The Bastard Alpha

The Bastard Alpha

By:  Nica Petro  Updated just now
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Twenty-two years ago, the Amethyst Alpha found out he was going to be a father. The next day, he met his True Mate. As the coward he was, he made sure his pregnant girlfriend wouldn't be a problem and banned her from the pack and tried to get her killed. She just barely survived... And a few months later, I was born. The bastard child of the Alpha. For years, I have planned the moment in which I would come back and avenge my mother's name. Now, it was time to take everything that was rightfully mine and nothing would make me hesitant. What my plans never took under consideration was Delilah. F*ck. What a f*cking horrible joke the Moon Goddess was playing on me?

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Dense cloud cover blocked the moon and yet my wolf felt stronger than ever. We were finally close to our destined territory. I leaned back onto a tree, trying to make the most of the last moments of peace I would have in a while. The hypnotic sounds of the waves crashing on the shore did nothing to distract me. Even though I knew we had the element of surprise, even though I was sure nobody in the Amethyst pack would have dreamt of what was about to happen, I couldn't let myself relax. Every drop of sweat and blood over the past years of my life led me to this moment. I had waited to enact my plan for more years than I'd be willing to admit. Therefore, I wouldn't... I couldn't let anything ruin it. I felt the wind change and I instantly knew a storm was coming. I made a silent prayer to the Moon Goddess thanking her for aiding me. The storm would make things so much easier for us. "Are you sure about this?" Kyle mindlinked me for the thousandth time in the past week, making me growl a
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Our temporary camp was cleared and thanks to the rain that had just started pouring, our tracks would soon be erased. It would also help hide our scent on the way. I had brought with me Jane - Kyle's sister and one of our pack's healers - and some of my best warriors: Ian, Henry, Gilan, Kendra, Tyler and Kyle. Tyler headed to the truck while the rest of us shifted. It was dark, especially due to the lack of the moon and stars brightness, but that wasn't a problem for us. Wolves' sights adjusted well to the darkness. My black fur also made sure that I could blend into the shadows. If I wanted, I could stay completely hidden at night, as long as I had my eyes shut. Marte's eyes were too bright, afterall. They were also just another reminder of his origin. They were the reason why the pack was called Amethyst Pack. Marte's eyes shone just as if they were made of the crystal. We ran for about twenty minutes, following the route we knew they'd take going uphill. When the roar of the engi
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My brain chose that moment to remember a very important piece of information: She is a high-school student. I think even Marte was shocked by this thought as he let her go, placing her carefully on the floor beside us. "If she is a minor, she won't recognize us as her mate yet." His voice was the perfect mix between desperation and sadness. He was worried about her reaction to being taken and... I laughed. My wolf was worried about causing a good first impression. That was a first.Before we could even think about what that would mean, Kendra jumped on the truck, carrying my half-brother. Everyone else (except for Tyler), followed right after her, and soon the truck got started. I couldn't find our second target. Where was the Beta's daughter? I needed her for my plan to work. My mother was left to die on the side of a road after my father found his true mate. It was a miracle we survived. A rogue couple smelled her blood and rescued her just in time. The rogue woman knew enough abou
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Earlier that day...As the first rays of the sun came through the window, I excitedly jumped out of bed. It was quite odd to wake up feeling so... full of hope. For someone who was constantly anxious and dreading what was to come, this was an extremely rare occasion. For the first sixteen years of my life, I was your typical happy and naive rich girl. Never mean to anyone, but also completely unaware of anyone else's problems. In my eyes, life was perfect in the Amethyst Pack and that was all that mattered. Unfortunately, two years ago, I found out I was terribly mistaken. Our Alpha died and, on that same day, as my dad became the new Alpha of our pack, everything changed. My world was shattered and that forced me to see things under a different light. I started to realize many things I had never noticed before about my pack, my friends and even my family. Everywhere I looked, I became a bit more disappointed with life. Due to that, I quickly went from the most popular girl in schoo
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'Hmmmm, his hands feel so good, Delilah. Don't move yet, I like this.' Venus' voice was the first thing that came to focus. My head hurt A. F*CKING. LOT. and it took me a second to realize the weird feeling all over my body. My skin tingled and it felt warm. Was I running a high fever? 'No, silly. You were saved by a big strong hero and he is checking if we are ok. We are hot because he is hot. Make sure to be nice to him, ok? Please, Delilah.' I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't yet. The healing process helped me gain conscience, but it was not enough for much else yet. Because Venus asked... No, I'm not going to lie like this. Scratch that. Because it felt good I decided to let whoever this hero was to keep taking care of me. His calloused fingers moved carefully up my arms, probably trying to detect any wounds. I wonder if he noticed the trail of goosebumps that he was leaving on my skin. I wonder if this was affecting him as much as it did me. Much sooner than I would like,
