Witch of the Throne

Witch of the Throne

By:  yinumlia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Photo by Anastasiya Doborvolskaya via Pinterest A hundred years had passed since the war against witches reached its conclusion, leading the Kingdom of Londeve to a century-long peace. Everything's all well either for the young village baker boy, Tristan who lives a simple life with his two younger siblings not so far away from the country's capital. As ordinary as he might seem, it is not to be expected that he's actually acquainted with the only living royalty residing in his homeland, Crown Princess Anne of Londevè. Even so, their decade-long friendship never brought any significant change in each others' lives throughout the years, and for the humble young man, it is something to be relieved for. However, fate seem to have its own mischievous way of twisting the humble orphan's life. It was a remarkable encounter that turned his seemingly normal life into a dangerous rollercoaster ride as he got involved with the epitome of misery herself — the manipulative and mysterious lady, Serina Lourdemayne, who has been ironically keeping the peace at the Kingdom as a substitute Queen despite being a witch herself. Will this accidental and unwanted engagement ever reward him? Will they be able to work progressively despite their obvious and huge differences with their loved ones, responsibilities and aspirations in line? Dive into the world of magic and witness the journey of Tristan and Serina together with the noble Paladins as they protect the Kingdom from the coming calamities and from the new enemies that could possibly be more powerful and sinister than the wicked witches the human race had faced before.

