Reincarnated as a Side Character Simp

Reincarnated as a Side Character Simp

By:  Shinya Lohfreid  Ongoing
Language: English
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A thirty-year-old office lady, who got into an accident and is now trapped inside a novel series she loves. She was reincarnated into one of the side character extras of the story and meets in person the tyrant magician, the playboy prince, and the clueless female lead of the story.

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10 chapters
Chapter 1
“I need it by next week, understand?”The boss said once again the torture of being embarrassed in front of my colleagues as he waved his hand away towards me. His gesture commenced the unspeakable truth behind his dissatisfaction with the business proposal she's been working on day and night for the upcoming conference. Getting sluggish as I went back to my desk, a loud thump broke in the silence where she sits.”You got scolded again didn't you?” one of her office mates said, tapping the folder on top of her head to cheer her up while she replied with a sluggish smile on her lips.  Soon, I was determined to finish the task given to me and made it in time before the boss scolded me another time. The incident was like every other normal day inside the office which didn’t faze everyone one bit as we are used to it. The
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Chapter 2
For the past few days, I mourned and whimpered to my sorrows as she suffered from being unable to touch the ones she loved. As she was now desperately in need of help and refuge, she sought the voice once more and pleaded as it mentioned something about a “mission” and the thing she desired most at the moment. “Hey, whoever you are, answer me. If I do what you want, will you get me back to my own body ?”I asked, swirling around in circles in hopes that the mysterious voice would answer it. Fortunately, it appeared willingly for the second time in the form of a woman with white robes and white silk that covered her face entirely. The presence became intimidating as it was rendered speechless by its appearance. ‘Alright, I will help you out whoever you may be ..but you must fulfill your end of the bargain’
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Chapter 3
“you’re such a cry baby as always Ivy”This voice, it’s Emma’s! She is Ivy’s friend growing up in this place. They both met here after losing their parents and had each other’s backs as they grew up together around 6 years in counting. If I am correct in calculating, I am now 18 years old only a few months ahead of her. She went inside the tent and hugged me tightly as I calmed down and explained to her what happened, a plausible excuse leaving out the important details of my past life of course. I decided that I could only trust myself and no one else.“Sorry and thank you as always Emma”Soon the carriage had arrived at the gate and entrance of the empire in which we are invited to perform. As a custom tradition of the kingdom, only the ringleader and his fellow companionship are allowed to have an audie
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Chapter 4
“Damn it”I cursed to myself, thinking that I would get killed, and receive so much nagging from both Dale and Emma when I come back. I continued to blame myself and started to think quickly of a plan to pass through the parade.In the end, I never had anything planned and ended up waiting for the parade to finish so I could quietly pass-through by myselfAs the parade went on, I could see the triplets just across the street and signaled them to send word and go on ahead of me, ‘I’ll be fine so cover for me and go on, I mouthed to them hoping they understood what I meant.I couldn’t just stand still there so I moved quickly, shifting to the side making my way back to the alley
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Chapter 5
“so, what’s up with you? It’s like you saw some brand new toy while your eyes keep shining”Emma was behind me while I was looking from afar. It was one of the romantic scenes I’ve read in this novel series. Though I am still biased with the second lead, I cannot say that I don’t think these scenes are necessary. After all,  it’s what the author and readers wanted to witness.“Girl, you shouldn’t go for his highness, you will only receive heartbreak. I heard many noble ladies keep approaching him but look at that. Isn’t it a rare scene?”Excuse me !? I was not into the prince, to begin with, also I don’t like goody-two-shoes like him. He keeps flirting around until Clarissa comes into the picture because of the first time he got rejected by a girl like her.Read more
Chapter 6
“Pardon me your royal highness it seems to be that my darling little piglet had been running around carelessly that I have to personally tend to it” Piglet? WTF? Did he just turn me into an animal? Are you f*cking kidding me? “Oink oink oink…” Yes, that is me, complaining to him while he held me into his arms with ease and satisfaction. His grinning face really annoys me right now, if only he isn’t my bias I would be simping for other characters. The crown prince and the lady Clarissa were there standing dumbfounded by the fact that they did not expect Sean to immediately come out from hiding. Though, maybe this was a good thing since it was my initial goal to stop Sean from witnessing the confession and leave the two alone. I also thought of comforting him after his miserable unrequited love for the heroine b
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Chapter 7
"You brat, I can at least expect a bit of sympathy from a friend. All you do is laugh at me from the moment I opened my mouth and told you everything"I and Emma are taking our breaks in between during the festivities, and if my memory is correct this is the time where the female lead and the crown prince decided to have their share of their moment in strolling around freely.Sean? Well, I don't know where the hell he was in this timeline, but I bet he's still as handsome as ever! How could the female lead don't see his gorgeous looks and longing eyes of affection? If it were me, I would rather be with Sean than the playboy crown prince.As I started grumbling to myself, Emma and I stumbled across a booth where we shot small ammo towards the bucket where the prize was on top of it. This scene is kinda a cliche thing in most romance movie
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Chapter 8
As I came back from our campsite, Emma and the others barged into me quickly as soon as I entered my supposed room. It was in a flash that they dragged me into one of the gypsy’s common rooms exclusively just for the lady dancers.  My butt flopped directly on the soft mattress of the bed while I could feel the fiery stares of my friends who surrounded me. Their faces were eager to listen to what I had to say about the man who I spent my free time with and ended up going home late. "Come on guys it's nothing really, we're just merely acquainted with each other and some other stuff happened by accident that's why he knows me. And.." I paused for a moment and let out a long sigh. I continued to talk about what happened and to cut it short, I told them that he invited me as his dance partner on the last day of the festival. They all
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Chapter 9
"Piglet, why are you here? What if someone were to steal a dance from you? I'd be extremely troubled you know" Sean began to fake his tears as if he sounded like he was crying only to tease me some more. Deep inside I knew what he meant, he just finds it annoying to dance with lots of women who squeal every time they have the smallest chance and brag about it to society. "Oh come on, I know that's not what you meant. Besides, it was my mistake in the beginning after getting dragged here by the princess so that he could actually have his chance to confe--" I was taken aback as I realized what I was rambling on about. Taking a slight glance at Sean's expression, I was shocked to see his calm and expressionless face while he stared at me talking.  Realized I was being too infor
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Chapter 10
I suddenly felt faint, as my hands began to freeze as well as my numbing head. It was a weird feeling that I thought I would reach my second death now. Sean’s voice was trembling, calling me out in the open with that disgusting and unbefitting nickname he had for me. But what can I do? I think I’ve grown fond of it along the time we spent together. Besides, It’s a dream come true to see my favorite bias character and even be called by his not so pretty “nickname”. After that incident, I woke up after 3 days as per sean who occasionally visits my chambers. As far as I could recollect, I am in the royal palace’s guest wing. The room was filled with white curtains and red frills sticking out from the sheets and silk cloths which looks expensive enough to cost me a few months’ rent in my previous life. “You’re up piglet?” Ah, I missed thi
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