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Her pulchritudinous black pools as big as saucers were shooting daggers on him. A streak of rage, might and valor whooshes from them that flame sharp and fierce like the orbs of a tigress before it hunts its prey making him almost wet his pants. The reprobate shivers in terror by the cogency of force whizzed from her aura yet tries to conceal it using his words. "My beauty...." She is just a woman....what can a puny female do to a minacious monster like him? He thought but that was the biggest mistake the wretch has ever made. The sound of his annoying words into her ears caused a fathomless fury in the queen's existance. "You cannot do anything to my kingdom, Otaku. Your end is destined in my hands." She yelled with power and pride whirling her head towards the profligate as her long hair swayed in the air with vigor like a Goddess of victory. Amara turned around hurling in air. Raising it up in a duress she flung the sword, right into his kernel ripping the flush away off the libertine's chest. Otaku shuddered under her cold gaze turning to a ball of flesh and gazed at the dominion queen in helplessness. But the next thing that happened between them had shaken up the entire humanity. The bloodied sword dropped from the queen's hand draining the life out of her face as she succumbed to floor on her knees beside the body of Otaku. "Otaku....you are....you are...." But it was too late for the realization. Note: This book has two parts in it. Enjoy

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55 chapters
Chapter 1
Amara is the lone daughter of Williams and Mary. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was just two years old and Amara was brought up by her paternal grandparents. She has completed her engineering in computers and infomatics and came to her home town at Tehran, the ancient land of Persia where her grand parents presently stay. She has a long term relationship with Alexander who has been her classmate and boyfriend right since her college. Amara is soon going to be engaged to him in her ancestral mansion. Read more
Chapter 2
Unwillingly Lima narrated the story of Veronica as short as possible skipping the horrendous details about the life of Princess."Then what?" Amara asks curious squatting beside her grandmother and going more active.Lima runs her hand behind her neck tiredly trying her best to quit the conversation. "I'm feeling tired sugar. I wish to take some rest."Amara hesitantly agreed and ambled to her bedroom for the night's rest. Before going
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Chapter 3
The danger had already triggered and Lima understood it was time for Amara to know the truth.1653 AD, when everything was going right in her realm, a monster attacked the land of Princess Veronica. He was a womanizer, a devil under the pretence of a human. He learnt black magic from a wicked sorceress and started attacking woman.With his evil powers he smelled ladies and attacked them with no trace of compassion. He brutally molested ripping them apart and killed them. With just a trace of him, the females ran away and men were frightened of his savagery.Over a period of time woman stopped coming out of their houses. They were safeguarded by the men in the house. Because of the silent measure taken Otaku the monster became angrier than his usual and more villanous.He broke open the doors of people and attacked a feminine raping her perilously. He was a blood thirsty monster. Before killing any female, he sniffed her top to toe, killed her viciously an
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Chapter 4
The people of Hamster started to live happily. The smiles on their faces was back, fields grew green, trade progressed and the country was back to normal. Princess Veronica's joy grew no bounds. As a celebration to victory over the evil a fair was organised.The kind hearted princess distributed sweets and clothes to the needy during the fair. The citizens in the constituency danced and sang happily in praise of her. With the love adorned in their hearts they gave her a new name out of respect - The Queen Victoria.As the name suggests Victoria means victory and Princess had never tasted failure in her life. While she was taking the blessing of a veteran bowing her head humbly in spite of her many past victories, a woman holding a baby in her arms came rushing to her."Oh humble Queen Victoria, I live in the east province of your country. Your eminence is spread far and wide and you stand the magnificence of giving the best judgment in the
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Chapter 5
"Princess Veronica, your body is the sole weapon on the earth to kill him, the only power to end him. You will have to die the most brutal death and so the similar would be his end." He proclaimed with power and might, holding a fist full of white power in his hands to his forehead. "A weapon would be made using your bones and flesh inclusive of your hair. The tip of the weapon should be bathed with your blood and the act should happen coincidentally but not willfully. Only then would the sword attain the sanctitude to kill him."Princess Veronica wasn't afraid hearing the sage's deliverance. On the contrary she was happy, she could find a solution to the unlimited suffering of her country's citizens."How will I end the monster after my death?" Veronica had the final and only question to ask him. The sage took the spirited water from the jug besides and sprinkled it on her head. "You will take a rebirth, remember everything when time comes and end the beast."T
