Taming Mr. Robinson

Taming Mr. Robinson

By:  Buttercup  Completed
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"Just imagine all the things I can do to you now Anne. With you vulnerable, submissive, worthless, and at my every comand." He says then grabs my shoulder and whips me around. I try to keep my gaze down but his hand is on my face and he grips it hard, making me cry out in pain. Then he forces my jaw up to look at him. His cold eyes express power. Cold, heartless power. "But I won't touch you, ever. You're still a stripper, insignificant and meaningless and dirty." Marcella should have known it was a bad idea, that this was a bad idea. How did she end up working as a maid for Mr. Robinson? Why did she choose to be stuck suffering under his power? It was bad enough that she worked as a stripper for him, disguising her identity for as long as she could. But the minute she chose to leave and find something better, she ended up as his maid. And the answer remains the same… she’s doing this for her brother, and the one promise she made. Now she’s stuck working as a maid for the ruthless Mr. Robinson and as much as he takes advantage of her position, Marcella is not ready to give up. No. She will stay and remain strong with all that she has. And who knows? She might end up taming Mr Robinson.

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    Chapter one
    There are three rules to being a stripper. Always act like you enjoy it while dancing with the pole...and if you do enjoy it, good for you.    Always give most of the attention to the one who is craving for it. The whistling one. He'd give you a gold tooth when he is done slapping all the money to you pantie strap or cleavage.   Never have feelings for a customer.  "The Masked Seducer, everyone!" Comes my closing and I thankfully end with a carousel straddle, earning more whistles and cheering before I  slide down the pole, blowing a kiss to the bearded man with a cowboy hat as I seductively leave the stage. Backstage has always been my favorite part. Sighing with exhaustion, I walk over to my makeup side of the long mirror and sit down, removing the dollar bills from my cleavage, bra strap, and pantie str
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    Chapter Two
    I always wake up before noon, but as my heavy eyes finally react to the sunlight, the red numbers on my bedside digital clock cause me to blink severally. 2 pm? It's 2 pm?!  I sit up in shock as I stare at the clock a little longer before I notice Tyler's note next to it.  HEY, SLEEPY. THIS IS BECOMING EXPECTED BUT I'LL STILL SAY IT ANYWAY. WASH UP, EAT UP, REST UP...AND SINCE YOU MISSED SEEING DAD, MAYBE YOU CAN FIND TIME TO GO THERE BEFORE YOU LEAVE. STAY SAFE. TEXT ME. I LOVE YOU. Sighing, I slowly get up, just to feel a sharp pain at the left side of my head. I sit down back on my bed abruptly as I grasp my head with a groan. Dammit, how long did I stay up crying last night?  My entire body feels sore and my eyelids weigh a ton, my hair is in a messy knot somehow atop my head and I can sense my energy draining but I get up anyway, avoiding the small mi
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    Chapter Three
    It should be almost a minute now, but I'm sure I've lost track of time just standing here and waiting for the man in the shadows to at least speak. I watch him reach down and adjust his already perfectly tailored cuffs.  "Are you waiting for me to call you over or that fall had you paralyzed?" His voice comes out quietly but strict and firm. "B-But, you didn't call m--" I stutter in a state of fear that I've never experienced before but he doesn't let me finish. "They didn't think your name was of importance so I'm guessing neither are you." He says in that quiet, strict tone. "Excuse me?" I say  "Get over here and do what I'm paying for, already." "I don't even have the slightest idea of what is going on, and you just sit there...demanding and ridiculing--" He doesn't let me finish but just waved his hand a
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    Chapter Four
    "Peppermint latte, please. And a muffin, thanks." I say to the waiter that takes my order as I stare at my watch one more time.It's already 15 minutes past noon and I scan around the outside of the small cafe until I spot Maya exiting a taxi and making her way towards me. For some reason, I just enjoy a table out on the premises. The giggling children, the nice Orlando air, and the open space. "Marcy! I haven't seen you for so long, it's a crime." Maya exclaims when she gets to the table and I get up to hug her, giggling. "It's only been a week Maya." I say and she just rolls her eyes as she sits down. "You try having a baby and tell me if a week doesn't seem like a year." She says, reminding me again of how her life's going beautifully well. Maya was in college a year ahead of me since I had to stay behind after high school. So, two years into college and I'd dropped out while she got married.<
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    Chapter Five
