Clandestine Affair

Clandestine Affair

By:  decouriet  Completed
Language: English
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Glued with his parent's unfortunate mistake, Jerson Luiselli was forced to be a part-time agent under a secret squadron. With many enigmas to protect, Jerson comes to unravel every bit of it, including his friend's secrets. What will happen if Jerson finds out? Affair Duology #1 COMPLETED All Rights Reserved

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    101 chapters
    HIS BROTHER: Mission
    The glint of light from the screen reflected on his flaxen eyes. His jaw which was strongly defined clenched. Jerson smirked in front of his computer. His typing speed exceeds the average of 60-75 WPM. The sound from it disturbed the deafening silence inside the room. He skillfully controlled the mouse while his other hand expertly tapped the keyboard. Jerson leaned his back against the chair's upholstery after typing. He proudly looked at the computer like he made such a masterpiece. He tapped the space button and pressed enter.It took a while before a video played online.From some experts' point of view, the tape exploited online - which ordinary users presume to be a simple serial murder documentary, is the actual video of a crime. The person involved is circumstantial evidence that the footage acquired wasn't scripted. The footage does show an actual video of the crime. Some bodies were bloody, revealing the victim's guts. Some were killed by using a cord.Jerson started contro
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    HIS BROTHER: The Decent Brother
    Jerson felt restless as he drove. He could hear his own heartbeat. His breathing was volatile. He felt restless. The thought of Noah and the possibility that he might get killed while they are on a mission was making him anxious. No matter how good Noah was, he couldn’t really tell when a person would die. Just the thought about it was making him tense. The traffic enforcers gathered the people at the side of the road. The traffic jam caused by the gunshot made him slower. The boulevard was chaotic. Jerson cursed. He’s afraid that if he can’t make it to Noah as soon as possible, the Avialanché will corner his partner. Worst of all, they would kill him. He tried calling him again but to no avail.Jerson gritted his teeth. If he guessed it right, Noah had turned off his phone. He frustratedly bit his lips, condemning him. His irritation rose.Jerson’s disheveled hair pranced with the air. He drove his car even faster. Every time he’d drive past people in the boulevard, they would s
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    HIS BROTHER: Ambushed
    “...I’m his brother.”Jerson just looked at Vishnu and Noah. He found it very strange. He was sure that Noah set things up but he wasn’t sure why Noah would resort to this. What would he be gaining from this? Nothing. Noah could gain nothing from it. He was just wasting time playing.Jerson closed his eyes and groaned.“It would be a shame if you ignore my hand.”Jerson just stared at Vishnu. The prosecutor was offering him his hand. He pressed his lips and contemplated. Vishnu doesn't look like someone who cares about others' opinions, so what’s up with him? No. What’s up with these siblings?Anyway, Jerson should accept it, right? It wouldn’t harm him in any way. But he felt uncomfortable. Just by seeing Vishnu, he already felt restless as he is. What’s more if he clasped his hand together with the Prosecutor's hand? But wouldn't it be more disrespectful to ignore him? Vshnu was just being polite. Jerson gulped as he extended his hand. As their hands clasp, he could take a glimpse
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    HIS BROTHER: Fired
    Jerson felt a slight pain on his face. He looked at himself in the mirror. As he stared at his reflection to check if there was a wound, he noticed a cut. There was blood coming out from it. He washed it to prevent the blood from spewing around his face. “I should have cut his finger to get back with this,” he mumbled. He felt the great urge to beat up whoever punk made this to him. He sighed. He washed it again and left it for a few moments to let his face dry.He examined himself in front of the mirror once again. He made sure to look presentable before leaving the comfort room. After a few moments, he walked out of the four-cornered room and found his way to the two.The restaurant was crowded with customers. Even on the pavement way to the lounge area, many people were standing and talking to each other. Some were answering calls. Jerson finally entered the main hall. He saw the two men elegantly sitting, facing each other. Anyone could tell that the two came from a well-off fam
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    HIS BROTHER: Protect Him
