl he wanted. So he was a free man. One would think there would be a chance for us. But not in this case. He could do whatever he wanted with his life. And I would move on. And one day, the right man would come and claim me. And he would be forgotten. Easier said than done. "Are you even listening, Alia?" My brother´s annoyed voice ringed in my head, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Say that again?" I said, my brow hiked up. I was not even sure why he called me to his office. He rarely does unless I´ve done something wrong which I tried to avoid as much as possible to keep him from worrying about me. I might be a brat, being the youngest and a girl w
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Chapter 5
ALIA I´ve been sitting in the car for the last 13 hours and my ass was already complaining. We only had pit stops and to buy some food along the way. I could feel my body ready to give up anytime. I might be a wolf but I never had the endurance my brother and his warriors have.  All I wanted right now, was my bed. Why did I agree to this? This would be the last time I would travel this far. I snickered at my own thoughts, I said that as well on the way to the Claiming and it was only 8 hours from our territory. And yet here I was, traveling further. To get me out of my misery, I tried to enjoy the scenery before my eyes. This place wasn´t bad. The city looked beautiful. Caspian told me this was neutral territory and after this area would be the Black Shadow Pack territory but this city was still looked after by their Alpha. Most of the businesses around the city were owned by their pack. After another 30 minutes, we finall
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Chapter 6
GAVIN The party at the Pavillion was already in full blast. Everyone was ready for the Union and Luna Ceremony tonight. Everyone but me. My eyes were searching for something or someone.  But I couldn´t find her. I took one last look at the ballroom and checked if everything were in place before I had to go and pick up Alpha Jake. It was then when my eyes caught her. She entered the ballroom in her brother´s arm and I felt my whole world suddenly become smaller. Everyone disappeared and all I saw was her. She wore an old rose cocktail dress just cut a little shorter below her knees. She had her blonde hair down, letting it flow naturally. She was an epitome of beauty and I found myself following her every movement until Gamma Aaron nudged my arm, putting me back to reality. "Look at that female! Smitten, aren´t we? Not bad! Look at those hips?" He licked his lips as his eyes followed Alia as she swayed seductively across th
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Chapter 7
ALIA My eyes scanned the ballroom, but I couldn't find him. I couldn't smell him either. Where was he? I saw Alpha Jacob gracefully walk and ascend the stage. Caspian told me that any moment now, his Luna would come and the ceremony would start. I couldn't care less. I just wanted to see where Gavin was. Wasn't he supposed to be standing beside his Alpha? And then the room went into full silence. My gaze wandered and came to rest on the female who walked through the double doors. Everyone that stood by the door bowed their heads, and I could hear them acknowledging her as Luna. And my heart stopped. Luna? She's Alpha Jacob's Luna? She was the same female I saw at the arena. The same female my mate wanted to claim.  What kind of sickening joke was this? How did she end up with Alpha Jacob and how could my mate stay in this pack knowing the female he wanted would be claimed by his Alpha? No wonder he was nowhere in s
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Chapter 8
She hated me. And the last thing I wanted was for her to hate me more. "Put me down!" She screamed my ears off again. "I said put me down!!! You sick bastard!" I ignored her, letting her arms flail around me, and just walked straight to my room on the 3rd floor. It was a good thing that Jake and Clair would take the biggest suite on the 4th floor starting tonight so this floor was free for me. No guest was on the guest wing as well, so my little mate could scream all she wants and nobody would hear her. Of course, I was exaggerating. My room was soundproof, nobody would hear her but I just needed to think of something else to keep my mind occupied because her fucking sex was just a few inches away from my nose and she smelled fucking nice, mouth-watering, all I wanted was to dip my face into her p***y. So many things I wanted to do with her. The last four days were a living hell. I couldn´t even imagine jerking off but ever sin
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Chapter 9
ALIA "If I behave, can I come to the kitchen with you?" I don't know why I said that. A moment ago, I was scared of him. His eyes were full black and the way he growled and jumped at me was something I wasn't accustomed to. But despite that, I don't want to be far from him right now, and the thought of another male coming near me scares me more. If my mate wanted to harass me, he could have done it already, right? "Okay, but if you try to run..." "I won't. I have nowhere to go. Do you think I wanted to be ravished by some hungry unmated wolves out there?" My voice croaked. I stood up and put my arms together. "Tie me up if you don't want to believe me." He shook his head and opened his door. "I trust you, even if you don't trust me. Come now." I sighed in relief as I stepped out after him. We walked in silence until we reached the kitchen. I sat on the stool behind the counter as I watched him prepare a sandwich
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Chapter 10
"It hurts. I´m burning... Will I die?" She asked from behind the door. "No. I won't let that happen. Open the door, let me help you." It took a while before I heard the door click. I immediately stood up from my position and saw my mate standing behind it, with her tear-stricken face. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes were puffy and her lips were still swollen. She was a big mess but she was my fucking mess, and she still looked fucking sexy. Shit! She was in pain and all I could think was how fuckable she looked like right now. She rushed into my arms and buried her face into my chest, hands clutching on my shirt. I wrapped my arms around her and placed soft kisses on the crown of her head, embracing her tightly. "You´ll be fine. You´ll be okay." I cooed her but I think I was convincing myself more. I think my action just fueled her heat. She raised on her toes and flung her arms into my neck as she started kissing my collarbo
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