Queen Alpha

Queen Alpha

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Cheyenne grew up in a small pack. They kept to themselves and never ran into problems. She graduated a year early from high school at the age of only 17 and freshman year of college coming up. Then a warning from the Moon Goddess comes to her and her life is turned upside down. On top of all of everything else, there's this mystery man that seems to show up randomly when she's in the most trouble. Who is he? Can she trust him? She tries to get answers from the Moon Goddess about everything but all she gets is riddles in response. When war threatens to plaque her home town, she has to make a choice. Her family has a held secret for so long and it's about to come to light.

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    Author's Note
    This is my first attempt at a book, so please comment and let me know what you think. I do plan to update at least 3-4 times a week until complete and I will ask for your opinions on what you would like to see happen in this book. I do want to issue a *content warning*. There is cursing in this book, although it is not as bad as being every other word, the f*bomb is dropped occasionally. There will also be graphic romance sections throughout this book. I do have A.D.D. so if my writing seems to be jumping all over the place, I do apologize in advanced. I just hope it's not to bad and that all can follow along easily enough. Also, last thing I promise, I do not set the price to unlock chapters so please do not get mad at me about that. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it. With all that being said, let's get to it. I hope you all enjoy as we go on this adventure together. I can't wait to see all your comments.  
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    Chapter 1
    Cheyenne’s POV It’s the first day of my freshman year of college, and I’m dreading it. Not because of your typical freshman fears of being picked on or what not, but because my older brother, Tyler, is a senior this year. I had graduated high school a year early so I was only 17 years old. We come from an Omega family so none of us are as “buff” as the higher-ranking families, so we had to rely on our smarts. My brother made it very well known every time he saw me that I was his little sister, and nobody was to touch me. It was so humiliating. Tyler, being the charming and charismatic person that he is, was able to make his way into the “inner circle” with the Alpha’s son, Damon, back in middle school and they've been basically attached at the hip ever since. They sparred with each other in training every day and worked out together on the weekends. Even though I was the smallest in the family, literally the runt at only 5’-3” and 115 pounds,
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    Chapter 2
    Mystery Guy POV I was across seas helping another pack rebuild after a rogue attack burnt almost everything down. I was set to start college this fall but this was taking more time than originally planned. I had a full ride scholarship for football and had to turn it down due to having to leave the country. I had helped get their combat training up and running again. They were living so far in the past that they only allowed males who had shifted to train at the time. If they had allowed females and unshifted males to train, they probably wouldn’t have suffered such a great loss. I negotiated with the pack’s alpha into letting females and unshifted males start training at the age of 13. Least this way, the kids would have the basics and human form combat down by the time they would shift. Most werewolves would shift around the age of 18, give or take depending on their status within their pack. Then it was all about finding your mate. Me, personally,
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    Chapter 3
    Cheyenne POV “Wake up! Wake up!” I hear Tyler just a moment to late as he springs himself onto my bed and starts jumping around sending me bouncing all over the place. “Would you stop before I kick you in the balls?!” I groan out as the morning sun is just starting to peak threw my windows enough to blind me. “You wouldn’t dare!” He acts shocked that I would even think of such a thing, but he knew better because it's happened before. “Get up and ready. Mom is almost done with breakfast!” Tyler heads out of my room and I hear him go down the stairs. I don’t know how that boy can eat so much sometimes. I understand once you shift and you have your wolf, your metabolism skyrockets and it’s like you could eat a whole buffet and still not gain an ounce, but he just takes it to a whole other level. I drag myself out of bed and head for my closet to get clothes for today before heading to the shower. It’s game day so I had to look halfway de
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    Chapter 4
    Mystery Guy POV I was just walking on to campus when I heard a loud truck pull in. I looked across the lot to see a jacked-up 1980’s Dodge Ram 1500 pulling in. “Kids these days. Always got to ruin a good thing.” I mumble to myself. Maddox just snorts back in my head in agreement. Just then I saw that Damon kid get out of the driver seat and walk around the back as the Tyler kid was getting out of the passenger seat. “Should we go introduce ourselves?” Maddox asked jokingly. “Put a cork in it.” I say just as I smell that sweet smell. I look back over to see her jumping down from the truck. The guys were laughing at her. I watch as they walk across the lot laughing and joking with each other. “Maybe we should just kill them and get it done with.” Maddox growling in my head. “We wait to hear from Ben. Then we’ll discuss it.” Trying to calm Maddox down was like trying to give a cat a bath. I was just about to start walking