    “Forcing me to do things like this….” Jerson couldn’t finish what he wanted to say. He saw how Vishnu’s hand tightened into fist. He sighed and looked at Vishnu whose temper seemed to be wearing thin. “Did you even ask about the prosecutor's opinion about this?” he asked.He was confident that Vishnu wouldn’t agree with it given that they were awkward together. Their encounter earlier sprouted the awkwardness growing between them and he knew that there was no way the prosecutor would want to be with him.He brushed his hair and waited for Vishnu to answer. “I’m okay with it.” Vishnu’s tone was so sharp. His voice was raspy and cold, making Jerson stare at him. Jerson furrowed his brows and tilted his head. He couldn’t tell why Vishnu didn’t refute and declined Noah’s suggestion when an obvious disgust was plastered on Vishnu's face. Now, he was devastated by the fact that he won’t be able to repudiate the proposition now that the prosecutor had already accepted it.Who was he to dec
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    HIS BROTHER: Irritation
    Jerson examined the whole area. He was anxious. He felt like someone was following them and was planning to kill Vishnu. He roamed his gazes around while his chin leaned on his palm. There was no one suspicious inside.He looked outside the restaurant. There was a person sitting inside the eatery at the convenience store. It was an ideal spot for a criminal when stalking someone. The man was eating, perhaps, cup noodles. After only a few moments, the guy went outside and left. He scratched his head. There was also no one suspicious outside.He took a deep breath. Maybe he was just anxious and overreacting. There was nothing skeptical among the people outside and inside the restaurant. In his years of working for the Empresarium, he already knew the faces of those mafia residing in the underworld. He rested his back on the backrest and loosened up. He stared at Vishnu, who was grinning at the woman. Seeing it just ticked him off. Vishnu was enjoying himself. He could tell how relax
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    HIS BROTHER: Feelings
    Jerson got up and walked outside immediately after he heard a rustle outside the mansion. He leaned his back on the wall beside the door, looking for something, perhaps looking for a sign of the disturbance caused by the intruders. He took a short nap in the living room and got up after he noticed noise from the outside. It wasn’t that loud, but it could still be heard by someone who had his guard up. He took out a cigarette and a lighter in his pocket before he lit it and put it in between his lips. Earlier, Vishnu didn’t give him an earful which he thought was acceptable based on Vishnu’s attitude. Giving him the cold shoulder was still normal based on Vishnu’s temperance; however, it still agitates him. Vishnu treats him like he didn’t exist at all. He kept on asking what the problem was, but Vishnu wouldn’t respond, leaving him feeling very conflicted.The fact that Vishnu treats him like that and his nap was disturbed, he couldn’t wait to strangle the intruder and let out his fr
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    Capítulo Ocho: Running Away
    “Please breathe. You’re making me worried.”   Vishnu wanted to smack himself. How could he act like that? What is he? A teenager?   Ever since Vishnu realized why he’d been feeling weird the first time he met Jerson until now, he decided to draw the line. He just met the person for fuck’s sake so why would he feel that way? And to a man? Is he really gay?    Vishnu isn’t against the lgbtqi+ community and the projects they had established helping them in battling for their rights, and he’s definitely not homophobic, however, thinking he is one of them was way too absurd. He could never accept that. He’d been straight all his life. Maybe he’s just confused. Yes, I am just confused. After all, I’ve never seen a beautiful man like
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    Capítulo Nueve: The Good Friend
    “It’s not like I am wanted or something! You can’t make me cover my face!” Jane hissed. Noah frustratedly massages his temple.  “You aren’t but the exact struggles fit with being known by most people. Humanity wags their tails for the so-called white lotus and all that crap,” Noah declared.  “What do you want me to do? Cover my face then?” Jane crossed her arms and raised her right brow. “Over my dead gorgeous body! I’ll just sue them for intruding on someone's privacy!” she added. “And you believed you could sue your fan? That’ll ruin your image, idiot!”  “I don’t care! I have another job aside from acting goody-two-shoes!” 
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    Capítulo Diez: Confession
    “What if the boss gets killed on my surveillance? What would be the requital?” Jane inquires.  The question was presumed to be innocent by quite a lot of people but Jerson, who knew Jane for years knows that this isn’t just a simple question she had come up with out of curiosity. Jerson suspects that Jane was cautious of the fact that she happens to be inferior compared to Vishnu.  Jane, who used to be in the limelight, doesn't want to suffer the same fate as those she tormented. She despised being too incompetent when compared with others. If Vishnu were to join the Empresí, her rank will go down by one and that’ll make her the fifth. She’ll be assigned to an unstable squadron. She didn’t want that. No one wanted that. With that kind of thought, Jane had her hidden agenda upon signing the contract.
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