Alpha Isaac

Alpha Isaac

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Kathryn Black, a white wolf, is considered to be the bad luck and thus is married off to Alpha Isaac Renaud, a mysterious alpha who hasn't made a public appearance for the past two years. Kathryn embraces her fate but she is in for shocks and surprises as she steps in as a Luna but only in the name. As she settles into the new pack, she finds it difficult to keep her heart separate from her . Isaac Renaud's life had turned upside down two years ago and now every day is a nightmare for him. Kathryn's arrival makes it twice more difficult because she turns out to be his True Mate.

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    The atmosphere inside the car was heavy. I resolutely kept my gaze out of the window, not wishing to talk to my father, not that he had anything to say. My eyes burned as I tried my best to hold back tears. The huge high rises and concrete houses had long disappeared. Trees and uneven roads had replaced that. My chest tightened at the thought of what awaited me. "At least be useful for once," mother had hissed, unmoved by my tears. "Kiara, please," father had said. His request sounded more like a reproach, as if he wanted me to stop being a nuisance. I surreptitiously glanced at father. His eyes were straight ahead. A frown had marred his brow, as if he would be anywhere but here in this car. I let out an inaudible sigh, gazing at the white gown that I had been forced to wear. I envied everyone in my pack at the moment. They didn't have to go through this...this heartless and idiotic ritual. Why
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    1. Sacrifice
    My heart pounded in my chest as the manor or rather the foreboding castle came into view. It’s huge iron gates opened with a whine, as if a monster was opening its mouth, ready to devour its prey. There was nothing beautiful about this castle. Even the trees looked dull and grey, contributing to the general eerie atmosphere. Despite the sun shining in its full glory, the castle seemed to ward off that brightness or warmth.  My heart lurched as the car came to a stop in front of the wide stone staircase leading to the huge entrance of the castle.  “Can I have a moment with you, Father?” I asked quietly before my father could wrench the door open and get out of the car. I saw his sombre expression turn sour. He nodded tightly. The driver glanced at us through the rearview mirror before saying, “Alright. 10 minutes.” Then he and the other man in the passenger seat got out of the car.&nbs
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    2. The Solitary Bride
    My fingers clenched around the bunched fabric before I reluctantly let go, the hem once again brushing the floor. I ducked my chin as the woman kept walking, leading the way to what I assume as the alpha Isaac’s room. The tight bun and her light blue midi reminded me of Ms. Hannah, our housekeeper. A whirlwind of emotions was swirling inside my chest, a thousand questions circling my mind. But I did not dare to voice them. Astrid lay dormant, as she had been for the past couple of days. The woman walked gracefully, and I wondered if he was in charge of the other house helps.  The corridor was long and seemed never-ending, lined with portraits adorning either side which I could see from the corner of my eyes, occasionally there were a few vases, large ones and albeit expensive or ancient. It had branched into different directions on the left, but I couldn’t see anyone in these
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    3. Doing what Is Expected
    [Warning: Dubious consent] “Who...who…” My throat felt dry as I stared at the....werewolf? But we didn’t look like this. I scrambled to sit up, but his furry arms bracketed me, caged me from moving. I clutched on the blanket tightly.  “Mine,” he repeated, voice grated. I averted my gaze from his golden ones. Fear and panic had rendered my mind blank and even Astrid didn’t respond. She merely whimpered when he nuzzled the crook of my neck, right where the scent gland was situated. I was sweating profusely while hoping for alpha Isaac’s arrival. The room was doused in darkness. The dim lights from outside filtered in but they barely did anything to illuminate the room even to the slightest.  “Please….leave,” I managed to
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    4. Remorse
    The temporary relief from the harsh reality broke sooner than I would have preferred. I woke up to the feeling of soft fabric against my skin and opened my eyes to see that my bed mate was long gone. I closed my eyes again, feeling a dull pain in my head. I drew the cover further up until I could snuggle back and turned to the other side when I felt the twinging pain in my lower half and slowly I felt the soreness and stiffness all over my body.  Astrid whimpered in my mind and it was then that I finally let the reality sink in, it was then that I finally realised that last night hadn’t been a nightmare; it had very much happened. I lay on the bed, staring at the ornately designed ceiling, stared until my vision blurred and I had to blink, stared until I felt my eyes burn and tears fall.  “Come to bed so tha