    Well?" He asks and I realize I haven't answered his first question. 'How bad do you want this job?' How bad do I want it? More than he knows that's for sure, but I can't bring myself to form a single sentence. Here I was in the presence of this man whom I'd spent less than an hour with and yet I couldn't stand him then. And now I was applying for a full-time job to be living with him, cooking and cleaning. I can't do this.I can't do this. I'm not going to spend months and maybe years with a man that would probably make me regret my existence.  I want to run out of here, I have to. I take a deep breath, ready to tell him that I'm no longer interested, but when I look back up at him, he just had a brow raised impatiently at me and I realize one thing. He
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    Chapter six
    Cooking in Mr. Robinson's house is more than easy, the cooking appliances, the well-stocked fridge. I don't remember the last time I made such a fancy meal. The instant I'd opened the fridge, I was in a battle with myself on what to make. There was steak, chicken anď minced beef, with so much more.  Going with the minced beef, I decide to make pasta, chili, and tomato sauce with meatballs with a recipe our nanny always used. It's almost six and I'm near panicking as I carefully dish out the meal and set the table. After much contemplation, I grab some cheese and scrape some over the meatballs and sauce. As I stare at the meal, pleased with myself, the gate wheezes open and his black, sleek  Chevrolet Camaro drives in. I'm suddenly nervous as I hear the car door slam shut and I face the sink, determined to keep myself busy with cleaning up and avoid any contact with him whatsoever. 
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    Chapter seven
    The contract is more like a handbook of instructions but I read it anyway, I read it like I'm trying to pass a course...and in a way, I am. In a way, the contract seems unfair; the leverage it gives Mr. Robinson to ask, demand, and request, the way he can easily take up my free weekends, and how the contract can be orally changed if he pleases. I read on anyway and learn more things, like the fact he is allergic to peanuts, he hates colored cereal, and only eats pancakes on Wednesdays.It also stipulates that he would leave his weekly dirty laundry in a bag at my door every Friday and I must have it hanging at his door Sunday evening. The rest of the huge contract is filled with "Mays or May nots" for the maid. The maid May take the car to visit relatives.The maid May Not use any other car aside from the KIA, whether in an emergency or not. The maid May raise her con
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    Chapter Eight
    The look in his eyes threaten me silently, taunt me, abuse me, tease me, but most of all, mock me. 'You finally took off the mask.'He knows. He knows the one big secret I had fought to hide, the one thing I had that he couldn't use to manipulate me.And somehow I feel like I'm in the same situation as in the club.He knows now.He has the power.He knows how weak I am, and how easily I fear his power. And worst of all...He knows that I know that I fear him, fear his power, fear his control. Now I have nothing against him. "And you wore a wig, smart." He says with a chuckle, mocking me. "And yet here you are again, at my beck and call. All that fuss, all that stubbornness, all that fight you put up and you still stand here...waiting for my command." He says in a quiet tone, with that evil tilt of his lip.Read more
    Chapter Nine
    Breathe, Marcy. Breathe. I try to remind myself as I race through the crowded street, barefooted.  "Marcy!" I can hear Maya call behind me but it just sounds like a fading echo. "Marcy, wait up!" Wait up?Wait up?!  How can she tell me to wait up? Ty is somewhere in a hospital probably unconscious and sterilized, the damn traffic won't move and she wants me to wait up? Oh, Tyler. Please be okay.Please, please, please. Be okay.I run past an open road with drivers honking and calling me a maniac.Maybe I am.But what does it matter? If I lose Ty.....I can't lose Ty. Oh, God. Please I can't lose him. The wind billowing past my ears block out everything and I can
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    Chapter Ten
    As I try to control the tears pouring from my eyes, I stare at the cheque Mr. Robinson gave me with mixed feelings. How could he treat me like this? How could he subject me to such treatment?Slowly, the memory of how I ended up in the position of being a stripper comes back to me...blinding me with regret. TWO YEARS AGO“I’m sorry, Miss Jensen. We’re looking for someone with a bit more experience than you have.” “Oh…okay.” I mutter, trying hard but failing to hide my disappointment as the man with a soothing voice on the phone slowly shatters my hope. “And although we were pleased with your characteristics and positive traits, we just couldn’t get ignore the fact that you don’t have a college degree yet.” “I understand.” “Expertise is a major requirement for the job&mdas
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