Hooked By A Mafia Boss

Hooked By A Mafia Boss

By:  Gigi Wrights  Ongoing
Language: English
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One lie changed everything. It forced her into the hands of a man she knows nothing about. A man is well known for his ruthlessness. Now she needs to think of a way to escape from his grasp. The question is, can anyone escape from the hands of Stephan Clifford Guzik? ••• “You brought this upon yourself Mariana, you shouldn't have done what you did back there. Now, you will stay here for the next three months till I send you back to your father. Your stay isn't for free either. You will serve me with your body.” “Oh, this is my fault now? Who used me in the first place?” She wanted to say, instead, she glared at him. “In your f*cking dreams!”

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    14 chapters
    1: Gathering
    “Don't… I said, don't come closer, you bastard!” Mariana yelled.He snorted, but still moved closer. He pressed her against the wall, hands gripping her neck.“You brought this upon yourself Mariana. You shouldn't have done what you did back there. Now, you will remain here for the next three months until I send you back to your father. Your stay isn't for free either. You will serve me with your body.”“Oh, this is my fault now? Who used me in the first place?” She wanted to say, instead, she glared at him. “In your f*cking dreams!”..∆∆ Hours Earlier ∆∆ No! This can't be happening! Why would such a thing happen today of all day? Mariana thought to herself as she paced about in her room. What should she do?As the daughter of a Mafia Leader, having a boyfriend who is not approved by her father is a crime. Yet, she's been dating someone secretly for two years, not just any guy but a poor guy who works at a library downtown to make a living. If her fat
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    2: A Big Lie
    Although Mariana was confident that she could make it out, she's been sneaking out of the house for the past two years. Still, her heart couldn't help but thump profusely. She kept praying to all things holy, so her plan will be successful.Soon, she arrived at the stairway. She smiled at the guards blocking the way. “Hey, want to go grab something from the kitchen, do you want anything? A cup of water?”Her looks dumbfounded the guard, he shook his head while the other parted way for her. He knew this was his master's daughter, he can't stop her from getting a cup of water, right?“Alright then, enjoy your evening.” Mariana let out the breath she was holding and continued on her way. After several turns, Mariana could see the backyard gate. ' Just a little more' she thought with a grin on her face. However, the smile didn't last long on her face. Just when she's about to open the gate, someone grabbed her hand.
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    3: Consequences
    “What… What did you just say?” Carlson asked in a daze. The guards notified him the moment she stepped out of the room. He left his guest in a haste to find her because he knows his daughter would do something stupid and embarrass him. He never thought she would invite her boyfriend over here to save her. However, looking at the young man beside his daughter, his brows couldn't help but crease slightly. Why does he look familiar?At this moment, Mariana wasn't thinking about the consequences. The only thing on her mind was to say that he's her fiancé. Since Stephan is using her to ditch his lover then, why can't she use him to ruin her father's plans of marrying her off to some random stranger?After a few weeks, she would tell her father that Stephan has broken off the engagement then she would find a good time to tell him about her boyfriend, Josh. Seeing that this could work, she continued with her acting. She grabbed Stephan's
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    4: Saw something she shouldn't have
    After much urging, her father pushed Mariana out of the room. It filled her eyes with unwillingness and resentment, but she tried to cover it up with shyness. How will her father suggest such a kind of thing? Living with a stranger? For how long? She could feel Stephan's icy glare behind her as she left, causing a shiver to run down her back. Will he let her stay with him? When she was lying, she hoped she would get away with it. Who would have thought that her dad will make such a suggestion?  The maids helped her pack up her bags. A few minutes later Stephan walked out of the house, took her bag to the car while her dad pulled her into a hug.  “I can't believe you have grown up,” he kissed her forehead and said, “Let me know if he doesn't treat you well, okay? Although I'm sure he will, Stephan loves you a lot.” Yeah, right. Mariana snorted. “I will miss you, old man.” Minutes later, she was seated in Stephan's black, luxurious Ben
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    5: Just sleep
    Stephan directly went to his study to make some international calls. Around 1 am, he went to take his bath. Just when he took off his clothes, someone barged into his suite. The first thought that came into his mind was his gun. He knows no one in his home will dare come into his room unannounced. He understood his mansion was under attack. As a Mafia, he has experienced such kind of thing. Just when he was about to pull the trigger, he realized it wasn't an attack from gang members, but a certain person he wanted to avoid seeing that walked in. His eyes darkened. Mariana. His visage was becoming gloomy as she stared at him. In his entire life, no one has ever humiliated him. He did, however, find it very fascinating to be seen by her. He did not know if something was wrong with his brain. This is a girl who is trying to get his attention, she has motives for using him back then. “Seen enough?” he growled. He noticed a faint blush on her face,
