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A girl was lost her mum during her childbirth, the father remarried and the step mother started mal treating her. She basically was addressed as the house girl. Even the father hates her because he thinks she was responsible for the late wife's death.

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52 Chapters
Olivia ♨️" Olivia bring my shoe " " Where is this stupid Olivia, bring my hair pin " " Olivia, where is my dress?" " Olivia, my phone " " Olivia are you dump?" My sisters kept yelling and insulting me at the same time while I ran around like a mad lady going to meet their needs ...Well, I'm used to their insults . It's nothing new  to me I brought Emily's phone handing it to her. Instead of her to collect it, she gave me a thunderous slap .." Can't you see I'm late? And you are just bringing my phone" she snapped staring disgustingly at meI held my hurting cheeks trying hard not to cry running off to bring Sophia's dress, shoe and hair pin  else I will receive another slap .." I guess the slap Emily gave you is not enough " she said slapping me again, this time twice " I wonder why Dad is still keeping you in this house, dirty thing" she added while i stared at her un
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Chapter 2
Olivia ♨️Noo! This isn't happening please... " P...please " " I told you to shut up didn't I? Or did you want me to seal your lips? " He asked while I shook my head in fear " Then be a good girl and keep quiet till I'm done " He resumed tearing my dress again. I tried kicking him off but his muscles weigh me down. The only thing I could do at that moment was to cry, this is how I will loose my pride... The pride I protected for 21 years ... Why am I a victim of circumstances? He roughly grabbed one of my legs throwing it to the other side opening it widely ... The worst happened when he removed his shots and began thrusting into me in the worst way you can ever imagine ..My cries filled the room still, no one came to my aid ....I lost my virginity to a stranger, he raped me ... The man I barely know...🎗️ Sophia 🎗️We came back after the dance but.. we couldn't find Olivia..
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Chapter 3
Ethan What? My baby?  God! What have I done? That lady is carrying my first child. ..I held my head finding my way out of his office.." Are you okay sir ?" He asked but I was not ready for an answer..All I want right now is to find her. I need to know where she lives, I need to speak with her ..I need to.. oh God!  What do I do now? A thought came to my mind and I ran back to doctor Britten..Everyone stared at me unbelievably.. I don't behave so anxious , hell, I have never behaved this way I am right now.." Is there a problem sir ?" He asked as he saw me I don't care of what he might think but I need to see that lady.. I never knew it will turn out this way ." Yes a slight problem" " What sir " " That lady, her surname I want to know her full name and not Olivia. Is her details still here?" I asked " Uhh.. yes sir " he stuttered " Ch
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Chapter 4
♨️ Olivia ♨️ I shifted back in fear of him hitting me .." I... I am sorry Dad " I stammered tearfully " Olivia, how did it happen? " He asked How do I tell him that I was raped? Will he believe me ? " I ...I Dad I'm sorry "  " Don't tell me you are sorry, who is responsible?" He yelled angrily " Talk to us who? " Emily asked" Is she really pregnant?" Sophia asked coming down the stairs " Of course she is, this whore of your sister is pregnant" mum said" Olivia answer me " dad said.He's really angry.. What will I tell them? My mouth was shaking and I couldn't utter a word ... "Uhhmm I ..." I was cut off by the knock on the door .Everyone's attention went there forgetting about me .." You all should go inside , we will sort this out later " dad instructed I sighed in relief running to my room ignoring my sisters calling
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Chapter 5
 ♨️ Olivia ♨️ After I puked on Emily, she ran away shouting atop of her voice while her sister followed suit ..I can do anything to see the look on her face, as if she was going to die that moment...Seriously I wish it happen more often so they will stop treating me like trash thou I know I will face the consequences later .I feel really stressed out, I should rest before mum comes waking me up to prepare dinner.all thanks to the person that knocked on the door else, I'd be something worth not talking about.And that, what if dad decides to throw me out? I face palmed myself as my inner mind was telling me to stop being pessimistic ..I touched my stomach wondering how the baby is doing in there. I haven't eaten since afternoon, does it mean that my baby will be hungry? Oh God! How do I survive it? I do stay for 2days and not given food when I'm the one that prepares it but there will be a supervisor who is no o
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Chapter 6
♨️ Olivia ♨️" I'm asking you Olivia who is that fool that gave you the scars " he asked again for the nth times .He looks so scary with his angry face. Should I open up to him? What will be his reaction? " Uhmm... It's nothing Ethan " " Don't damn tell me it's nothing when I'm seeing fresh scars on your stomach " " Either you tell me now or I do something worse " he flared while I kept quiet" Alright " he said walking away with so much anger..He's burning with fury ..." Its my step mum and sisters "  I blurted and shook my head.He stopped abruptly turning back to me" What did you just say? Your step mum and sisters?" He asked furiously ." I knew she was no good, how dare she lay her filthy hands on you?"" Is she mad?" " Is she a scumbag?" " Is she not afraid of death ?"" What in the world will you do to her that will make her injure you this way?" 
