Alpha's Love

Alpha's Love

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In a world where mate bonds rarely exist, Alpha Jarek finds himself in a dilemma when a confident, headstrong girl walks into his clubhouse. The pull he feels towards her is undeniable, but it is just because of a bond, or is it something more? The last thing Gianna expected when she decides to live with her long-lost father is to meet a man who turns her world upside down just in a single glance. He is dangerous, yet she finds herself gravitating towards him. She can bring him to his knees, yet she is his strength. He might be ruthless, but she has the power to destroy him. She might be forgiving, but she will show no mercy to anybody who tries to come between them. Fate might bring two people together, but it is love that binds their destiny.

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77 chapters
Chapter 1
JarekA deep tired sigh passes through my lips when I stare at the ceiling after my alarm goes off. Silencing the alarm, I rack my fingers through my hair, then, settling my arm behind my head, I enjoy a few peaceful moments before I have to head into the chaos of the world.Back in the days, our kind lived in huge packs away from the human population, but now things have changed. Now we live among humans, and most of them are aware of our true nature. We are feared and respected, but some consider us an abomination and want to eliminate our kind.Even though now packs no longer exist, our wolves still need that connection with other wolves, so we live in small groups. My grandfather started this club after our pack was invaded by hunters, which forced everyone to leave their homes. To keep everyone safe, he decided it was safe to mingle among humans and learn to live among them. Since the pack system is strong among wolves, it was
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Chapter 2
GiannaSitting in front of this stranger who is my father, I feel anything but calm. Entire life, my mother hasn't told me about my father, but just a few days before her death, she told me about my father.Toying with my bracelet, I dare to look at him to find him already looking at me with nothing but affection. There is no doubt that he isn't my father. We share a lot of similarities. However, the thing which is almost an instant giveaway is our eyes. Looking into his eyes, I almost feel like I am staring into my eyes through the mirror.All my life, I thought my father abandoned me, but the truth is that he never left me. In fact, he lived just two towns away from me. Mom told me that they had to take this difficult decision to protect me. Mom and dad loved each other, but for the sake of my safety, they decided to part ways.Eric, or should I say, my father, is a part of a club which means he has more enemies than friends. When I was
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Chapter 3
Jarek We all are sitting around the large table in the meeting room, waiting for Eric to come and explain what is going on. Nobody knew Eric had a family, so everyone was surprised. I knew he has a family, but other than that, he never discussed anything with me, so even I am somewhat surprised to find out that he has a grown-up daughter.  "Listen, you, fuckers." Eric enters the room, and one of the prospects closes the door behind him, "I have seen you eyeing my daughter, so this is the only warning which I am giving you all. If I find any one of you looking at my daughter in the wrong way, I will pull your eyeballs out of your sockets and shove them up in your ass. Understand?" He slams his fist on the wooden table, causing it to rattle under the force. Damn, this man can be scary as hell when he wants to be. "As if his warning will stop these bastards from going after that gorgeous girl," Daniel smirks. A hot rage runs
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Chapter 4
Gianna Honestly, when Eric told me about his club, and werewolves I was anything but scared because he talked about his club with so much reverence that it is impossible to create a negative judgment about them. Moreover, I believe we should give everyone a chance, and if then they let you down, then you should distance yourself from them. From the moment I have entered the club, the first thing which I realized was that a club is a close-knit family. Even though some of them are lewd, still, you can notice the sense of bond between them. However, for some unknown reason, my mind keeps on drifting to a certain male. Jarek. Everything about him screams danger. Still, I find myself being drawn to him. The moment I saw him, there was an instant connection between us which suddenly made that stranger into an acquaintance. I don't know what should I call this connection, but whatever it is, it is strong.  Somew
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Chapter 5
Jarek The sound of commotion coming from outside makes me rush out, half-expecting to see wolves fighting with each other.  My eyebrows shoot up at the sight which welcomes me.  A miniature version of a cheetah is standing on the top of Gianna's car while hissing at the prospects who are trying to approach it. "Holy fuck!" Daniel's voice is full of disbelief, "Now this is something which I don't ever want to deal with." He whistles through his teeth when the cat swipes a claw in the prospect's direction, making him scream like a little girl. "Charlie!" Gianna places her hands on her hip while narrowing her eyes at the hissing cat, "This is not the way to treat our hosts." Suddenly, the ferocious cat, which looked ready to tear anyone who dared to come near her, leaps in Gianna's arms, nearly making her lose her footing. "There is my sweet, little Charlie." She presses a kiss on the cat's head while th
