Her Light Chase ~ Scion Series Chase Walker Novelette

Her Light Chase ~ Scion Series Chase Walker Novelette

By:  L.P. Dillon  Ongoing
Language: English
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After breaking up with Aubrey and kicking her out of his car, Chase Walker is struggling to forget her and move on with his life. His father has set up a meeting for him with another pack, in the hopes of securing another Scion for his son to marry. chase reluctantly agrees to his fathers plan, because he knew be couldn't return to Aubrey. How could he ever made her when he knew that she was still in love with his cousin Jesse. He refused to come second best in his relationship, especially to a dead man. Olivia is the Scion that his dad has chosen for him. She is beautiful, smart and funny. She's certain to be a distraction from his fixated thoughts of Aubrey Miller. Unfortunately for him, Olivia isn't interested in him at all, in fact, she wants nothing to do with Chase or her packs arranged marriage. It's probably for the best considering they are both madly in love with other women. Desperate to free themselves from their complicated lives, they turn to a powerful which, but all is not as it seems and soon enough their lives end up messier than ever before. Will Chase's love for Aubrey hold true? Or will his heart be captured by another?

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10 chapters
Chapter One ~ All his fault
With a beaming smile on my face, my mind raced as I drove us towards our surprise date. My proposal to Aubrey wasn’t exactly special. We'd had an Alpha sniffing around in the woods, and Aubrey had asked me to turn her. She didn’t want her family, or my pack having to protect her any longer. She wanted to be strong in her own right. That’s when I explained that we’d have to get married before I could turn her. With a little more hesitation than I felt comfortable with, she agreed. I wanted to make tonight perfect, by proposing to her properly and romantically. She deserved a night that she’d never forget. One she'd be proud to tell our children and grandchildren about. I wanted to show her exactly how much she meant to me and that she was my one, my only, my everything.To be honest, I still couldn’t believe that the most incredible Scion had strolled right into my life, and she was about to become my wife. Aubrey and I had known each other
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Chapter Two ~ No one to blame
“If he wasn’t already dead, I’d find the son of a bitch and kill him myself...” I bellowed while standing from the couch, grabbing hold of the coffee table, and effortlessly launching it into the air. My dad watched; his face unchanging as the table smashed into the wall.“Fuck!” I screamed. My fists clenched tighter than I’d thought possible. If they got any tighter, I was sure I’d break every tiny bone inside them.“Son, you need to calm down. She isn’t worth your anger, or your pain. There are more Scions in the world,” his voice was deep and commanding.“I don’t want another Scion. I want Aubrey!” I yelled at him, then slumped back onto the couch. “Dad, I know you hate her, but can’t you understand? I’m completely in love with the girl.”I fell forward, covering my face with my hands. I needed to breathe, keep my emotions in check. There was no
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Chapter Three ~ Other plans
We were in my dad’s car heading towards the Soulcrest pack. I’d asked my dad to stop off at a mall on the way so I could buy a new phone. Aubrey and Bella had been blowing mine up all night, so the thing went for a swim in the toilet. I needed to focus on the plan. It was about time I started acting like an Alpha, not a lovesick teenager.I’d bought a new cell and texted Connor. He was the only one I could trust with anything. Arabella made it clear that her loyalty laid with Aubrey. I understood, it was the way of the werewolf sorority. Werewolf girls needed to stick together. When any of them went into heat, it was brutal. Male werewolves from miles around became aggressive and fights broke out regularly.The sorority was set up many generations ago. It was a safe haven for all un-bonded she-wolves in the territory. They all stuck together and had plans in place to hide away the she-wolves while they went through their heat. Without complete trust a
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Chapter Four ~ Risk it all
Once my laughter ceased, I glanced up at Olivia. She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and a completely unimpressed look on her face. I sat upright and composed myself.“What’s so damn funny?” She snapped at me, and I found it hard not to chuckle again.I decided to wind her up, I couldn’t help it, she looked like such a cute little angry woman.“What if I don’t want to?”“Huh?” She asked in confusion.I stood up and strolled towards her. I slipped my hand around her waist, resting it on the small of her back, before yanking her body close to mine. With my other hand I swept her long blonde hair behind her ear as I leaned in. As my breath brushed against her cheek, I could hear her heart speeding up, her breathing became labored, and I knew she was attracted to me on some level.I made sure my voice was low and smooth as I said,“What if I say no. What reason co
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Chapter Five ~ Gotten myself into
