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’Into The Wilderness’, the story of a group of occasionally reluctant heroes who set out to preserve their world from total evil. An adventure story of a princess nymph and an elven in the world of human to their world in which we known as Aghartha, but in the story was called Misthereal World. This narrative begins with a princess nymph waking up from a tree whose soul has been maintained in the human world for more than a hundred years. She got lost in the woods and came across a lot of endangered animals, which worried her in every way until she discovered more than unexpectable.

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40 chapters
I crept into the woods on tiptoe one wonderful night, when the captive birds sang for their liberation. Their cries sounded like a dejected lament about self-satisfaction and the cage they’d never called home. The gypsy wind rocked the trees, and I undoubtedly took the step to provide them with their desired salvation, the ability to breathe and fly freely. They took off, finally returning home. Then I returned to my own cage, which was less filthy but still chained.. My body began to twitch, eventually waking me up from a dull sleep. Around me, the air was cold and humid, and it suddenly filled my lungs with what felt like burning ice crystals that extended from my ribs to my limbs. I was dragged out of my final dreaming thoughts and into a more alert state by a few forceful gasps for air. Was I, however, truly awake? Because of the recent dry period, the grasses I tread on were crackly beneath my feet in this oak-brown and rustic forest. Its woody odor came
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I woke up lying on the ground feeling all the pain in my scars. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been out, but when I awoke, the sun was shining brightly. Raindrops began to fall from a murky sky, prickling my cheeks, which had been cracked by tears that had now dried out. A thin, clear mist floated weightlessly above the ground, caressing the tree trunks with its gentle caress. It was strangely hypnotic! The shivering cold that crept down my spine, however, made me shiver. Help. Please help. I don’t know what to do. I am really not in a nightmare. “𝐶𝑎𝑙𝑚 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟𝑠𝑒𝑙𝑓, 𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒.” I whispered to my self. I gently stood up and gazed at the vibrant yellow, crimson, and orange autumn leaves, some of which were still clinging to the last hope of another summer day. However, the most of them had already given up and were either dancing slowly in the breeze or resting on the ground. Autumn ushers in sweater weather, stunning foliage displays, and h
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I had broken the fatal spell it had cast on me in less than a second, and my body reacted instinctively by running. I had no idea where I was going; all I knew was that I needed to get away from that dreadful gargoyle as soon as possible.The leaves howled in a symphony as the wind blew through the limbs of the trees. Running through the woods on a gravel path makes me realize how complex the interaction of weather and environment can be. Two natural forces that are both in tune and always at odds.But then my logic kicked in, and I started to doubt what I was doing.But all of the sudden, there was this different sensation of mine. It’s like I am a brave person or that’s just me in the past life. Hmm, nevermind. I’ll just keep going.I’m sure, there will almost certainly be more than one giant centipede if there is one. And if you keep running like this, you won’t even notice until you’re knee deep in a centipede&rsquo
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I became aware of something in the trees that was white and dashed across, but I couldn't visualize it owing to its speed. It's either an animal or a ghost-like figure. I want to scream for help, but I can't because my voice isn't strong enough. I stared up at the sky, thinking that this was it, the end. I felt a sturdy noise, loud through my ear, which prompted the leopard to roar in a horrible growl, much louder than whilst it charged at me. It's big, it's really big more than I expected. It bolted into the woods a few seconds later, in general out of fear, however additionally because its tongue was blocking off my airways. I wiggled around in terror before realizing the leopard had stopped moving. My nostrils were violated and I became nauseous by the overwhelming stench of a fur-clad beast and the most disgusting breath I'd ever smelled. However, the seemingly lifeless body
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Outside this tent, I was startled wide conscious through a crushing noise. I was approximately to open it whilst a liquid-like substance splashed through, which I immediately identified as blood. My eyes widened and I nearly screamed, however I restrained myself. My heart is racing and I'm privy to it.In an attempt to determine out what was going on, I opened the zipper as a minimum 2 inches wide. I failed to see anything due to the fact the surroundings were dark and simply the moon's glimmer provided light.I terribly peeked at the tent by completely opening the zipper. I wish to flee since the two men were not present, and blood had just been sprayed a short time ago. Darkness has already engulfed the area. I knew it was too late and too dangerous to continue through the dangerous jungle. My sensation was interrupted by a loud howl; it was close, and I needed to get out of here right away.As I took a few steps forward, I heard a terrible n