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    5. Unwanted
    [Warning: Body dysphoria and self-hatred] Marcus was a tall and stout looking brunet. He sat in his office chair working on the laptop and the moment he saw me, he stood up and bowed respectfully. “Good morning, luna. Thank you for agreeing to this meeting.” I felt nodded awkwardly, not used to such a show of respect and also feeling ridiculous at the show of such high regard.  “Please have a seat.” He gestured to a standard looking black office chair. But his gaze frequently flickered to the mark that sat glaringly and was on full display because of the round-necked t-shirt.  “Firstly, I apologize for not being able to welcome you-” “W
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    6. Doctor's Appointment
      My pity party ended with a hesitant knock from one of the maids. Having asked them to wait, I shrugged on a t-shirt and joggers. The clothes dragged me into another bout of nostalgia. Clarissa had come alone to collect the food tray which had remained untouched. “But you must eat something,” she said anxiously.    I shook my head. “I will ask for something if I’m hungry. Hope the food will be available even after lunch hours?” I aimed it to be teasing, attempting to mask my bitterness with the fake smile, but Clarissa’s eyes widened. Clearly, she thought I was being sarcastic. “Ye-yes, of course, luna.”    “Good.” She ambled towards the coffee table to collect the tray but before leaving she said. “Uh…the pack doctor wants to…um, make an appointment with you.” She didn’t meet my eyes while saying this and thi
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    7. Enigma
    I couldn’t fathom her words for a few moments before I dumbly repeated, “Enigma?” Georgia nodded. Her gaze shifted to the door, then she lowered her voice. “Don’t tell anyone I told you this, please. But since you are the new luna and I regularly do clinical check-ups of Alpha, I thought you should know.” I vaguely nodded. My mind was preoccupied with the new revelation. After I bid goodbye to the doctor and came out of the chamber, I walked slowly towards the Alpha’s residence. Some pack members hurried from one part of the courtyard to the other and I could hear the hustle and bustle of daily life, outside where everyone else lived. My gaze was fixed on the wall that was built high and sturdy around the residence and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was for the Alpha’s protection or the pack members.  Read more
    8. Don't Forget Your Place
    “I wanted an explanation.” I don’t elaborate my answer, however, I make sure my gaze remains unwavering. His golden eyes narrow slightly. He does move from where he stands in front of the door. I notice his jaw clench, his nostrils flare slightly. I can’t help but admire his sharp features and how it rivals his rough nature, his angry personality.    I tilt up my chin slightly, not one to back down or cower. I’m an alpha, even if I am slightly less powerful, but I am not useless. I cross my arms to hide my sweaty palms and lean against the casement, the cold air hits my nape, creating goosebumps on my skin.    “So you harass him? It was your father who struck the deal,” he gritted through his clenched teeth as he strode forward, prowled towards me like a predator. I actually felt like the prey. I could only hope that it did
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    9. Not the Luna
    I watched the doors close behind him with a heavy thud, a sound that sent a jolt to my chest. I stared at the closed doors for how long I had no idea, maybe not until I felt an itchiness of dried cum on my inner thighs or the distinct ache in between my legs. I half-sat , my mind going blank for a moment. Shame had already spread across my body like a wet blanket. I sat up completely, naked and shivering. I refused to cry, but the tears didn’t listen, they rolled down my cheeks. I sniffled as I got off the bed. The wind blew in from the still open window caressing my skin, making me shudder. I cast a glance across the pristine white satin bedsheet, which was now ruined by cum and drops of blood. It’s strange how when he first invaded me and took my virginity, no blood was spilled, whereas today, it was the opposite. The dark red splotches reminded me, glared at me and taunted me of the loss of my virginity, a hollow concept created by soci
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