Carmella (When evil comes knocking)

Carmella (When evil comes knocking)

By:  Favy18  Ongoing
Language: English
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Run! Run! Run! Carmella run!!!! A huntress been chased by demons...... Not just demons, soul eaters and other vile creatures She is destined to be the next demonress But.... Something keeps calling her..... It whispers Calling out to her Carmella...........your blood!!!!!! Between this demonic possession, she finds companion in an angel..... But something..... Something feels wrong!!!!! Something walks to the door.....then knocks...... "Carmella....... "Open my sunshine!!!! momma is here for ur blood!!!!!

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    15 chapters
    Life of Carmella
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18                        Episode one"Carmella!!! here dodge! " A huge ball immediately hit my face knocking me down to the ground I could hear their laughters and mockings "Such a loser! ""Such a big nerd ""Gosh she is so ugly..... she is like an ugly duckling! " "Or an over shaped box "They all laughed at their useless jokes together Although these words were meant to be murmured I could still hear them... Dusting the pieces of dry leaves of my dress, I quickly adjusted my glasses and ran towards the bathroom, thankfully there was no one in the female bathroom, I quickly locked the door and slump on the ground to cry My name is Carmella Conor Aged 17, yes am a nerd....
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    The new town
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18                      Episode Two"Carmella..... Carmella! "I heard a loud echo voice from behind "Who's there!!! "I yelled feeling scared "Come I will give you what you want.... Carmella my child... come my child! "The voice change to that of a woman I started running not knowing where I was I was running too... It was inside the woods..... "You can't run from ur mother! haha I am ur mother and you are mine!!! "The voice yelled and I quickly increase my pace in fear Suddenly I bump into something, I fell hard on the floor when I looked up it was a woman in a white dress and black robe like a nunHer eyes were pulled out and her heart was hanging on her dress with blood gushing out S
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    Welcome to demons high school
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18                        Episode three The next day came faster than I expected and the event that happened yesterday was long forgotten I quickly said my morning prayers and walk downstairs to meet my parents already having breakfast "Morning dad, morning mum! "I said pecking both their cheeks..."Morning sunshine.... seat and have breakfast! "Mum said smiling softly I sat down and quickly opened the jam and spread it across the bread "I will be reporting to the police station today to give my transfer letters! "Dad said and mum nodded "Carmella later in the day, ur mum would take you to ur new school! "He said smiling I felt my heartbeat accelerate....New school??? What if the
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    The huntress
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking ) Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal  By favy18                      Episode four Head turning and my temperature rising ,I could feel the heat in my body I felt like I was in hell  The screamings and yelling of pains and torment made me want to shout and scream out in terror indeed this was hell!!! "Welcome my child......! "I heard from a distance but the voice felt like torment to me  "Am not ur child!!! "I replied weakly but the laughter heard was horrifying  "Your soul is mine!!!!! "The voice yelled echoing through my ears "No.....!!! "I screamed raspy from the nightmare ..... My heart kept beating fast and my head kept pounding hard Shit!!! what sort of crazy dream was that???  I felt something crawling over my hand an
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    The means of the devil
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18                     Episode 5I strode towards mrs sarah's car and saw she and Sophie panicking Immediately they sighted me, they breathed out heavily in sigh of relief "Carmella dear, where were you all these while?? we were worried sick! "Mrs Sarah asked looking worried I gave her a weak smile and turned towards sophie Her head went bent a little low in shame I ignored her and got into the car, seating far from her I just couldn't wrap around what was going on With the whole school experience and finding out about my supposed 'Mother', I felt scared yet disgusted by her Now I have been chosen to be the new huntress who is supposed to kill her own mother.... What I d
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    Meeting the team
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18                     Episode 6It was finally the next day but trust me I wasn't a bit excited at all... I couldn't sleep throughout the night.... I felt all different emotions running through my mind I tried calling my sister but the reception here in hangur isn't just too terrible Sluggishly getting myself prepared for school, I was able to finally get dressed and apply a little bit of makeup to cover my dark eyelines I walk downstairs and meet my parents already seated in the dinning but something felt strange They all looked different with huge dark budge under their eyes My mum look tired but angry, while dad look tired and frustrated They both sat far from each other as dad kept stealin
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    Offending the team
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18                     Episode 7I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that both I and Asher blood was needed for a demonic ritual Staring at Asher, I could see he wasn't even bothered about it.... He seems so peaceful yet gave a mysterious vibe My eyes trail downward to his abs and I could see how huge his abs were They were almost threatening to spill out I wonder how it will feel running my fingers crossed it.... Placing my head on itSnap out of it Carmella!!!! This is not the time to imagine nonsense "Carmella! "I heard Angela called and I slowly turned to her "So with a drop of my blood, the ritual has begun? "I asked and they both nodded Sudden
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    The dark hall
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18                     Episode 8I woke up with a huge frown on my face Fortunately mum wasn't by my side when I woke up but I could see the drip attached to my arm I guess mum panicked again and called a doctorGosh! mum can be dramatic at times but at least she cares Removing the needle out of my hand, I quickly dressed up and walk out heading downstairs I meet mum together with sarah and a strange old manHe looks weird with his mixed rainbow hair I let out a soft cough interrupting their brief discussionMum quickly stood up with a worried expression on her face "Hey baby, are you okay? y did you get down quickly! "She said leading me to seat close to Sarah I frown
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    Meeting an old friend
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18Warning!!! fetish and diabolic words ahead..... read with deep concentration                         Episode 9"Shall we begin Carmella? "She asked and I nodded inhaling deeply "Relax Carmella.... you look like someone who is about to sell her soul to the devil"She told jokely which I faked a laughter too Obviously noticing my discomfort, she stopped talking and started reciting some incantation "Saza'Kal....'ima....zo.....fa........ kiiiiiii.......! ❌2 She screamed the incantation till the room lighted up with fire "Zo!!!! zo kal zim..... zo!!! fia.... ko..... Sina!!!! " A huge fire sprung forming a triangle She used a red chalk to draw lines on the triangle "Step into th
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    The demonress
    Carmella (When the demon comes knocking )Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal By favy18Three days later                      Episode 10"Carmella...... Carmella......!! "I heard a sweet voice in my ears making me smile in my sleep "Carmella dear, get up and come eat ur breakfast.....! " I heard making my smile to widen I gradually opened my eyes to see aunt mel beautiful face "Goodmorning aunt! " I greeted soft  and she pecked my forehead gently "Good morning dear, get up it's time for school! "She said and I nodded softly "Clean up immediately dear, you stink! "She added jokely before leaving making me giggle softly It has been three days I got here and honestly it has been so nice It was like everything I longed for A good mother, a patient and
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