Vampire's Obsession

Vampire's Obsession

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"kill them.." "kill them all... Bring out everyone's heart.. Burn everything so that no one can escape from here.." "Please have mercy on us we are willing to serve you as your slaves. "Slaves Hahahaha.. 'God' did you see I am having fun you have taken away my mother I will take away your children. "Worship me, humans." [ VAMPIRES AND LUST ARE A COMMON COMBINATION SO some chapters may have explicit scenes but if in case anyone has any problem please skip this novel ] when a vampire is more obsessed with a girl than his thirst for blood In the year 1950 a terrible massacre was going on in a village A pureblood vampire was standing there enjoying this massacre Not too far away he saw a woman was fighting with many vampires all alone like a 'one-man army..' Anyone who sees her once can tell that she must be a witch but the pureblood thinks she is not a witch. ************** She tasted sweet like oranges liquid sunshine in my mouth as we kissed our tongues playing together ''Darling why your lips were swollen Did anything bite your lips," smirking Majesty held her close.

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153 chapters
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Hello everyone! Welcome to this Vampire story. It has werewolves and Witches too but the main lead is a vampire so everything revolves around him. The world background I attempted I hope you will like. It is a slow-burn book and gore .. Also it has explicit scenes I don't recommend under age. ★Excerpt★She tasted sweet, like oranges, liquid sunshine in my mouth as we kissed, our tongues playing together." ''Darling why your lips were swollen , Did anything bite your lip?" Smirking Majesty held her close ... ''It's because of you," She glared at 'His Majesty. Her Majesty slowly caressed her lips with his thumb then put it into his mouth and lick that thumb slightly, ''Your lips tasted so good, I want to take a bite one more time." She ran back to her room holding her blushing face. "It seems like I haven't been expressing the intense feelings I have been harboring towards you." Thank you for stopping by.
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Stormy Night
The period 1950 “What will happen, father, if we all become vampires? I don't want to be like them.” A little girl was crying in her father's arms, fearing being a monster like them.“No, love. We will never transform into this filthy creature just endure for a while, daughter, and later we'll be in peace,” The man kissed his daughter on the head and whispered these heartless words because alone he knows the meaning of his words.Outside the house, they can hear people scream. They are begging for clemency. Notably, the sound of children crying could crush one's soul. Those vampires saturated the entire village in blood, they have even ripped off their hearts. Far from the village, a man was sitting on the golden throne, slowly twirling his finger around his glass of liquor and laughing like a maniac devil at the scream of those villagers. “No wonder I felt, so good today. Dear God, can you heed their scream? Yes, you can hear.”“Haha! But you are a coward. If not, then come down
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Dark Heart Devil
Gabriel stood in front of another village to quench his thirst for blood. As he was about to enter the village, his ears perked by a woman's crying from somewhere nearby. He was no longer in himself. His body may have been moving, but his mind was completely useless. There was only desire for blood in his eyes.  Gabriel stood in the dark waiting for his prey like a night predator.  At first, that woman was frightened, seeing a man standing in the dark, but immediately the voice of the same man calmed her nerves.  “Don't be afraid, just tell me what happened and why are you crying?” Gabriel said in an enchanting voice as if the voice was inviting the woman to listen more. She had never heard such an alluring voice before as if it has the power to remove all sorrows, so she started moving towards the voice in a trance state.  As she approached the man's face lit up before her eyes, whose face had been covered with bla
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Silver Girl
Fifty years had passed. In moon village. There is a beautiful-looking girl, sixteen years old. She has gorgeous silver hair, her deep blue eyes are like the ocean, and she was wearing a lovely pink colored dress. In the forest, she was busy playing with her friends. One of them said while playing, “Elsa, let's go home. Your father must be worried. Our magistrate is strict about you, you too know well.” “Yes, yes, I know I'm the magistrate's daughter, and he is very strict about me. He forbid me from playing in the forest BLA BLA BLA. All of you always say to me these things. All right, let's go home,” A lazy sigh came out of her mouth, before tilting her head in despair, and heading home with reluctance. Everyone in this village knows, even the outlying villages know how much the moon magistrate loves his daughter. He does not allow his daughter to leave the house. He gave everything that his daughter wanted, even allowed some girls to play inside the house with his daughter, but
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Village Fair