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Chapter 6
Preparations started for Amara's marriage. Calls were made and invitations were distributed far and wide even to the most distant relatives.Amara's grandfather came just then into the house after fixing the venue of Amara and Alexander's marriage. Lima came rushing to him from the kitchen. "When is the date fixed?" She asked in enthusiasm wiping her hands with a rag. "It is on Friday the sixteeth of August."As soon as she heard the date Lima's eyes trickled tears,  exultance as well as perturbation were embarking her features at the same time. She was exultant because her granddaughter was soon going to get married to the man of her dreams.Lima was perturbed because Amara's marriage was fixed exactly on the same day 300 years ago when Princess Veronica's wedding was performed. It wasn't a coincidence but destiny defined.  Lima's conscience couldn't be wrong. Amara and Veronica were the same. She had taken rebi
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Chapter 7
Lima went frightened very much. She wanted to send Amara away immediately but the young lady was an educated woman. She did not believe in ghosts and refused to listen to her grandmother.The wedding preparation was in full swing. The night before Amara went to bed, she got a call from Alexander."Hi baby, how are you?" You see I am stuck here in this haunted house, you are a very brave woman. Can you help me get out of it?"Amara at once left her house to reach Alexander. As soon as she reached the premises of the ghostly palace, she began to hear the weird voices."Come inside Amara, please save me." She heard the desperate pleas of Alexander.A strong breathing sound was heard beside as if somebody was smelling her. Amara looked beside but she wasn't't able to see anybody.Then she felt a touch on her upper arm. Amara was frightened to her core but she couldn't let her fears reign
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Chapter 8
The air blocked in the throat of Amara. She looked back and rewound the incidents that happened with her in the past few days - the phone call she got from Alexander, her visit to the old palace, the torch light which goes suddenly switched as she was about to cross the entrance and enter the room. The chamber was weird. It had a huge pillar right in the center and many huge iron plates surrounding it with ropes tied around. The complete space was covered with devilish pictures on the walls and some strings tied around the enormous metal sheets. The inside of the iron plates was heard a heavy breath of someone unknown....Amara shook with terror even with the recollection of the incident.******The palace was decorated with colorful flowers, balloons and lights. It was the day of Amara's engagement with Alexander. Droplets of water was dripping from her face, bust and arms passing through a pink towel wrapped around as she comes out of
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Chapter 9
The night Amara had a weird dream. In front of her was a beautiful palace shining with liveliness and glitter.In the midst of the mother nature was a fountain in the shape of a curvaceous woman. She was holding a pot from which blue waters were flowing from the fountain making the scenery entwining.The front of it was a long pathway and on the both sides of it were green pastures extending to insurmountable distance. Between the greenery were small  plants flowering in different colors and varieties of yellow, red, purple and white.There were tall green trees which were shading the travelers who came to see the king from far off places.The walls of the mansion were decorated with long garlands of flowers. It was probably a celebration. Many guests have come for the function. The drinks were getting served. The servers were moving around the place in a hurry carrying snacks and drinks dressed in white and gray uniforms.Read more
Chapter 10
The entire family rushed to Amara's room hearing her squeak. Lima saw her fainted and dropped to the floor. Her heart leaped out of its rib cage seeing the sorrowful state of her grand daughter.  Amara surely needs a psychological counseling and may be a medical help too. The doctor visited their mansion and examined her. He prescribed her with a few vitamins and advised Amara to take complete rest for the next few days. Lima slept with Amara the complete night. The next day when she got up Amara looked around her room haunted. "Grandma, there was a man playing guitar under a distant tree." She pointed to the window from where they can have a beautiful view of the entire garden of the estate.  "Before I could leap my eyes, he was right before me giving out his devilish laughter. He was completely smeared with a white paint but his face was covered with hair. The description brought goosebumps on Lima's skin but she did not want to ventilate
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