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'Jane, knock them out.' I mindlinked our healer who nodded slightly because moving. Jane was not a magical healer, but she was one of the brightest. Studying the flora for so many years, she became an expert and was able to prepare all kinds of potent medicine, potions and powders using what nature had to offer and a little bit of science. I knew she had brought what she calls the Sleeping Beauty powder. One sniff and you're out as a light. She moved so fast that neither Thomas nor Delilah had a chance to react and a second after, they both fell asleep. Delilah, who was standing, fell right into my arms and I could sense Marte's happiness for us having an excuse to hold her again. "I am so lost right." Gilan - the youngest among us - said, gesturing explosions by his temples to show that his mind was blown by what had just happened. As soon as he finished his comment, we all looked at one another and every single one of them started talking at the same time. "...Change the plan.
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The truck went off-road and just then I realized we were almost arriving at our packhouse. Our territory was... different. Almost completely hidden by trees was the huge perimeter fence with a high-tech gate on the Northern border. It was guarded twenty-four hours and there were security cameras all around. We even tried some motion sensors for a while, but there's too much wildlife in the area and it was constantly triggered. Why so much protection? When we started this pack, we had nothing. Nowhere to live, nothing to wear, to eat... I was still fifteen when, one day, while stealing some things out of a supermarket, a man spotted us. Instead of reporting us to the police, he told us about some "opportunities" that were too risky for humans to take. He didn't care that we were minors. Thinking back, I don't even think he asked. He just wanted someone who was desperate enough to accept his offer. That was us. Theft, drug dealing, working as enforcers to collect debt for the "rich an
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My eyelids felt heavy, my head was hurting a whole damn much and my mouth was drier than the Sahara desert. 'What the hell did I have to drink last night?' I thought to myself, assuming I had a hangover. I know I was a minor, but in the wolf community something nobody really respected the human legal drinking age. So, yes, I very much knew how to felt to be stupidly drunk and terribly hangover. What was odd was the fact that I could not remember drinking at all. Oh, shit. My brain finally started functioning and memories from... Yesterday? Earlier today? Came back. Getting ready to leave my pack for good. Reviewing the maps. Making friends with the new girl. The bus flipping over and... The Alpha. Fuck, was he really Thomas' brother? And finally, I remembered a girl, blowing a white powder on my face, which was probably what knocked me out. I opened my eyes, suddenly, finding myself in a strange bedroom. Well, strange because I had never been here before. However, thinking abo
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Delilah would wake up at any moment now and it probably wouldn't take much longer for the Sleeping Beauty's effect to run off in Thomas either. Outside both Kyle's door and mine there were wolfs guarding them while almost everyone in group that was in the truck is sitting in my office staring at me. The only one absent was Gilan, who barged in not long after. "All tracks erased, boss." He said, sounding like a serious disciplined soldier. One second later, the acting was over and before I could thank him for his job, he was expressing what was probably going through everyone else's minds. "Now... WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?" If his tone of voice was disrespectful, Marte would have taken over. It was definitely not the case. He was just as shocked and confused as everyone else... Including me. "Marte felt her wolf's presence." Kyle, Ian and Jane looked at me knowingly. They knew his urge to find his mate was stronger than it already normally is for any wolf, since he remembered what it f
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What a f*cking horrible joke the Moon Goddess was playing on me? I wasn't supposed to worry about the Beta's daughter. She should have been nothing more than just a pawn in my plan to take back what was rightfully mine. I hated Delilah's father as much as I hated my own and I would not back down on my revenge for all the horrible things he did to my mother. Marte whimpered as I thought of that, because he knew that we could not simply forget about Delilah's father's actions or let go of the Amethyst Pack... And he also knew how much this could hurt his mate. As if this wasn't enough, I was now worrying about a stepbrother I never wanted. A kid whose face would be a constant reminder of the man who banned my mom from her own pack. A kid whose face was pale and sick because he had Wolfsbane in his system. To make things worse, the rare plant - Wolves greatest weakness - or at least its poison, was somewhere in the Amethyst Pack territory. "Kendra, how long does it normally take for ef
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