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    6: He saw her
    “Look, Stephan...” “Don't… now is not the right time." Jeez, can't he see she's naked and not convenient to talk? “ I said, don't come closer, you bastard!” Mariana yelled. He snorted, but still moved closer. He pressed her against the wall, hands gripping her neck.  “You brought this upon yourself Mariana. You shouldn't have done what you did back there at your father's house. Now, you will remain here for the next three months until I decided to send you back to your father.” “Wait, what?” Mariana frowned. Did he just say that? Stephan pulled out the pillow between them. The cold air hit Mariana's bare chest causing her to gasp. Stephan leaned towards her ears, his large hand grabbed her plumb rounded breast. “Your stay isn't for free either,” he whispered. “You will serve me with your body till I get tired of you.” he inhaled her scent and moaned silently. For some reason, his inner beast likes her scent very well. “Oh,
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    7: King
     After being kissed by Josh, Mariana's blush couldn't help but deepen. Josh suggested they go to a club. Mariana had never been to a club before. She felt it would be better not to disappoint Josh, so she agreed. However, she didn't know Josh's ulterior motives by taking her there. The moment they entered the club, Josh pulled her onto the dance floor and started dancing.  The dance floor was originally jam packed with people; it filled the air with the smell of sweat, then seeing some persons having sex on the dance floor, Mariana was uncomfortable. She didn't know Josh brought her to a sex club. “Um, Josh?” She called out. Josh placed a finger on her lips. “Hold on, let me get something for you.” he quickly pulled her to the bar, picked a drink, and added a little thing inside. “Here, take this. You'll feel comfortable.” Mariana didn't think that there was something wrong. In fact, she thought Josh was sweet. He understands her bet
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    Chapter 8: Sweet Temptation
    “Hot, I feel so hot…”  Stephan glanced down at the petite lady in his arms as she trembled and struggled to take off her blouse.The fair and smooth skin under her shirt was revealed, causing his entire body to feel a little heated as it surges up from his abdomen. The fierce beast in his heart was about to break out from its cage, as if it could roar and shout at any time, and stretch its claws to tear this woman into pieces, listening to her screams and begging in his ear.“Just a little more, Mariana,” he growled as he walked into the mansion. He quickly rushed to the bathroom, filled it with cool water, and dumped her into it.Mariana gasped. She jolted out of the water in shock. “You…” She attempted to get out of the icy water but was pushed back into it by Stephan. “Oh!” she sputtered out water and coughed. “So cold.”Stephan waited until
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    9: Serves him right!
    Mariana gave him a perplexed look. “What are you talking about? What do you mean by that?”Stephan stared at her. “Are you pretending right now, or you are just plain stupid?”Mariana found that he was distracted and wanted to use it to her advantage. She knew exactly what happened back there in the club. Her beloved Josh drugged her. She can't believe he wanted to use that method to sleep with her. If Stephan hadn't shown up, then she'd be dead meat. How did Josh turn out to be like that? “Steph, look… mm!”Before she was finished, he had already kissed her on the lips. How can he not tell what she's thinking?He started with a closed-mouth kiss before things escalated rapidly between the two of them. Ever since he tasted her lips, he wanted more. She's been tempting him non-stop all this while. Does she think he's not a man? He has every right to take her. He's not just going to save her from his b
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    10: Get pregnant, you die!
    Stephan Clifford Guzik dived to the front seat to protect Mariana putting her on his lap, at the same time, he maneuvered the steering wheel even as the car slammed through a building and every other thing on the way until they made it to the main road. After making sure they were not being followed, he glanced at Mariana, who has gone into shock. “Hey. Go back to your sit,” he said, but for some reason, he liked her there on his lap.He didn't reassure her that everything was going to be okay, hug her or comfort her. No. If she's going to stay with him for the time being, she needs to get used to stuff like this. Because he has a feeling that this is just the beginning. More of this will happen. She needs to be strong.He doesn't want a spoiled princess around him.Mariana's hand was trembling. She couldn't take the image of the arm, the dead bodies out of her head. She can still hear the crunching of bones. Human bones. She did all tha
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