All three of us had changed into our pajamas. If someone walked in right now, I’m sure they'd assume we were some sort of throuple. Olivia had booked the penthouse suite, so we had two bedrooms a living room, little kitchen, and two bathrooms. I swear it was bigger than most people’s apartments. Not that I was complaining. We ordered in Chinese and sat down to discuss their lives and my plan.They told me how they met, how they fell in love, and although it warmed my heart, it made me miss Aubrey even more. I sat there noticing every little giggle, or look that they gave each other, every delicate touch, they were so in love. I tried to remember if Aubrey ever acted like that with me, and I couldn’t remember a single time.She'd never looked at me like that, sure she'd blush or bite her lip, but that was more sexual chemistry. What these guys had was pure love. While Claudia and Olivia were chatting, I stood up and made my way toward the kitchen. I op
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Chapter Six ~ Carve out their hearts
That night at the hotel we talked for hours, going through plans, throwing ideas out there, and smoothing them out. We made our way back to Olivia's house the next day, after dropping Claudia off with her tribe. We convinced our parents that we wanted a courting period. It wasn’t an unusual request; a lot of Scions chose to date a potential mate for a while before making a permanent decision.Luckily for me, my parents had no reason to suspect anything, and Olivia's were just happy that she was finally showing an interest in a future Alpha. My parents went home, while I was moved into a spare room within the Stonefeather household. Claudia had agreed to stay away for a few weeks at least. In the early stages of this, we couldn’t risk any suspicion.A faint tap on my bedroom door stirred me a little. I groaned and rolled over in bed. It was a few seconds before another tap wrapped on the door. This time it was louder and more urgent. I sat up in bed and turn
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Chapter Seven ~ Win Aubrey back
“Chase? Chase, are you okay?” Olivia's faint voice called out to me.My head was thumping, like I had a hangover or something. I gradually opened my eyes and tried to sit up, but my body was weak. I barely lifted my head an inch off of the pillow before collapsing back down.“Hold his head up,” a woman’s voice ordered. I recognized her from the chanting.A hand slid under my neck and gently pulled my head up slightly. Someone placed a glass to my lips, and the stench of the liquid made me gag. I tried to pull my head away, but a set of strong hands held my head in place. Another hand pinched my nose closed as the disgusting liquid was poured into my mouth.I gulped and gagged as the thick sludge slipped down my throat. Once it was all gone, my head was rested back onto the pillow, but it didn’t stay there long. I twisted to the side and vomited all over the floor. As I coughed and spluttered, a fresh glass of water came
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Chapter Eight ~ Wrong with her
Six weeks went by and our plan to fool Olivia’s parents was going well. They had pretty much adopted me as their son. We had worked out a plan with the Tintagel triplets to be able to get Olivia and Claudia married, without implicating myself or my pack. We had a few more meetings scheduled so that we could run over the finer details some more.Today was one of those meetings. As far as Charles and Theia were aware, Olivia and I were heading off for a romantic long weekend. What we were really doing was going to the triplet’s house for the night, then Olivia and Claudia were going away for two days to celebrate their three-year anniversary. I’d be staying behind at Irene and her brother’s house until the girls got back.I had already packed my bag and had a shower. I got dressed and dried my hair. While styling it with some gel there was a tap in the door.“Come in.”“Oh my God, it smells like you’ve showere
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Chapter Nine ~ Your mother is a werewolf
After drinking way too much beer, eating way too much pizza, and watching a bunch of crappy horror films, I’d finally crawled down the hall towards my room. Olivia had gone to bed upstairs hours ago, but me and the guys stayed up. I must have fallen asleep at some point, and when I woke my body was aching from the strange position I’d fallen asleep in.Leaving the guys sleeping in the living room, I continued to make my way down the hall. As my hand grabbed hold of the door handle to my room a delicious and irresistible scent hit my nose. A growl began to rumble in my chest as my hand squeezed tightly around the door handle. I frantically sniffed at the air, and as I turned to follow it, I ripped the door handle clean off of the door.The noise must have woken the guys because when I began to sprint towards a door at the end of the hall, I heard chanting behind me. I took no notice and picked up my speed. I needed to get to that scent. It was like my body h
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Chapter Ten ~ Marry our girls
I spent all day asking Irene questions. Her brothers had long given up and headed to bed, and Olivia had left for her weekend with Claudia. It was just me and Irene, and I couldn’t deny that it felt so natural being around her. We'd ordered in some food, eaten it, and we now sat on the couch together having a drink.The triplet’s story was a dark one, to say the least. Irene explained that her mom was a young werewolf who had been kidnapped by a black magic coven. They were the worst of the worst in the magic community and kept themselves well hidden. They had a prophecy that said if they were able to impregnate a werewolf that was the seventh daughter of the seventh son, they would bring forth a litter of the strongest witches the world had ever seen.Needless to say, their plan worked, and Irene’s mom was soon pregnant. She went through the beginning of the pregnancy held captive by the coven, but then managed to escape. She found the protection of
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