A Hope for Moonlight

A Hope for Moonlight

By:  Simone Carlisle  Ongoing
Language: English
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Selyna: I was adopted, raised by humans but strange things happened after I turned 13. It turns out that I am a witch and my best friend, Ashe is a werewolf. When we move for college everything changes. I meet my coven, start having strange dreams and meet him. He is the surly but undeniably hot future Alpha of the Moonlight Dance pack. We would never work, but how long can I deny this attraction? Damian: I was born Beta but after the Alpha disappeared my father took over. His relentless search for the missing Alpha family often driving me to fits of anger. I have been chasing dead ends for him for over a decade. My father thinks that I was born to lead and that I must have a powerful mate since he believes the true Alpha heir is alive. I don't think I have a mate and just hope for my father's sanity that he is right about the Alpha heir. I have had little more than a passing interest in any female before she came into my life. The little witch moved here for college and she is smokin' hot. I need to forget about her, but how can I when she is all that I can think about?

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62 chapters
I don’t remember much before the fire…        When I was 4 years old I was found huddled under a table in a burning building, I was later told that I was the only one to survive the fire and no one ever knew what started it. I had been staying at a hotel with my parents, I remember my mother trying to ease my fears because I wasn’t sleeping in my own bed, I remember someone placing a pendant around my neck and I remember hiding when there were loud voices and lots of smashing. I don’t remember what happened to my parents or where we were from, just my first name and my mother’s kind smile and twinkling eyes when she used to sing to me at night. She always sang such sweet songs…   White coral bells upon a slender stalk, Read more
Chapter 1 : College Bound
4.5 years later… (August)   Ashe’s POV        I’m off to College with my best friend today. We met in first grade, at 6 years old and now at 18 we are packing up my car and driving 2 hours north, to Salem where we will be attending the same University. The only thing that could be more exciting for me right now would be if we were actually taking the road trip that we put off until next summer. Selyna and I both took summer jobs instead. She opted for 2 actually. Doing double duty waitressing at a local cafe and interning with an herbalist even though we are mostly sure she is not a plant witch. She has killed every plant Jane, her adoptive mother, has ever put in her care (I will probably have to take care of any houseplants in our apartment). The University is on another pack’s territory, but luckily they are al
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Chapter 2 : Alpha's Office
Alpha Sean’s POV       That stubborn boy stormed off in a rage again! I refuse to call my 22 year ol a man until he starts acting like one rather than a bitter child who gets angry when things don’t go his way. If I didn’t know better I would swear he was born of Alpha blood, but by blood we are Betas. His whole demeanor, not to mention his size.The boy is even bigger than my old friend Dimitri was, not taller. My boy stands at 6ft 4 inches, Shorter than Dimitri but 2 inches taller than me, but his bulk, his stature screams “Alpha material”. He has power and people willingly follow and listen to him, flock to him even despite his sour and bitter attitude. Then there is his wolf, it rival’s Dimitri’s in size and in color and may even surpass his in power. I never thought a wolf more powerful than that of my best friend would exist, but my son…he has an extremely powerful wolf. It is because of t
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Chapter 3 : A Cookie and Some Coffee
Selyna’s POV All the myths are true…my mind is reeling as I stare around the coffee shop, a double moccachino in the glass mug on the table in front of me. I am so glad that secretary, what was her name? Kristen?Kristy? Kirsty?yeah that was it! Well, I am glad she recommended this place…it has a cool vibe and really great coffee. The small coffee house has brick walls adorned with bright art and the staff are quite colorful themselves, I could see this quickly becoming a favorite hangout. I must have fainted because I woke up on a sofa in the Alpha’s office worry and awe on the faces of both the alpha and Ashe.     It was a shock when I found out I was a witch, an actual supernatural being…real life witch, when  I was 13 the shock was quadrupled when I found out that
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Chapter 4 : Why Doubles?
