Alpha Sin

Alpha Sin

By:  Jay Mhekzy  Completed
Language: English
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Artemisia's dream of marrying the man she loved shattered into a million fragments when her parents auctioned her off to a wealthy stranger she barely knew. She met the stranger at the altar and realised he was the same man she had met two years ago. After the wedding, Artemisia realized there was more to her new husband than he was letting on, and she decided to unravel the mystery even though it almost cost her life in the process. Sinclair Steele, the Alpha of Blue moon pack was about to ascend the throne. But before that, he needed a Luna by his side. He got to know his new wife wasn't the regular human he thought her to be. Instead, she was a gift made specially for him by the moon goddess.

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104 Chapters
ARTEMISIA My nose crinkled as I stepped out of the fifth room in the house. I had been searching around for Julie for the past hour. Yet, I couldn't find her. I went back to the dance hall and noticed some party-goers had already passed out. Whilst others were heaving, into the dustbin, potted flowers and anything they could see. I gagged as a blonde staggered toward me. She had barf on her clothes, and I wondered what she would have done if she had been in the right state of mind. “Julie!” I called out as I stepped out of the door. I inhaled and let it out slowly as the frigid air smacked my face. I rubbed my palms on my exposed skin and shivered slightly. I didn't know it would be this cold because, for the past week, it has been warm. Also, it hardly gets cold at this time of the year in Lanes. It was a wonder tonight was. Perhaps the weather report I had checked earlier had been wrong. I shrugged, walking around the car park of the house. On the outside, it was a large
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“Artemis,” the stranger repeated, stroking his smooth chin. “Intriguing.”I managed a small smile on my face and stepped away from him reluctantly before Julie began to bug me.Also, I didn't want to freeze to death. It was better to avoid it than stay out with a stranger who might not be interested in me.As soon as I got inside, I groaned as I remembered I had forgotten to do something.“I didn't even ask him for his name. But he knew mine.”Maybe it wasn't a big deal to other girls.However, it was to me.I had found someone that attracted me. Someone I would like to be in contact with again. Yet, I had lost it because of a drunk Julie.I glared at her sleeping figure. She dozed off instantly as soon as I laid her on the brown couch, which was the only vacant seat in the house since the party-goers had passed out on the other three.I walked towards the entrance and squinted to check if I would see the stranger again.I went outside further and scanned the area whilst standing near
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~Two years later~ARTEMISIAI squinted whilst glaring at my parents across the dining hall. What were they thinking by dropping an announcement in front of thousands of people without my consent?It should be illegal to do things without your child's consent. Maybe, I would set it as a law to abide by when I become a president.But right now, it seems freaking impossible. Because I was freaking getting married to god knows who tomorrow!Despite the dilemma I was in, I tossed my head back and let out a peal of laughter. Possibly, at how ridiculous the situation I was in seemed.“It's great to know you are fine with it. I thought you would throw a tantrum.” My mom smiled.Okay with it?I was freaking not okay, and the urge to yell surged through me. I wanted to throw a freaking tantrum as she had said, but I couldn't because of the guests.If I had known today was going to be the day, my parents would announce my being auctioned away, I would have maybe prevented it by running away.Alth
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ARTEMISIAI sighed, then sat on the chair that was in front of the vanity.I stood again and paced around the room.I walked to the window and noticed a few cars parked in front of the cathedral building, which was not far from our house.The cathedral, I was going to be married off today to a total stranger. The place, might I say, I was going to detest for the rest of my life because it was sealing my fate.I walked back to my chair without paying attention to the new arrival that came in a limo.I knew all of them were my parent's friends. My mom, especially.We were part of an aristocratic family. Technically, I was a lady since my dad was an Earl, even though he chose to live elsewhere instead of the estate I had been told was part of his inheritance.Anyway, I didn't mind where he picked to live since we were doing fine, and I didn't like being called any title.They had teased me a lot in Lone Oaks High because most of the students believed I was lying and couldn't be part of a
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SINI sighed as I glanced at my golden wristwatch again.She was an hour late. I have not seen a bride or anyone arrive that late to their ceremony before.It was annoying as I got to stand in front of the damned altar, waiting for my supposed bride-to-be.I tugged the tie on my neck and let out a deep breath as I felt it constricting my airflow.My eyes darted to my mom, Queen Ada. She sat a few meters away from where I stood, and I noticed her eyes kept on flickering from my face to the entrance.I couldn't figure out what she was thinking, even though I could hear the thoughts of the others, which were giving me a terrible headache.I believe she was good at concealing her thoughts. Also, now I know she wasn't joking when she said she had got a new power, which meant blocking others from trying to penetrate her mind.She was that strong.As the daughter of an Alpha herself, she was beta to her brother, who was voted as the new Alpha of their pack.My mom had the grace of a warrior a