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    Chapter 5
    Cheyenne POV “GIRLS! GIRLS FOCUS!” Coach was trying to yell over all of us to get everyone’s attention. Everyone started to quiet down and we were all focused on coach. “As you all know, this is one of most important games of the regular season. In the past, whenever we’ve played our rival team, the game gets pretty nasty. So watch each other’s backs out there.” I look to Kira questionably by what she meant by having to watch our backs. We were well off the field on the sidelines and never had an issue before. So I didn’t understand why we would have to watch our backs now. “For our first-year members, you will be in the front row for this game only. It’s only as a safety measure as our veteran members know what to expect. Returning members, PLEASE let’s not have a repeat of a few years ago!” Coach pleaded and all the upperclassmen had nodded and said ‘Yes ma’am’ in unison. “Ok let’s go out there and give it your all. Remember we’re here to keep the
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    Chapter 6
    Cheyenne’s POV I’m blinded by some bright ass white light. I look around trying to get my eyes to adjust and I start to make out where I am. I’m surround by a bunch of wildflowers with the sea off in the distance in one direction and a thick green forest in the other. I’ve never been here before. ‘Where the hell am I? What the hell is going on?’ I thought to myself. Just then, I see the silhouette of a person walking towards me. I immediately go into defensive mode and take my stance when I hear a laugh in my head. “Calm down Cheyenne. It’s just mother.” The voice was soft and conforming and I’ve never heard anything like it. “What? Mother? That’s not my mother! I don’t even know where the fuck I am!? And how do you even know my name? Who the hell are you?!” I yell out looking all around. “That is my mother. The mother of all of us. Calm down she means you no harm. I promise.” That voice in my head calling out again. All of su
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    Chapter 7
    Cheyenne’s POV I feel my eyes flutter open, not sure what to expect at this point. Once my vision focuses, I look around and realize I’m in a hospital room. It’s still dark outside so I must not have been out that long. I look around and see a figure passed out in the chair besides my bed. I let my eye adjust a little bit more and then I realize that it’s Tyler. I reach over to grab his hand that was resting on the edge of the bed. When I touched it, he jumped up and looked at me. “Cheyenne, you’re awake!” He damn near pounced on me to give me a hug. “No. No I’m not. Just having an out of body experience.” I say jokingly. He pulls back from me with a smirk on his face. “Yep, you’re going to be just fine.” “What the hell happened? Where am I?” I asked looking around the room. “You tried to play hero again. Something about tackling another cheerleader out of the way from being crushed by 3 football players and you smashe
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    Chapter 8
    Cheyenne’s POV After a bunch of testing, I was finally released from the hospital and was able to get home to my own bed. I really didn’t get shit for sleep the past couple nights being in the stiff ass hospital bed. I told everybody that I just wanted to be left alone so I could sleep. I had mid-terms coming up and I didn’t want to be so tired that I was sleeping through them. Last I saw on the clock on the nightstand by my bed, it was 4:30pm on Sunday afternoon. I had classes tomorrow but mid-terms didn’t start till Thursday. Professors were using the first part of the week to review everything that we’ve learned so far. When I woke up, the sun was high in the sky. I jumped up and looked at the clock; 10:30am! Shit! I was late! Why the hell didn’t anybody wake me up?! I jumped out of bed and start flying around my room getting dressed as quickly as I could. I was dressed and out the door in record time! I made it in time to my 3rd period
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    Chapter 9
    Cheyenne’s POV After I got home, I had been thinking more on this upcoming war that I was supposed to fight in and if I failed, it would mean the end for my kind. I decided to do some research on the past wars that greatly effected our kind as a whole with the help of Koa. She was actually very helpful and knew a lot about the history of our kind. Needless to say I was kind of surprised at how much she knew. I was looking for patterns, who won and how they won and that's when I noticed the dates of each of the major wars. They were all exactly 150 years apart. Spaced out just enough that the stories could be past down but 1 werewolf wouldn’t have to live through 2 wars in the same life time. “Well that’s weird…” I thought to myself, forgetting once again that I was not alone in my head anymore. “What’s weird Dearie?” Koa’s smooth voice coming back in my head. “All these wars. They are all right around 150 years apart. Granted
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