Damian’s POV :     Spooky and I walked into the coffee shop, yeah I had gotten an earful (mindlink-ful actually, since I have been avoiding the packhouse since storming out). I definitely could have handled it better, but my father has ordered another wild goose chase. He sends me off to follow up on these leads he gets all the time and I find nothing but dead ends. I furrow my brow, something in here smells good, I mean it always smells good, they have the best coffee around, but this is beyond good…this is divine, like moss and earth and some sort of flowers…light, but sweet on top of the heady earthiness. Spooky and I place our orders and I hear that annoying voice. Damn Kristalle is harassing Ashe and that gorgeous witch they hang out with…did I just hear her call herself “future Luna” ? over my dead body! I am against rejecting your mate, but goddess help me
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Chapter 5 : Meet The Coven
Selyna’s POV      After the dreamlink cut and I had some water my mind was still reeling with too many thoughts and even more questions. Eventually sleep caught up to me then I proceeded to uncharacteristically sleep in late. Rolling out of my disheveled bed, I ran my fingers through my hair and scrubbed my hand across my face. That was one rough night and the actual dreams that came  after the dreamlink were nearly as unsettling…I need to get that grumpy Future Alpha out of my mind and get my head in the game. There is no way any of what I imagined in those dreams can actually happen. I know his pack and Ashe’s work alongside us witches but most Wolf Shifters, heck most other supernaturals see witches as an enemy. I have heard the rumors about how witches in other parts of the world, or outside of New England have to be secret or solitary for fear of both hunters a
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Chapter 6: Not a Wolf
Selyna’s POV      After telling the coven about my Dreamlink they decided that it is witch business and that for the time being we should keep it to ourselves. There is a spell that will allow me to share what I experienced in the link with the coven, so that they can perhaps gain insight that can help me. The spell requires us each to sip an elixir from a chalice and an incantation, however the main ingredient for the elixir is a rare flower that is not readily available. Alicia is growing some in her greenhouse, but it won't be ready in bloom until after the winter solstice, 4 months from now. If we still have need of it we will do the spell after that.I will be an official coven member in a little over a week and that will increase my strength and strengthen  the coven as well.      I lay in bed the
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Chapter 7 : Breadcrumbs
Damian’s POV     We have been trying to follow this lead for the last 3 days, but I am thinking it is another deadend. It doesn't help that my sleep has been restless, when sleep does come I keep dreaming about the witch. Goddess, she is gorgeous! I need to get her out of my head, cold showers every morning and my hand do not satiate this burning need for a girl I barely know. This is not supposed to happen, unless she is my mate. Do witches even have the same sense and bond as shifters do with their mates? Will I sense it at the Harvest Moon Festival if she is? So many Questions that I don’t have answers to and I am not about to ask the few people who may know. I sip my cup of coffee and look over to the burnt out building...just one more question in an endless sea of questions. We have examined this pile of ash and debris over and over again, returning whenever we are stuck, and t
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Chapter 8: Pretentious Coffee
Ashe’s POV   Alpha Sean and I walked down the hall out a side door to the packhouse. After training he had wanted me to come to his office and we discussed how we are adjusting. I couldn’t help it, I had to tell him that my sleep hadn’t been great because of Selyna having fitful sleep and talking in her sleep. We discussed the importance of witches’ dreams and he asked me a ton of questions that I didn’t have answers to, but I confessed that Selyna often has dreams involving Damian. I didn’t tell him what kind of dreams or that they were every night, sometimes two or more. She hadn’t gotten emotional like she had earlier in the week since then, but she was more of a wreck than she let on. She has met with the coven daily then she and Kirsty have had lunch a couple of times. I am glad she is warming up to the local wolves. Read more
Chapter 9: Training at Sunrise
Damian’s POV     I’m running through the packhouse.My heart is racing. An alert had gone out and anyone unable to fight is being sent to the safe room, the packhouse is going into lockdown. I run for the door but someone grabs me, pulling me back inside and towards the basement to the safe room. I try to fight, but I am small and weak. “Mom! My mom is out there!” I scream as I pound my fists on the arm of the person holding me. Someone is talking, trying to soothe me, but I don’t hear them. All I can think about is my mother out there fighting, “Mom!”    “Mom! Please don’t go!” I bolt up in my bed sweating and tangled in my sheets. I hadn’t had that dream in years. I hate reliving that night! She didn’t make it back and
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