The CEO's Ex-Fiancée

The CEO's Ex-Fiancée

By:  Ms. A  Ongoing
Language: English
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After several years of hard work, Noelle Lewis is doing her best as a neurosurgeon in a private hospital when she suddenly finds herself meeting her ex-fiancé again. After she has recovered from her past and is living a contented life, what will happen now that her past has started to haunt her?

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    53 chapters
    Chapter 1
    N O E L L EA smile forms on my lips every time I see my desk name plate and how it shows my name. It’s the name that I worked hard for and dreamt of seeing every time I entered my office. Dr. Noelle LewisNeurosurgeon It’s a mixture of happiness and bitterness every time I remember the past that helps me grow as a person. “Are you ready, Noelle?” I looked over my shoulder to see the owner of that familiar voice. It’s Maxwell.I closed the door to my office before heading to the hospital’s auditorium hall. All doctors have to gather in auditorium hall for the announcement of new Hospital CEO. It is said that a well-known and big company bought this hospital and made it their subsidiary.It is a private and well-known hospital and we can see that it’s doing well; that’s why we don’t know the reason for selling i
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    Chapter 2
    N O E L L ETen years ago…You know, it’s not normal to simply force someone to come with you, especially, a cute student like me, right?” I asked the man who approached me earlier. “Perhaps you should tell me who this chairman is and where we are heading.” I said while smiling at him.He just looked at me and snorted. What the hell? Did he just snort at me? What the hell is wrong with this man? We are in a high-rise building in the middle of the city, and I ditched classes because of this.I’m going to pull every hair on this man’s body if ever he’s pulling a prank on me. Wait, maybe it has something to do with dad and stepmom’s debt. Shit. It’s trouble. Why didn’t I think about it earlier? I’m so stupid for coming with this man. What should I do?“I need to use the powder room.” I said to him. I need to escape from this man before it&rsq
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    Chapter 3
    N O E L L EContinuation…Wow. I can’t believe he mentioned his son’s needs. Like, really chairman? How sure is he that I can give him the attention and care he wants for his son? I think he needs a nanny more than a wife.Wait, I just remembered that auntie told me that I just had to work for them. How did it end up like this? Shit. I’m in deep trouble. It’s my future that we are talking about here. They make a fool out of me.“I lost my wife when he was six years old. He was once a cheerful child, but he changed after his mother’s death. He is longing for her mother’s presence. I failed to give him proper attention because I focused on running our business. It became an outlet for my depression.” He explains, and I am attentively listening to his interesting story. So, it’s the reason why his son is acting like a jerk.“You probably think that I am selfis
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    Chapter 4
    N O E L L E I gulped as he lifted his head to look at me. He didn’t age at all. He looked exactly the same six years ago. Is he human? “It’s the same question you asked me the first time we’ve met.” He remarked, and I looked at him like I didn’t have any idea what he was talking about, but that memory was still clear in my mind. One year after the contract has signed, he decided to meet me. He went to our school and informed me that he’s acknowledging the contract. He also instructed me to take the contract seriously, which I did not do. I was his reserved or last option fiancée back then. I was hoping he would find a suitable and perfect woman for himself. It’s the reason why I did not take the contract seriously. I did not want to be with this man, or so I thought. I should’ve never changed my mind if I knew the consequence of my actions. “I’m Dr. Noelle Lewis, a neurosurgeon. Do you need something from me, sir?” I asked cas
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    Chapter 5
    N O E L L ENine years ago…It’s exactly one year since the contract has signed. I wonder if the CEO found the perfect woman for himself. He should stop bitching around if he doesn’t want to live alone for the rest of his life. I sigh before shaking off my unwanted thoughts away.We started our class and performed our laboratory experiments for five hours straight. I always enjoy this kind of activity at school. I love what I am learning about biology and human anatomy.“My back hurts,” Alyssa complained the moment we stepped out of the laboratory room. “I think I need some therapy.” She said that made me frown in an instant. I already get what she wants to say.“I can’t go with you to the mall, Aly. I have a part-time job today.” I announced before she dragged me wherever she wanted. Shopping is her therapy when she’s getting tired of school.&ldquo
