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She's sweet and innocent He's a Dominant male and the Alpha King Celeste Sampson is a 21 year old college undergraduate who was rejected by her mate, Alpha Andrew Of crestfall pack. After a visit home for Christmas, she decides to attend the ball held by the King Elijah Black, the 28 year old ruler of the whole Lycan species, she finds herself thrown into a different world and finds out that there is more to see and know behind the enchanted wall that hides them from the human eyes. Would she be loved? Would she be betrayed? Would she be used? Or would she stay when she finds out that King has too many dark secrets hidden behind the red door? Follow the journey of Celeste and Elijah in this story!

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36 Chapters
Chapter 1
I am sitting in the library with my bestfriend, Anna, and a few of our Course-mates as we reverse on some topics for the last exam of the semester. I was silent, not altering a word for my mind was occupied with the dream I had last night-I wouldn't exactly call it a dream, more like a memory mocking me. The words that broke my heart into a million pecies still fresh and replaying itself like a broken record in my head."You're a psycho Celeste, i can't be mated to you. You're fat and disgusting. You are not fit for a luna.""Andrew, wh-what are you sa-saying?" I asked my mate, my voice craking and tears streaming from my eyes. I know what was to come, he was going to reject me. The disgust and hatred he held for me clearly showing in his eyes."I, Andrew Walter, soon to be alpha of crestfall pack reject you Celeste Sampson as my mate and future luna to the crestfal
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Chapter 2
 After three and a half hours I arrived at Kansas. I texted mom that I was already in the state before boarding a Taxi to Crestfall privately owned land which is farther away from the city and the human eyes. The ride took about fourty minutes before we arrived at a small apartment where a few patrol guards stay when guest are coming into the pack land.I came out of the car with my luggage and thanked the driver for the ride. I walked closer to the apartment but stayed a few feet from it already knowing that they would be out soon since they could sense my arrival. I looked at my chest to see a red dot there and rolled my eyes with a scoff. What harm can an average Lycan do to one of the biggest pack in USA?The door opened revealing Beta Ivan and a two other guards."Beta" I said in greeting with a flat tone"Celeste" he replied with a smirk playing on his lips as he came down the
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Chapter 3
It is now seven pm and I am doing my make-up. I put on a little amount of foundation on my face followed by some powder. I smoke out my eye and give it a winged line. I add some nude lipstick and a light blush on my cheeks. I do my hair in a formal messy braided updo. After doing my make up and hair, I picked up the bag that had my dress and slide it on I then pair it with the golden heels.I stand at the mirror hanging on my closet door and couldn't help but agree with what Josephine said at the mall today, I do look like a queen. I take my black purse laying on my bed and with my head high I go downstairs to me the rest of my family.Mom was the first to see me as I entered the living room. "You look beautiful darling" she says and everyone turns around to look at me."Thanks, mom" I mumbled suddenly shy with all eyes looking at me.Everyone tells me how beautiful I look and I thanked them and also tell
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Chapter 4
Elijah places his big hand on the small of my back then nod the the guards. The door opens and we walk in, everyone stops what they are doing and I freeze from all the stares. Elijah nodges me forward with him and we walk. Everyone parts way for us like the red sea, bowing down for their king in the process. You could tell that they were hesitant to bow because I am with him. Why would Alphas of grate packs bow to me, a nobody?I see some glaring at me while others are surprise to see their King. There are a few mummers going around but I can hear them."It's him!""Who's she?""He's hot"We walk around as Elijah greets the Alphas, some alphas went straight into business mode, asking for permission to expand their pack land and other business matters which I had no interest in. I still can't believe that the king wants me. What would this become of me? I knew fro
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Chapter 5
