The Lycan's Unexpected Warrior Luna!

The Lycan's Unexpected Warrior Luna!

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Yasmine is a simple village girl who is a little different from everyone else. She doesn't like her proper place as she would rather train to fight like a warrior than wash smelly, dirty clothes or be locked away in a kitchen somewhere like the other girls. Every five years, her village is invaded by what the Elders refer to as the beasts. They ransack everything and kidnap a selected few of the young villages that have just reached or are about to reach their eighteenth year. No one knows what happens to them as they were never seen again. How will Yasmine react when the beasts come for her and the Alpha of the beasts claims her as his own? With human hunters roaming the woods, Rival Packs wanting revenge, Friends and Ex-Lovers causing trouble, Will they overcome each obstacle that is thrown at them and come together as one? Or will they be torn apart??? ** Warning ** This story contains some violence, mature language, and mature scenes. Please read at your own discretion.

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My name is Yasmine, and I am approaching my eighteenth year. I’m barely five feet tall, but my rebellious attitude makes up for it, I was always getting into trouble with the elders for not obeying the rules and keeping to my place as a girl growing into a woman should. I have emerald green eyes, golden brown skin, and long raven black hair that I wear in a bun at the base of my neck. My village community was small, with only around two thousand people, and we were what outsiders considered old-fashioned and self-sufficient, which meant that everyone worked, regardless of age but like all old-style villages the men had their place and so did the women, we all travelled by horse, horse, and cart, or on foot.  We have the fundamental stores that any country town has or requires in the village’s main centre, including a seamstress for our clothes, a butcher, a bakery, and a market for all the fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, and any food for the village’s animals. In additi
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Every year, my friends and I look forward to attending and taking part in the celebration, but as our eighteenth birthdays approach, the party this year brings more worry than delight. We were all born within a few months of each other, but I had the misfortune of being the first to reach the age of eighteen. The second terrifying aspect of it this year is that my eighteenth birthday comes on the day of the celebration, and the beast leaders’ five-year raid is approaching. Thankfully, the celebration takes place during the day every five years, and the village is sealed down as soon as dusk falls. Not that it matters to me; if these beasts want into our homes, they will get in regardless.The elders erected a safety bunker on the other side of the town with enough accommodation for the entire village after the leader of these beasts declared he would invade the village every five years. Some of the snobbish elders now had basements or underground rooms built inside thei
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"I woke up in one of the other Elders' huts and our lives have been like that since that day. The other Elders agreed to allow me to teach the basics of what I remember from their teaching back then, but because of the possibility of losing everyone, including the village, no one is allowed to use what I teach them on the night of the celebrations especially against them during the five-year raid. Now, Yasmine, only the Elders know this information and I am trusting you with not passing it onto your friends..." "I would never betray the trust you put in me, Sir! You were the only one to believe in me and allow me the chance to prove myself, even though I am a girl." "And you have done that way too many times. Yasmine, you are way too good for this village. I am sure you are meant to do much more, but I am afraid that it is not here that you will do it. Just remember, no matter where you end up, be yourself, never allow anyone to make you less than what you
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This hesitation cost me because someone then wrapped two significantly enormous arms around me from behind. Fortunately, I am on the smaller side, and as I demonstrated to Elder Miles, I could exploit this to wiggle out of practically every hold the guys tried to keep me in. So I wiggle and struggle in his arms, causing him to reposition them in an attempt to get a better grip on me, which is exactly what I wanted because it gave me a bit more movement.I toss my head back, hitting his nose, and then I throw my elbows back, hitting both sides of his ribs at the same moment, loosening his grip on me even more and allowing me to slip down and out of his arms. When I get to the ground, I crouch and then kick out my leg, rotating as I do so, sweeping his legs backward and causing him to fall hard to the ground.I smile and rise back to my feet, but it's not for long since I'm suddenly surrounded by three more beasts, the first of whom I manage to avoid. I know I've been lu