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    Chapter 6
    N O E L L EContinuation…I fix my cap and quickly run away from them. They are calling Maxwell’s name as I run for my life. Damn it! They are fast! I entered the department store to hide, but they eventually found me.I run to the exit, and I take the escalator going to the second floor. “Maxwell!” Those girls shout while following me. I notice the reporters are fewer than earlier. I guess they got tired and let me go, but these girls are indeed persistent. Aren’t they full of energy?I hope I have already given him enough time to escape. Stalling these reporters and fans of him is exhausting and exciting indeed. I am panting when I reach the ground floor. I am aiming for the exit door to leave the place. “Maxwell!” I startle when a few reporters suddenly appear near the exit.Shit! They are still here?! I stop and turn my back on them to change my course, but I find his fans blo
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    Chapter 7
    N O E L L E“The operation is successful.” The patient’s relatives sighed in relief as they cried in happiness. My heart feels warm every time I save lives. I can feel the joy radiating from them. “We will transfer him to the ICU in an hour. You may visit him once he regains consciousness.” I informed them.“Thank you, Dr. Lewis. We owe you our son’s life. Thank you so much.” The patient’s mother said with full of gratitude. I want to tell her that I was just a tool in saving his son’s life, but it’s actually our God’s doing. Miracle does happen every day.I flashed a warm smile to all of them before going back to the operating room. I remind the resident doctors to monitor the patient thoroughly to check possible changes in his condition.I collected my phone and my white coat as I headed back to my office. I will make my rounds in fifteen minutes, and I am starving.
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    Chapter 8
    N O E L L E“Is he the last patient?” I asked the nurse as the patient left the room. I was making a clinical diagnosis since I was back on the day shift. Maxwell remained in the night shift, and it’s been a week since the start of our new schedule.“Yes, Dr. Lewis.” She answered, so I started collecting my things to go back to my office to continue my research of a rare brain illness.I was about to open the door when it suddenly opened, and an unwanted creature entered the room. I rolled my eyes in annoyance as I heaved a deep sigh. The nurse was shocked to see him. “How’s my fiancée?” He asked bluntly with a smirk.“I am not your fianceé, sir. Don’t make such a false claim. Do you need something from me?” I asked while faking a smile. I always remind myself that he’s the boss, so I can’t act recklessly. I might lose my job in an instant.
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    Chapter 9
    N O E L L EThe chairman looks serious and mad. I was standing in front of him for about five minutes now, but he doesn't say anything yet. I smiled at him, but he did not even respond to it.What the hell is wrong with him?“I convinced my son to stop bothering you.” My smile widened in happiness. “But he refused to do so.” And just like that, my smile vanished. “I know what you’ve been through because of him; that is why I am doing what I can to stop him.”“Thank you, chairman.”“However, you know my son than I do. He doesn’t want to stop pursuing you. He has made his mind, and that’s it.” I sighed as a sign of frustration. “I can’t believe he bought this hospital just to take you back.” He said as he shook his head. “I’ve never seen him this serious.”“I am also serious in walking away from his life, cha
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    Chapter 10
    N O E L L ELevi looks around the area and then looks at me in confusion. I rejected his offer to treat me to a meal, but he still followed me here.“The hospital cafeteria looks classy. It’s like we are in a hotel.” He commented. I eat my food in silence as he talks. “They are serving delectable foods too.”“You better check all the areas in the hospital, Mr. CEO. You look like a lost kid.” I suggested. “You, of all people, should know everything in the hospital. Instead of wasting your time on me, why don’t you start familiarizing yourself with the process of the hospital?” I lectured him, and he looked amazed. “What?”“You have matured a lot. The Noelle I know several years back would laugh and tease me for not doing my job properly.” He said as he chuckled.“I am acting to my age, sir. You are four years older than me, yet you act like a s
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