"Where are we going?" I asked Elijah as he takes a hold of my hand, leading me through the park. He said nothing and I roll my eyes but keep shut but after a few minutes I decide to ask him one more question. "How did you get here? And how did you know where I'd be?""I'm the king darling, I can find you whenever I want," Elijah comments, pushing his brow locks from his face. "And were going to the palace""What?!" I wispher-yelled into the dark night."I will not repeat myself" he mumbled not sparing me a glance.I scoff but let him drag Me with him. I spot a black Lamborghini that looks brand new at the road side. He opens the door for me and I get in while he also hopes in the driver's seat, turning on the car right away speeding out as he drives like a mad man.I hold on the seatbelt for dear life and my eyes open as he continues speeding around the fairly traffic."Fo
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Chapter 6
I wake up with the lights shinning on my face. I walk to the window and look out to the beautiful view out side my window. There is a nock on my door and I walk to it and open it. There, stands a maid with her head bowed."Good morning Lady Celeste, the king has requested you join him for breakfast in the dinning room" the female said. Before I can answers she hurryliy walk away and I shrug. I close the door and go into the bathroom taking a quick shower, I take out a new toothbrush from its case and brush my teeth with it. I decide to put on the clothes I wore since there is no extra.Walking through the beautiful walls of the palace, I ask a guard the way to the dinning room and he show me the way which I thank him for. The King seated at the head of the table, looks up as I enter the room with a smile."Celeste," he said my name in a whisper. "Please sit and have breakfast with me."I nod and sit next t
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Chapter 7
"Elijah, answer my question, Do you know him?" I asked him for the sixth time which he ignores.I stop walking and fold my hands together and glared at him. He looks back at me confused and when he sees my expression, he looks up at the sky and sighs."Yes, yes I know who he is""And who is he?" I asked again now walking beside him."He is the son of the rogue King" I gasped at this, "No way.""But I need to confirm if it's true" The king said, narrowing his eyes at the people we pass."Why do I need to come back to the palace with you?" I asked him another question."You're not safe here. If Derrick really is out, he's going to come back for you again and I'm sure you guys won't be having a chat this time."  I shivered from his words and gulp, Who knows what he might do to me.We got to the palace and walk
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Chapter 8
For over four hours I sat in the library reading books upon books. I hear noises coming from the hallway outside the library. The low chattering of male voices has me knowing that the meeting has come to an end and the Alphas are on their way back to their packs. I stay in the library until I can't hear any more voices, then push the door open and walk out.  "Celeste," Someone called out to me. I turn around and there stands Eros Black in a black fitting suit. "Mr Black" I answered back politely as he walks closer to me. "How have you been?" He asked putting his right hand his pants pocket. "I'm okay, yourself?" "Good."  "I heard about the rogue attack, I am so sorry it happened to you" "Oh no, you don't need to be. It wasn't your fault" I told him with a smile. "It kind of is," Eros sai
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Chapter 9
It's beautiful, beyond expectations. I wow at the exquisite restaurant glitters like gold. People gasp when they see their king and stop what they are doing, they bow in respect as they should then continue with that they were doing. A host leads us out of main room and into a private room.Elijah pulls out a chair for me to seat and i do so, thanking him while he also sits opposite me."It's beautiful," I told the king looking around then turn to look at him only to see his eyes on me."It is" He muttered not breaking eye contact with me.I understood What he was saying. Elijah wasn't talking about the room, no, he was talking about me that I am beautiful. I pull my hair behind my ear and pick up the menu, hiding my big fat smile from the king as a waiter comes in with a wine and pours it into our glasses.Elijah chuckles and and I bring the menu down, only showing my eyes to see what he is doing. He picks up his menu and then a waitress comes in.
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Chapter 10
I groaned as I reached out to my phone ringing on the table. I clicked on the answer button without checking the callers ID. "Hello?" I rasped, turning on my back and rubbing my eyes with my hand. "You're in so much trouble young lady!" Moms angry voice greeted me. I sat up straight, taking my hair out of my face and mouth and scrunched my face up in confusion. "What are you talking about?" I asked her, confused. "Don't play dumb with me" She said. "Mom, I don-" "You are all over the news," Mom added cutting me off. "Shit" I cussed under my breath. I forgot that the pictures they took of I and Elijah will pop up on the werenews. "Don't you dare cuss again" She muttered and I pictured her glaring at me. "Sorry," i whispered softly. I could hear voices at the background and know
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