“knock!”“Darling! Elsa, let your mother in, at least for now. Don't starve yourself, love, please open the door.” But there was no response from the other side. “Okay love, your father and I will tell you everything, you want to know. Every question of yours, and we also have something to tell you. We promise, okay, and we're not lying this time.”After a while, they heard the door opening. Elsa stands with the door open, and her eyes were swelled with tears, seeing that a mother's heart was broken, she pulled Elsa towards her chest, and hugged her tightly. “Forgive us, love, we know you have grown up, but in our eyes, you are still our little treasure. Don't cry anymore. Now sit.” Elsa saw her father come toward her and sat next to her.  “I am sorry Elsa, I am selfish, always thinking about myself, but I love you so much. I can't help myself from being protective towards you,” Robert said, holding his daughter's shoulder.
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Village Fair 2
After eating together, Robert kissed Elsa's head and walked away from her room. Her mother gave her a warm glass of milk, and kissed her forehead, “Goodnight honey, don't think anything else, we will walk together with you always, love you.”“Love you, mother,” Elsa saw her mother walk away with a small smile on her face, but it had disappeared behind the door. Some kind of uneasiness continuously grew inside Elsa's heart. She had tried to subdue it, but she couldn't. Elsa got up from the bed, grabbed the glass of milk, and came to the window where she always sneak out, but today she felt different, seeing this window, as something had changed in her.Elsa was standing by the window and thinking about their previous conversation. Outside the window, she sees only darkness and some fireflies, hovering around her house. Just then an owl's hoot came to her ear, but right after, she heard a girl scream from that forest, so Elsa tried to focus on her hearing, but that scream became faint.
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Village Fair 3
Master! “Yes Jerrif any news from our dear Majesty,” the voice owner is Harris Richard cliff. A big bad oldest vampire, seeking ultimate power to win over the entire world. “No,” the vampire servant said. “Pity, I have been waiting for my prey for so many years, and look, his Majesty is hiding like a new wife. Doesn't matter we almost reach that point. You can go now, I have some work to do.”******In Elsa's room, Elsa could feel in her sleep that her body was bouncing. Thereafter, she heard someone's voice.“Elsa, Elsa wakes up, lazy head wakes up,” it's Iris, Elsa's friend.Elsa groggily opened her eyes and saw Iris jumping like a rabbit on her bed. ''What happened, Iris? Why are you here so early in the morning? “Early! Who told you that? It was about nine o'clock in the morning and I heard you were going to the fair,” Iris excitedly said. “Who told you?” Elsa asked because they had talked last night and weren't supposed to go to Iris's ear so soon. “Yes, it's your father I m
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Red Fair
In the carriage, Elsa and Iris started singing, and for that, a joyous atmosphere had been created inside the carriage. Robert and his wife couldn't help but smile, seeing them so happy, especially Elsa, this side of her they had never seen before. "Robert, I want Elsa to be like this for the rest of her life," Elsa's mother said, leaning on Robert's shoulder. "Don't worry, she'll. We'll keep her," Robert gently squeezed his wife's hand and muttered.★★★Not far away, a carriage containing Gabriel was now shaking violently from his incessant punches as his heart groaned in pain for no reason. He held onto his chest tightly and felt that if his grip loosened then his heart would come out in a jiffy. "What happened, Your Majesty, do you have a problem with your chest?" Asked Gramson because His Majesty was not feeling well. "Gramson, can you feel something is wrong around me? It seems to me that some invisible force is pulling me towards it, and the force is increasing with time. G
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Gabriel entered the car with a smile on his face, and it slowly turned into a wide grin. If anyone saw his smile, they would think that nothing could be more enticing than this vampire's smile. “Your Majesty, you're smiling.” Gramson was astonished because just moments before His Majesty had been annoyed at everything, now he was smiling again. “Does my smile look so bad?” Gabriel asked, raising his head at Gramson. ‘Not again, Your Excellency,’ Gramson thought. “Well, Gramson, tell me, do you think the silver-haired girl could be his daughter?” Gabriel asked with a smiling face. ‘I found something interesting for myself,’ Gabriel thought and still maintained his charming smile. “Yes, Your Majesty, that girl has silver hair, I haven't seen anyone with silver hair and her unique appearance, there is no way she could be his daughter.” After a brief pause, Gramson said again, “Majesty, I think she might be a witch, or how could someone have such a unique look.” “Maybe or maybe no
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Head to head With Gramson
“Did you forget to talk, vampire?” The witch started taunting him again, striding back and forth. And the smug smile on her face boiled Cliff's blood. “What's your name and do you have any plans?" Harris calmed his rage with this sentence. He was no longer angry with her, there was nothing to be angry about who would die in a few days but before that, he had to make sure that, this stupid witch did his job. Other than her, no witch would ever agree to this suicide mission. Either the king will kill them or they will be completely banished from their community, and no intelligent creature will ever wish for this miserable fate. “My name is Verada. Do you have any idea about ‘Blood witches’? I am the daughter of the chief witch. My community is hidden from the outside world. They are living like normal human beings. Also, we are the strongest in the whole witch community, even the stone village witch is nothing compared to us, so I decided on my own that one day I will kill that kin
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