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As he walks out of the town centre and back into the woods, I raise my head and gaze over to where my house is; the last time I see my grandmother, she is quietly sobbing in the shattered doorway of our hut, as the leader of the beasts carries me off into the woods and an uncertain future. I continue to fight despite the fact that it appears to be accomplishing nothing except exhausting me; I groan and, for the first time, attempt to communicate with the beast that is holding me captive.“Do you believe you could help me walk by putting me down?”“NO!”So, since that didn’t work, I’m going to try something new. “When you claimed I was yours, what did you mean?”“You're Mine!”“You already said that... Where are we going?”“Quiet!”“NO!”This appears to surprise him, as he stops for a second, leading me to believe that he
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I return to the room and re-examine everything; the only door I haven’t tried must go to a corridor within the building; approaching the door, I lay my hand on the handle and attempt to open it. I repress a chuckle when I discover the door is locked, but I didn’t really expect it to be unlocked, so I groan in disgust and return to the balcony. I know I did a lot of fighting yesterday, and my muscles are quite sore as a result, but I’m not going to sit here and wait for Zachariah to determine what he’ll do to me. Shifting to the side where the railing meets the side of the house... or whatever place I’m in. I lean over the edge, look down, and shudder; I’ve never been a big fan of heights, but I’m not going to let it get the best of me and prevent me from getting away from here. There aren’t many places to hold, but that hasn’t stopped me before, and it won’t this time either. I take a big breath and climb over
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I am still a little shocked at what’s going on, so I don’t realize what the one he pushed me into is doing until I feel something tighten around my wrists again. I then start to struggle, but the guy grabs my arms, pulls me into him, and whispers.“You would be better off keeping still my dear, you are already in enough trouble..”I freeze as he runs his nose up my neck; they seem to enjoy doing that a lot but it just creeps me out except for when Zachariah does it. I continue to struggle a little against the ties around my wrists and his hands touching my upper arms, but I have no choice but to watch as Zachariah moves and approaches the one that was holding me.He doesn’t say anything and I gasp in surprise as he punches him in the jaw sending him to the ground. He then moves up to him and pulls him back to his feet just to punch him in the abdomen, chest, and nose. I stop struggling and do what I do best. I study him as he moves.
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He holds and pulls me tighter into him as he deepens the kiss; I tense and freeze as I feel the hardness of his excitement pressing more against me. Smiling against my lips before pulling back and looking me in the eye, moving his hand from my neck up into my hair. He then grips my hair and tugs lightly, making my head tilt back. He breaks the connection with my eyes as he leans forward just a little to run soft butterfly kisses down and back up my neck. I can’t stop the soft moan as I relax and pleasure spreads through me, Zachariah smiles against my skin as he pulled on my hair just a little more allowing him to move his kisses further down my neck and onto my chest, another soft moan escapes my lips as he trails his kisses over the tops of my breasts. He continues to smile as he kisses his way back up my neck to my lips, saying, “Such a fiery little thing, but so soft and responsive to my touch...” He then kisses me again.
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Whoever it is, knocks again, but this time a soft girl’s voice comes through the door.“Hello? Um... I was wondering if you were hungry?”As if right on cue, my stomach growls loudly and I hear a giggle from the other side of the door. The girl then says,“If you step away from the door, I will bring in something for you to eat!”I haven’t eaten anything since the meal I had with Charles at the celebration, so probably against my better judgment, I move away from the door and go and sit on the bed. I don’t know how she knew I was no longer standing by the door, but I then hear the door unlock and open; I watch as a very tall, gorgeous girl walks in with a tray in her hands.I glance behind her and see a guy standing just outside once she is all the way in. He reaches in and then closes and locks the door behind her. I then return my attention back to the girl who is now standing in front of me, but with no
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I don't realize how long I was sitting at the desk until I hear a commotion coming from outside. I look down and notice that the doodles I have been doing since I sat down were all of Zachariah, both his human and his beast. As I hear the commotion getting closer to the bedroom door, I quickly pick up the contracts that I had moved and place them back where they were, covering the paper with my doodles on them.I move closer to the door and hear someone is yelling. The door then unlocks and swings open and in walks Zachariah, half yelling, half growling."Stay out of it Jade...." I then hear Jade's softer voice come from behind him, "But Zach... She..." "NO!!! I SAID STAY OUT OF IT!!!"I hear a slight whimper as he then grabs the side of the door, slamming it behind him. There is a soft click telling me that it was relocked, but Zachariah just goes straight past me and into the bathroom, slamming that door behind him
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