Alpha Heirs

Alpha Heirs

By:  Marie Night  Completed
Language: English
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(Completed) Everything about him was meant to draw me in. His endless grey eyes, his broad shoulders, and a scent that a girl could get used to. His accent lingers in my head like a siren's call I can't refuse... but I already have a mate... and my mate? He's dangerous. Someone I shouldn't want, and yet his scent keeps sending me back into his arms. **This 4 book series is COMPLETE – Reading order: 1-Timber Alpha (ch1-86), 2-Mated to Brianna, 3-Mylo (Timber Alpha ch89-172), 4-Alpha Heirs

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112 chapters
Before you dive in!
  Hey, lovelies! Thank you so much to all of you who have waited for this book's release through the setbacks!   For those of you who are new here, this is the fourth installment and should be read after Timber, Mated to Brianna, and Mylo (which is at the end of Timber), but for sure after Mated to Brianna which will set the stage and characters for this book.    This book is a slow burn with some spicy heat later on - and lots of it! It’s going to have a few M-M moments, possible triggers, and the heirs can have quite the potty mouths.    Follow in our F B group to discuss, get book update posts, and know about future books that I release in the future! GoodNovel - Marie Night - Readers  
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 ALICE“Alice, please,” Eric tried to stop me, but I thrust my arm back and ripped it from his grasp. His lips parted as his brows furrowed and he looked down at me, “You’re not actually doing this?” He searched my features, hoping that I was being dramatic I’m sure, but not this time. It wasn’t too long ago when the deep brown of his eyes and his handsome features were enough to make me overlook the lack of feelings in our relationship. That’s what I chose him for, but I wouldn’t stand by and be humiliated. “Yes, Eric,” I continued walking into his bathroom, “I am.” I slipped what little I had in here for toiletries into my bag, looking around to make it seem like I cared that I was collecting my things. Read more
 ALICEI wasn’t about to plead like a child and tell Eric that it was my favourite one, that Nixon had given me that golden cuff, or he’d make it twice as hard to get it back. It was bad enough that he clearly already knew I liked it, enough to preemptively hide it from me. The cuff covered my mark and tattoo, much like the leather one I was currently wearing, to protect Nixon, to protect us, but that golden one would always hold sentimental value. “Tell me something that’s been bothering me,” Eric sighed as he took it from one of his drawers, rolling it around in his hands as he looked genuinely heartbroken, “the guy that randomly drops in and stays with you and your roommates,” he looked up at me with a weird vulnerability, “who is he to you?”Read more
 ALICE"So… Envy?" Cynthia asked Viv as we dug into the food, more so wanting to know if she wanted to go out where she worked or somewhere else. "Normally I would say yes, but we are trying to forget things tonight and I heard that new place, Ambrosia, is sexy all the way around." Viv wiggled her eyebrows at me, “Nothing makes a good rebound like one that's hotter and sexier than the last.”Cynthia elbowed her slightly as she took in my reaction, but I wasn’t about to let Eric take up any more of my time, “Ambrosia it is,” I wiggled my eyebrows back at them, “Ted’s gonna meet us there.”“So you were already planning to get right wild then?” Cynthia chuckled. Read more
 ALICE"Ian," he smiled at me dipping his head slightly, but he was watching Ted's arm with a predatory look I've seen too many times to overlook. What was he? I couldn't smell anything but I'd be hard-pressed to do that in here anyways. I casually clinked my ring against my glass to reassure myself it was in place. Of course, it was in place. I'm pretty sure my friends would have noticed if I suddenly had black hair instead of brown, and green eyes that basically glowed instead of the baby blues I was currently sporting. Maddy’s magic was strong, there’s no way her glamour has cracks anyone could see through.“They’re here, love,” Ted whispered in my ear as I could hear Viv tell Cynthia something
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 ALICE I stared down into the abyss of my coffee wondering why I didn't just turn around. Why didn't I look? Why did I leave?Questions I knew the answer to, but no longer knew if I stood with conviction on my answers. I didn't want to know who he was and make it easier to go after him, except now I'm going to be blindsided. I was sure that finding my mate would end my once chance at a normal life. Returning to the pack would be the natural course of action, except the only thing I was certain of was that he wasn't a wolf. {But he was something, and we will find him,} Amara was being weirdly calm over the whole situation, I expected her to be ballistic this morning.[And when we
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 ALICE Bourland’s exhibits were known for their pops in colour, and it didn’t disappoint. The gold tones of everyone’s clothing only added to the bright blues, purples, greens, and yellows that jumped from his pieces on display. Cynthia stood next to Mr. Penn, Tom, in her very simple, yet elegant gold dress. She always aired on the side on conservative, especially where Tom’s roaming eyes were concerned, but me? My dress was meant to grab attention. Ted was my social butterfly, the saving grace to my introverted nature when it came to social functions. When I had to attend things by myself I often made bold clothing choices to do some of the work for me. The dress had thick straps of gold glitter, a deep V neckline that was held tog
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 ALICEGoddess this was a bad idea. How did Alice die? Oh, stupidity. I followed the scent, obviously, with Amara on alert seeing as how blood usually meant Vamps. The closer we got the more worried we both were when the scent of the blood was mixing with that familiar scent… his scent. No longer worried for ourselves, we found a way out that made as little noise as possible and slid along the side of the building, rounding the corner to the alley in stealth. Why did it always have to be an alley? The only figures back here were two men who sounded like they were enjoying each other’s company, with a head pulled back and moaning as the other kissed his neck, but Amara was sure our mate’s scent was back here. With the scent of blood still hangi
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  LINDEN I sat in the corner of our room, watching Marcy as she slept. The slow rise and fall of her chest was all the assurance I needed that I was doing what needed to be done. I needed to fix this world for her, for the children she would give me one day.  I wanted to lay her on my chest and feel every thump of her heart beating against me, but if she woke up in my arms she would be angrier at me than she was when she fell asleep. Her tear-stained cheeks were tearing a part of my heart out, but Marcy would understand one day, just like Alice, that she was my whole world, my reason for living, and somehow, I would make things right between us.  Marcy was sensitive. Growing up in a coven shielded her from everything, adjusting to the violence that surrounded Wolves was hard enough for her, but she used to have
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  LINDEN "Did you just fucking die again?" I growled out, gripping Nixon's face and peeling it back from mine so I could look at him. I've watched him shift plenty, usually, the only time he's covered in ash is when he rebirths.  "Didn't have time to strip," he rolled his eyes, "burnt my clothes like I'm twelve all over again."  "Well, you certainly look twelve still," I glanced down quickly and back up in time to catch his smile.  "I'm a grower, not a show'er," he ran his hands through his own hair, preening until he was satisfied. "Found a nest, but it was a fair distance away, and I’m quite sure what’s left of them has moved on."  "Why can't you ever just recon without making yourself known," Declan grumble
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