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SINI tugged at my tie again as she stepped closer to me.I clenched my hands into a fist and gritted my teeth as my body reacted to her.I wanted to get this over with. The ceremony and all. But the priest and everything seemed slow suddenly.If given the opportunity, I would dart out of the cathedral without a second thought. I didn't care if I would get my mother mad in the process. At least, it would be better than staying next to her.I was aware werewolves couldn't control whom they mate with. Or worst, imprint on.But, I believed I should be able to control mine because I had spent years practising how to control my heightened emotion especially when the full moon was out since I triggered my curse on my eighteenth birthday.The memory was still fresh in my mind, and I was sure it was one of the things I would never forget because it was a part of me now.“You may kiss the bride.”My head snapped towards the priest as the word slipped out of his mouth.I glanced at my bride whil
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ARTEMISIAThere were a lot of things I would not wish to happen to me. I had made a bucket list full of them.But, not in my wildest dreams would I have thought I was going to be the bride of the stranger I often fantasize about.Since the first day we met, which was two years ago, I hadn't seen him again until today.Yet, it didn't stop me from thinking about him regularly.Being wedded to him was nothing like I had imagined.I had thought him to be a sweet and caring man. Someone that would be my knight in shining armour whenever I was distressed.Someone that would comfort me whilst wrapping his muscular arm around me.It was absurd!I should not have thought of all that because I realized now that they were all wishful thinking.The man beside me, the freaking hunk that the minister had joined with me, was an obnoxious jerk.He wasn't like the man I had envisaged. Rather, the opposite.Although he hadn't made a lot of nasty comments with the ones I had heard him say, I wished I was
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ARTEMISIAI was alone again when Julie left to take care of some stuff.Although she didn't tell me what it was, I guessed it was about boys.I had noticed she was staring at one of the guests in a somewhat sexy way and she had excused herself to go attend to him.I gagged as I imagined what they could be doing right now.Sighing whilst shaking my head to clear the thoughts of Julie and her maybe newfound sexual partner out of my mind, I sat on the chair quietly whilst observing my surroundings for the first time.The decoration had been done in my favourite colour which was lavender.Even though I was a girly girl, I wasn't quite interested in the colour pink.Rather, I found it overly revolting. At first, it didn't disgust me, until people began to think I was an airhead due to the colour I chose to wear often. Also, the colour of my hair might have contributed to it.I let in a deep breath as the cool wind caressed my face. I wonder if my parents had go
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ARTEMISIA I let out a breath and watched Sin walk away from me, towards a room. Also, I was disappointed. He hadn't kissed me as I had thought he would. Maybe I was insane to have imagined he would, after shoving him the way I did.Sin looked to be in control more than I was. If he hadn't halted, I was sure I would have gripped his face and pressed my lips to his. "Ugh, crazy thoughts." I groaned, whilst fixing the strap of my dress he had pushed down. I walked towards the door he had gone into, twisted the knob, and peeked before entering the room. I hesitated at the doorpost whilst gazing around. It was a master bedroom with a large four-poster bed at the end. A mahogany walk-in closet was at the left corner of the room and an exquisite-looking vanity was at the side of the bed.Sin stood in front of the vanity. His back was to me, and I blushed as I stared at his unclothed body. His muscles ripped when he lifted his arm, and he swirled, gazing at me.His lips quirked whilst hi
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ARTEMISIAI awoke with a start.My eyes darted around the room as I tried to recall the reason my heart was thumping fast.I was aware I had a nightmare. But, just like every other night, I couldn't remember what I had dreamt about.Sighing, I gripped my phone that was underneath my pillow and checked what the time was.I noticed it was only a few minutes past 10 which meant, I had slept after lying on the bed and it was only for a few minutes."Geez." I groaned whilst rubbing my tummy as it grumbled. I realized I hadn't eaten anything since after the wedding was done today.I had been thinking of what to do to get me out of the situation I was in, to think about food.I stepped out of the room to the kitchen which was together with the living room. My hand found the switch on the wall, light flooded into the room as I clicked on it.My eyes dimmed and I blinked several times before they got accustomed to the brightness.
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