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32 chapters
The tale of consecutive despairing events that doomed humanity spurred from the ascension of underworld monstrosities following the physical departure of Gods and Goddesses from the mortal world. Lacking any option left to turn the table around, turned to the apathetic divinities once more.  Ties between the heavenly and the earthly remain severed, although assistance was provided under a certain condition — sacrifices. One maiden was to be chosen in each kingdom, who were agreed to be among the poorest peasants; burned and after three days, the figure of women were reformed from ashes. Incomparable power manifested within them, at the price unknown to the mortal beings. By the order of Gods, righteous and courageous heroes fought alongside them, having bestowed upon with a fair amount of divine energy. Demonic beasts retreated, being almost wiped out by the joint forces of the heroes and the selected ones. However, it turned out that the salvat
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Chapter 1 — The Witch and the Curse
"Is Lady Serina Lourdemayne around? I was sent here to deliver a message from the King." Pulling the gate, the girl who seems to be aged around 10 motioned the man to enter. The trembling man swallowed his hesitation with a deep gulp and spoke a quick prayer in his mind. Surely his visit in this old mansion will be the talk of his colleagues for days, whether or not he'd make it back alive.  "I assure you we do not keep any carnivorous creature here, Sir. Please do relax yourself." That short speech earned a little jump from the man and his anxiety rose rather than relieved. Knowing this won't do him any good, he calmed himself with a silent breathing exercise. Still at the state of unease, his eyes tried to wander around the labyrinth-like yard.  His journey from the Palace to this remote place was a long one—crossing rivers, even a hill, and dark forests. This manor house's theme, being literally in the middle of the woods doesn't complime
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Chapter 2
"You and the King seem to have a very close relationship, Teacher."Those words, identified as neither a compliment or a sarcasm was heard but was not responded to. "By the way Teacher, what is this curse you spoke about?" Even with complete awareness of what is currently going on her master's head, she did not hesitate to raise the question she believes won't let her sleep later on. "Euphemia. . " Luckily, the answer is what's bothering her the entire trip, and as she reminisce that one particular event from the past, she spoke, ". . one of the three witches who once brought this country to ruin. It's hers. We sealed her power after her defeat, declaring victory as ours thereafter. However, unbeknowst to everyone, she killed herself and used her soul to activate it. Shame we were unable to figure it out 'til the next two rulers died from unknown causes before reaching the age of 30." Following a deep sigh, she raised her hand up to supp
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Chapter 3
Several years later. . .The whiteness of fine flour covering the rustic kitchen made it seem to look like a thick smoke from a hot spring, though it is no magnificent sight nor relaxing to see in the young baker's reality. A violent yelling from a familiar antagonistic voice coming close to him brought chill down his spine, without actually uttering anything he spoke to himself, "Argh. . . what an early execution of this week's failure. . ." and with an aggressive expulsion of particle mixed air from his lungs, he cleared the atmosphere using the back of his hand, waving it back and forth."Tristan -- Argh! You just wasted a day worth of flour again, you freak!" the master baker, still fixing his half body apron came over after exactly witnessing the mishap of his apprentice from the window on his way to work.Dragging a pair of long handled broom and a dust shovel with him, he inclines half of his body in a very low bow of apology, "I am really sorry, I
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Chapter 4 — Enchanted
Mid morning is probably the time when most people ought to prepare for their daily agenda. However, for the one whose every hour is already arranged beforehand, it is where her limited chance to breathe lies. Stepping out of her office veranda to greet the gentle sun, the tranquil wind sways her emerald sheath skirt as she walk towards the stone railing. The sight of the capitol from her viewpoint is indeed pleasing to the eye, but for her, it is more than the cityscape that catches her favour. Even after a decade of being bestowed by the highest responsibility and power over the country, she cannot help but be impressed by the continuous improvement she observes every opportunity there is. 'Not bad for the inferior beings,' she thought. Also, from the perspective of someone who witnessed the tragedy this same country had faced a century ago, the survival of this civilization is undoubtedly worth being the pride of humanity. "Is it
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Chapter 5 — A Delicate Flower
Despite his seemingly disdainful and snub treatment towards his older and only brother, Johann is always quick to notice any strange action he does — be it little and unnecessary. Maybe it roots from his mindful nature, or maybe his sibling instinct. Whatever it is, the repeated back and forth marching he has been doing since he got home from the town this morning is already quite concerning as it looks.Finally finding it unsettling enough as he work on bathing their livestocks while he's supposed to be sweeping hays, he was ready to give his silence up to break his brother's troubling engrossment. "Have you seen a fairy before?" Left with his mouth slightly open, he was unable to properly vocalise his thoughts and in addition, the words his brother spoke made him even more confused. Even so, being a master of his expressions, he completely hid it off his face, showing his usual irritated intonation and emotion instead. "Not yet.
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Chapter 6 — To Trust a Stranger
It was indeed a long day for the young Princess Anne who had to take part on the funeral of the deceased honorary servants of the country at the Queen Regent's absence.Despite having a close communication with the noble family members like the Hansens, she has never showed up on any occasion outside the palace if not for official meetings. Although no curious soul ever dared to ask her why for it is an obvious thing, she would say it is to not cause fright over the civilians she would meet by the road.All dressed in black, the Princess directly made her way to her 'aunt's' office, only to be greeted by her apprentice alone who happens to be fixing papers on her Aunt's desk. "Hi, Sherfy. . ." she wearily replied back to her bowing before slumping her body down the couch. "Ugh, that was tiring. I just had to attend the guests and meet families on her behalf and I'm this exhausted already. . .""Maybe it's your mental capacity speaking, Princess," Sh
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Chapter 7 — Suspicion
"Jump in." "N-No way. . ."Entering the cave alone appears almost like a test of courage for Tristan who has never been familiar with such darkness and the terror it brings. Now as per the lady's demand, he must take another step towards uncertainty, which she disguises as an alluring shortcut towards his most sought objective. There is not enough light to make the path in front of him clearer to begin with, but the chilling breeze from below his feet petrifying his entire body tells him of the dreadful fate that awaits him soon as he decide to move forward. It is a huge, black hole on the ground, just a foot away from him. "I-I'm going back—""No, you're not.""You said I could always—""You said you want to serve the country," she brought up."This has nothing to do with that!""It's for the sake of everyone, believe me."When she said she would help him earn a place on
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Chapter 8 — Cruel Dream
 "D-Don't come any closer. . please, my siblings are still young and they depend on me for living, so please. . we can still talk it over, right?" he pleads.  With a blink of eye, the woman's expression suddenly became darker as her red lips curved into a terrifying smirk. "We're here now. Why not try a free fall. . ."Tristan's life flashed through his eyes as he felt the tip of the woman's index finger gently touched the light-cloth covering his left shoulder. That touch was something he could not explain in that he was literally electrified, causing him to unconsciously close his eyes. The next thing he knew, his feet no longer touches the ground and the darkness that surrounds him is now closer to nothingness. He was falling. For how long was he being pulled downward, he couldn't even tell, he was too terrified to even notice such detail. 'Once you fall down there, your physical body,
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Chapter 9 — Converging Worlds
"Believe me, aunt. My friend. . he went through all that because of a mysterious woman who intends to bring a Witch back to life!" Since Anne made it back to the Palace the night before after a day of complete disappearance, one serious news was brought into discussion between her and the Queen Regent. Going back, she was greeted by Serina and her professor, Sherfy's combined force of fierce, deadly stare, enough to make everyone kneel before they could even utter a word.And so she did. "I-I'm deeply sorry, Aunt, Teacher! I-I will wholeheartedly take all the sanction you could think of to atone for my misconduct, I promise!""Do compose yourself, young lady. You're making it appear like we're some sort of abusive guardians here," Serina calmly addresses the Princess' action. "Oh, he he, that's right. ." Anne stood, eyes still on the floor. "Again, I really am sorry, please grant me my punishment now."Head bent down, displ
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