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Chapter 6
GiannaEven though earlier, I had decided that I would stay away from him, but one look at him and all my resolve dissolved into nothingness.So instantly, I decided not to think much about all these things and just enjoy the attention which I was receiving. But then, just like someone has thrown cold water on my face, a realization draws on me that it is not like he is actually interested in knowing me; he is interested in this new girl he has just met.And these two things are different.This also made me realize that deep down, I was hoping that he would genuinely like me, which is stupid. Because why would he be interested in me when he can have anyone he wants?I am not blind not to notice how every girl in the party was eyeing him. He is not like manwhore like most of the other club members from what I have heard, but still, he has been with quite a few females. And it was not like somebody told me about him or anything, but
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Chapter 7
JarekThis is the most difficult promise I have ever made to anyone. Because my wolf is driving me crazy, demanding to me to claim her and make her mine.But I know I made the right decision. She is giving me a chance, and I have to prove myself worthy of her. I need to make her believe that it is not just a physical attraction but something more profound and real.I don't just want her. I want to win her trust and her heart. I still haven't found whether she is my mate or not because this mate bond doesn't work the way it is depicted in fiction. There aren't any sparks or tingles or any shit like that.It is just a strong pull, like the other half of you is calling you. I do feel the pull between us, but it can be just a natural attraction between two people, which my wolf is mistaking for mate bond. The only way to find out whether the connection which I am feeling is a mate bond or not is to let my wolf meet h
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Chapter 8
Gianna When I saw that woman touching him, I just saw red. I was not blind to see that they had some history. Otherwise, how can she behave so boldly around him, she even addressed him by his name or not by his title. I felt like beheading her for even standing close to him. It tore my heart to even think about him with someone else. And then another emotion twisted my heart painfully; I felt disappointed. I almost felt like a fool for trusting him. I felt he had let me down by allowing something like this to happen.  I was so angry at Jarek, but even more than him, I was mad at myself for behaving like that. None of us are committed to each other. We have just decided to explore our feelings. So why did I feel so hurt?  However, when Jarek held me, the chaos which was inside me settled down while a sense of comfort washed over me. All my anger, sadness, pain just disappeared in the embrace of his warmth.  The k
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Chapter 9
JarekI don't know what happened, but suddenly, my wolf took control. The animal side of me is demanding to claim Gianna, but I know this is not right. The emotions which are ruling my mind are purely animalistic.Pushing Gianna away from me, I move back, creating a distance between us before I could accidentally hurt her. Her chest rises and falls as she takes deep breaths while her bewildered expression pierces my heart. My entire frame shakes violently as I try to fight for control.I had hoped that she wouldn't resist the attraction which is brewing between us, and I am glad that she didn't. If anything, she is allowing those feelings to bloom; she doesn't hesitate in showing her feelings to me. But I didn't realize how my wolf would be affected by this. Because now, when we could feel even Gianna has feelings for us, he wants her.Gianna takes a step towards me, but I stop her from coming any further by raising my hand.&
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Chapter 10
GiannaThe pain which I felt yesterday was different. It wasn't mine, but at the same time, it felt like somebody was burning me from inside. I was scared for Jarek and from Jarek.I could see the shift in him, and it was terrifying.The way he kissed me, I instantly knew something was not right. It almost seems like he was fighting with himself.How everything became meaningless for me, at the moment when I felt like I was losing him. I can't even describe the amount of pain that seared through my heart. Just the thought of being without him shakes me to the core.This fear made me realize what he means to me. I can't brush off my feelings by convincing myself that these feelings are not real. I wouldn't go as far and say that I love him, but I will not back away from admitting that what I feel for him is not just infatuation or attraction.Great, Gianna, you found the last thing that was on your m
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