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Chapter 7
♨️ Olivia ♨️" Welcome to my mansion Angel " Ethan said as we came down from the car ..Well, his parents left on the way .The house looks very beautiful and well decorated way more better than dad's .I'm sure he's extremly rich .I stared around like a puppy, you wouldn't blame me. I have never been to this type of a big mansion before  " I will show you around later but for now, you have to take some rest so let's go in"  he said taking my hands into his as we walked into the sitting room..They are so many guards and maids around that's creeping me out ..The guards looks so focused and dedicated as they only bowed while we pass by keeping straight faces.And the maids are up to 10.I mean why will he keep them here in this mansion ? They are so much....I'm not scared because they are much but because I'm not used to being around lots of people.It looks more of a palace God! I grip his hands tig
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Chapter 8
♠️ Ethan ♠️I changed into a comforting dress and went back to the dinning .Like seriously, I'm still surprised I uttered that word not to anyone else but the maid .." You haven't eaten?"  I asked Olivia who just sat quiet staring at nothing in particular.This is the innocent lady I took advantage of. Even if she said she's forgiven me, I can't stop blaming myself for that one and " I was actually waiting for you " " To feed you right ?" I teased while she chuckled " No, you can't feed a grown-up like me " she protested " I can angel, if I feed you that means I'm feeding our baby and it's not bad if I feed my fiancee you know. You are always my baby " " Gross " she muttered .A smile plastered on my as I folded my arms with gaze fixed on her while she eats ..I haven't really take a good look at her since I met her till now .She looks so beautiful yet shy, she has a long
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Chapter 9
♨️ Olivia ♨️ I decided to take walk around the house since I was as bored in my room. Ethan went to work and yet to return I miss his presence like seriously and the workers have been nice to me I made up my mind to prepare dinner, it's been like years since I entered into the kitchen. All I do is to eat, bath, sleep, get tired and sleep again ." Did you see how Mr Ethan apologize yesterday?"  One if the maids said and I stopped by the door to listen to their conversation " I wasn't there what happened please " " I was there, ma'am Olivia means a lot to him the way I'm seeing " another one said. This is interesting" How did you mean?" " Can't you see that Mr Ethan has changed within this few days she came ?" " Oh, that's true. He doesn't yell or get angry again " " And the shocking thing is that he even apologized to Emma yesterday for yelling at her " " Ma'
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Chapter 10
♠️ Ethan ♠️The kiss was becoming intense and I couldn't help but pull away . I can't let this get to the best part of me, not after I rejected Adrianna ....She's such a desperate fool, I knew she was no difference from those ladies out there ..." Is there a problem baby " she asked as I slightly push her off me " Not at all babe, I mean we can do this some other times " I replied huskily while she grumbled It's time, for Sophia to be so foolish to have entered here. She has to pay..I snapped my fingers and in no time three of my guards appeared ..The image of Olivia's scars on her stomach flashed in my head. Maybe it's all over her body..Only that was enough to rise my temper.I roughly pushed her to the floor with a slap .." Eth..Ethan d..did you just slapped me? " She asked holding her cheeks while I chuckled loudly.." You don't know I slapped you right? Maybe you need another to reset your me
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