Aliena Numina Book 2

Aliena Numina Book 2

By:  Ocean Ed Fire  Completed
Language: English
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In the second part, the world is taken over by the vampires and the sun is behind the clouds as the vampires started the ice age and killed most of the humans and taken the rest for their food supply. When they come back to Earth to solve the energy problem, all they see is a destruction. Now their only way is to save themselves while Razela is after them every second. A thrilling story of the first vampires of past is set for the future. How to fix this? How to survive? Is there a way? The story of supernatural gods and goddesses will set fire on humanity and as the war and invasion continue, so does the hunt. The superpowers the vampires have is now burning like sun and kills everything on their way. And this is not the only timeline they aim to get. They will hunt the future. They will hunt every living being. They will hunt hopes, they will hunt love and faith. They will hunt whatever exists. Let this thrilling horrible journey set in motion while plans over plans are in continuum. This is an epic battle and it won't stop where it started.

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