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"Five hundred years ago in our kingdom, in Leafland. Where Nymphs are the ruler.  By creatures I mean Gnomes and Elves, Fauns and Faeries, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls Sprites, Bogies, Elvens and different kind of Nymphs such as Dryads, Naiads.. They tended to it and looked after it, playing, dancing, and singing in it, caring for injured animals, resolving species conflicts, sitting on mushrooms discussing import issues while drinking labrador tea.. the little ones riding downstream on leaves and bark, and parachuting from trees with dandelion seeds.." he stopped for a while looking at the moon. "But before—" "What are Nymphs? I interrupted. "Inferior female divinities, the beautiful maidens.." "Like you." he added. "You must be joking.. aye." "Listen first." and he stared into my eyes, how beautiful his hazel eyes are. "Our life wa
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I stood up still. I was shocked at the same time amazed. How do creatures like this exist? I sensed that there is someone coming from the woods with the sounds of the dried leaves being stepped on."Charlotte! Get away from him!" A voice was echoed to my ear and as I looked back with beast. He raised his claws and was ready for an attack. He held out his claws to me and I was hitted too hard. I stumbled to the ground and I can see Legolas coming in my blurry vision. The beast ran away and I passed out. I awoke in the garden, surrounded by a familiar face with deep hazel eyes looking down on me. They were Legolas' eyes, which I had grown to admire but kept hidden from him. As I stared up at him with my gold fleeked green eyes, Legolas hovered over me with a worried expression on his face."How are you feeling? Are you ok?"I studied my body and there was a blue mark on my chest, it didn't cause any cut on my skin but still I'm
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"Hey. hey!""Wake up, Charlotte!" Legolas softly tapped me as I slowly opened my eyes. my vision starts to get clear seeing him holding me in his arm."Can you tell me what you were dreaming about?" His befuddled gaze was drawn to me."It was insignificant.""So yelling at the top of your lungs and mumbling sentences are insignificant?" Charlotte, you can tell me." As I stared deeply into Legolas' eyes, I felt safe.And I sobbed uncontrollably at that point, unsure of how I felt. I couldn't make sense of what was happening in my dream. Why are Nick and Kover feasting on my body, but their transformations aren't the same? It hurts because I feel like they're betraying me in a nice way more over I considered them as a friend. I get a rush of adrenaline, as well as other typical adrenaline reactions. My heart rate has risen, my face is flushed, and my breathing has accelerated. I stammer, tremble, and whine as I freeze in place.I
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The morning sun poured in through the windows as Charlotte awoke. And she managed to stand up, the room filled with comforting warmth from dazzling golden rays, where she discovered Legolas and the old woman seated at opposite ends of the small table, eating bread and eggs from wooden cups filled with fresh milk. The seat in front of them beckoned her to take a seat. As she took a seat on the opposite side of the table, she was greeted by a platter of eggs and toast that teased her as she sat hungrily. As she scooped up part of the meal with the wooden spoon resting next to the plate, the aroma of the food made her mouth water.   "What is this? Only now can that I taste such delicious food like this .."   "it's called an egg... and that, you already know that .." Legolas stated pointing to the bread.   "It came from a chicken... Don't worry my child, it is good for us to eat. We humans eat eggs.." the old woman murmured.
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He simply vanished. "The monsters who refused to bow to the angel voice... daughter of light, were slain—not for their own mercy, but for ours." I spoke in hushed tones in the air. My lack of breath, as well as exhaustion and lethargy, are felt throughout my body. Because even as my lungs try to pull in much-needed oxygen, I feel as if I'm drowning in the air. The only way to feel better is to get some fresh air and sit for a few minutes. Fresh air is better, cleaner, and I'm no longer drowning in it. The moon started to turn into red. In the woods, I heard a tremendous wail. The sorrow of the indifferent, of a monster who sold its soul for ease and instead discovered hell, is contained in that lifeless cry. It can hide behind gorgeous skin or the rotten hide of the abyss' decaying creatures, but I can see it through any disguise. Even though I was tumbling down to my feet,
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