A Dream

A Dream

By:  Spicelove  Ongoing
Language: English
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Martha's life is turned upside down when she starts having terrible and scary dreams that creeps into reality. She thinks she can protect her family from it but she fails repeatedly. How is she going to handle the tragedy?

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12 chapters
I smiled when I saw Ben walking towards me,  as handsome as ever. The lights illuminating his sharp facial features in all their glory. "Come here" I pouted, opening my hands wide for him. He reached me and pulled me flush against his hard body. I closed my eyes taking in his masculine scent and feeling his warmt. But suddenly, I felt a liquid splash on my face and neck. Wondering what it was, I opened my eyes to see a headless Ben hugging me. I screamed and screamed and pushed him away and continued screaming. His body fell to the floor close to his pool while his head was already floating in the pool. I screamed again and again until I screamed out of my sleep. I jumped up on my bed, clutching my chest tightly. I looked around and realised I was in my room with Lily who was now awake due to my scream. "What's wrong Martha?" She asked worried and a little scared"I ha
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One : Ben
"What's wrong?" Kelly, my best friend asked and I gave her a confused look."You have been brooding all day" she said, worried laced with her voice."Its nothing, I just" I hesitated "I had a nightmare last night, a very scary one""Nightmare?" She laughed "is that what's eating you up?  She asked. I looked at her not knowing what to say."Come on, cheer up. You are 18, don't be scared of nightmares now" she teased "its just a dream" Lily also said that but why didn't it feel so.I have had tons of dreams before but this one just seemed too off, too scary, too real. I am really over thinking this, maybe I should just stop worrying so much. Its just a dream."Where did you get that" she yelled out of nowhere making me flinch a little."Get what?" I asked"That" she pointed to my wrist where my silver bracelet sat."Oh,
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Two : loss
"How was your.... " my mom's words hung in her mouth when she took in my rigid, almost lifeless form, plus the police man behind me."Dear lord! What happened to you sweetie?" She rushed up to me, touching my face frantically but I was too drenched to answer. I was still in shock."Ben is dead" my mom gasped as the police man said "it was a horrifying scene, we cant explain how and what happened yet but for now, take care of your daughter" he finished and left me with my mom after telling her that he would come back the next day for questioning."Oh sweetie" my mom hugged me tight against her body. Fresh tears rolled down my cheeks."Ben. Lights. Pool" was the only thing that came out of my mouth."Its okay sweetie" she rubbed her hand soothingly up and down my back."Why did you leave me Ben?" I cried furiously "I didn't" he replied wit
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Three : Georgia
Two weeks had passed after Ben's funeral. Going to school didn't seem so exciting to me without Ben. I sat in class absent minded, my thoughts all over the place. His words haven't left my mind since then. I had no idea what he meant but it bothered me so much."Martha" I looked at Kelly"I've been calling you for over a minute now. Are you okay?" She asked"I will be" I told her but mostly myself.Ben's death was all over the school, he was the best at the football game and the team captain. I wasn't the only one missing him. A moment of silence was held for him in the football pitch earlier today. Looking at his large picture frame glued to the hallway, I felt tears well up in my eyes again."Don't, you have cried enough" Kelly ordered as she pulled me in a tight hug."I should have told him" I muttered"Told him what?" She pulled away and looked at meRead more
Four : mourning
I wrapped my hands around the coffin that my mom was in, crying my eyes out. The tears that came from my eyes could fill up a drum. My mom was gone. The second person I loved in the world was gone. I know, I'm not supposed to love anyone more than my mom but then again, love was very tricky. I loved Ben so much. He was my first.And my mom, she was everything, she was not just a mother, she was also a father. My dad was just a waste of human being space in the family, all he did was get drunk and come home late. Ever since he got fired from his old job, he became miserable, he never even cared about finding another one. My mom became the breadwinner of the house, working every hour of every day in order for us to feed and go to school and have a good life.All these things ran through my mind while I cried on top of my mom's coffin. Now that she was gone, how would we live? How would we survive?"Martha, please stop, that'
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Five : Lily
So many things were happening in my life lately, Ben was gone, mom was gone. Its been two weeks after mom's burial, My life seemed too weird. Thankfully, I still had Lily and Kelly and Liam. As for my dad, I hoped that the demon inside him came out soon.Sitting on my bed on a Thursday morning, with my book in hand, I drifted off into space. I didn't go to school the last two days. Although Liam and Lily went to school, I didn't feel like it. Kelly had been helping me with her notes and even the details of what happened. She was just the best.Nevertheless, the dream I had about Ben telling me I killed him was still on my mind, not to talk of when he said his death was the beginning of others. It still scared me especially when I had no idea what he meant.I thought and thought and I suddenly slept off."Lily?" I called out and she turned around to face me but just then, she was surrounded with fire, t
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Six : Anger
Martha save me!  Martha help me!  Martha!  Lily's voice was all I could hear in my head.  I sat on my bed, my legs clutched up against my chest with my arms, my eyes felt so heavy. Still frozen, I stare into space but somehow I noticed that Kelly sat by me and Liam was pacing back and forth in my room.  I was a mess. I was totally disconnected with the world. There were no tears left to cry anymore. My whole body was vibrating. Lily is gone. I watched her die in front of me. She was gone. No Ben, no mom, no Lily. I just wanted to die
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Seven : kelly
My hands folded into tight fists. For the first five seconds, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me or maybe I could be dreaming again.  These days I could hardly even distinguish between dreams and reality. Maybe my brother was just stalking her and nothing more. No way!  It couldn't beMy jaw clenched repeatedly. Liam pulls away and left her smiling to herself. The sight of her smile made my blood run cold. I matched up to her and she froze up. "Care to tell me what the hell I just saw" my voice went up the roof. "Martha I can explain" she said too quickly"You have one minute to do that" I try to calm myself, hoping that the answer she would give me won't push me over the edge. "Am sorry I kept this from you, I wanted to tell you earlier" my eyes go wide"Oh my God" I seethed "Liam and I are dating, I swear I was going to tell you" my hands flied to my hair as I ran my fingers thr
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Eight : Liam
I sat patiently on the couch waiting for Liam to walk through the door, I needed to give him a piece of my mind. I tapped my foot on the floor impatiently,  staring at the clock every 30seconds. It was 8:00pm and he wasn't back yet,  maybe he was with her. Not that am against their relationship but they shouldn't  have kept it from me,  if I didn't see them am sure she would have never told me. Just as thoughts roamed around in my head, the door creaked open and liam walked through"speak of the devil" I said standing up "am sure she must have... " my words hung up in my mouth when Kelly walked through the same door standing beside liam. "Oh great! Why don't we all have a family meeting" I spat humorlessly while gesturing for them to sit. "Martha""Oh don't Martha me" I hush my brother "you went behind my back to date my friend""It wasn't.. ""You went behind my back to date my brother" I say to
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Nine : James
News flash. I didn't have a life anymore. I stopped going to school after Kelly and Liam died and that was three weeks ago. It was me and my dad, who was my least favorite person. My life was over. I was eagerly waiting for it to be my turn. People feared me, they called me bad news. Anytime I walked the street, people will shift far away from me. I felt like a disease that had no cure. I was carried away by my thoughts that I didn't hear my door open and my dad walk in. I glanced at him once then back to the wall that seemed to be better comfort than him. "I'm going to the store to get some food stuff" he said but I didn't as much move. "You have really been through alot and I don't know how to comfort you but know am here for you" still didn't move"I'm the only one you've got now, stop hating me" his voice went up a bit. I turned.&n
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