Bride For Hire

Bride For Hire

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Camila Martinez was the only Surviving daughter of her aging mother. She worked as a government interpreter in her country Mexico before relocating to America to live the American dream. She is shocked to realize that living in America was not as fairytale as she imagined. Stuck as a busser in a five-star restaurant a job she hates, she tries to make ends meet until she receives a dreaded call from her mother's doctor that her cancer had reappeared and she needed immediate surgery. Ethan st. James is a real estate business tycoon and a widower with three children. He wanted a wife, not for him but a mother for his children. Things start to get complicated between Camila and Ethan, would the heart get what it wants?

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33 Chapters
Ethan could only nod, knowing his regret. he moved to catch the door handle, but when Camilla moved close, he hesitated in opening it. Camilla looked in question at the door and then at the man standing before him looking like a god. She could not look away from his luminous eyes that seemed to suck her in. Ethan's eyes were filled with yearning and Camilla could not move-not even when his fingers dropped from the knob and he reached with both hands to cup her face. No words were spoken. Ethan cradled her cheeks like she was a rare and delicate gift and looked into her eyes- so huge and lovely that he could not say anything. her lips parted, but she was not capable of any speech. the movement captured Ethan's attention and he looked downwards, then lowered his head. The kiss was unlike anything Camilla had experienced, and of her own volition her hands came up to hold his arms. when his hands dropped and he put his arms around her, she followed suit, lifting her arms to hold him as
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I said yes
I SAID YES. It would never have crossed Camille's mind that one day the people that were supposed to protect and love her would break her heart. It was supposed to be her standing on the altar with the man she had loved for almost five years, the man she gave up so much for just to ensure his happiness. ************* “Will you marry me?” Camilla would never forget the scene, Nick got on his knees and proposed to her, it was the happiest day of her life. She accepted the proposal immediately, and there was no need for her to pretend that she wanted to think about it. Because all she wanted was to be his wife, to be loved and cherished by him forever. Nick and Camilla had dated each other for almost four years, they met at the university and became lovers a semester before their graduation. It was a relationship with so many difficulties mostly because of Nick's behavior. Camilla was always willing to turn a blind eye to Nick's cheating, welcoming him back after he derailed and as
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BROKEN “I can't believe this is happening mum, I just want to die.” Camilla bemoaned Her mother shook her head in absolute sorrow. “Don't say that honey, everything is going to be okay.” “It's never going to be ok, I should have done what you asked and rejected his proposal. It's all my fault, I should have known that he would never change. I should have known.” Camila cried, and her mascara ran through her face. “It's not your fault, Nick is to be blamed and Sarah for allowing it to happen. But you, my child, you gave all your best to make this work. It is quite unfortunate that all this is happening to you.” “I'm so sorry Mum, everyone out there will laugh at me now.” “Don't worry about them, all that matters is you.” her heart broke for her child, whose only sin was to fall for the devil Nick. However, no words could comfort Camila. her cousin was pregnant with her fiance's baby, they ruined her wedding in front of the entire world and there was nothing she could do about
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This isn't goodbye
THIS ISN’T GOODBYE FIVE YEARS LATER It was early July in the year 2014. It was the beginning of summer when the plants were in full bloom and flowering, the trees lush. It was also that time of the year when the beaches and streets bustled with tourists, most of them dressed in scanty clothes hoping to beat the heat. Camilla could never understand why anyone would feel the need to roast their skin in the name of sunbathing. The thought alone made her cringe. As she walked through the crowded streets avoiding as much as possible bumping into the overzealous tourists, she made her way towards the two-story stone building that was as ancient as time and where she lived since she started work as a government interpreter three years ago. The building exterior looked worn out as they built it many years ago for government workers, however, the plumping system and other parts of the interior were relatively modern. The sweet smell of freshly baked cookies filled up her nostrils as sh
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His demons
HIS DEMON’S Ethan has always been on the move since his wife died five years ago after giving birth to their third child Sophie following some postnatal complications. What was supposed to be the happiest day of his life turned into a nightmare. One day he was happily married with two kids and expecting a third, the next moment, he was a widower with three kids. How in the world was he supposed to care for three kids, how would he perform the dual role of a father and mother to his children? These thoughts nearly drove him to suicide. His wife Vanessa, was laid to rest two days after she died and as soon as the funeral was over, Ethan became a different person and was rarely ever home. He spent most of his days away from his house and the memories it held for him. In every nook and Cranny of the house, he was reminded of his late wife. His children rarely saw him even on the weekends, thus he became more like a stranger to them. Ethan's mum Theresa came to stay with them after her
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Not the dream
NOT THE DREAM Camilla has always been an early riser, She loved the sunrise and the quietness that came with it. Back home in Brazil, she usually would wake up as early as 5 A.M., make herself a cup of hot coffee and just enjoy the sunset from her bedroom window. It was an early morning ritual for her. However, since arriving in the United States of America things have changed. She could no longer enjoy the little things that made her happy, especially because of the type of job she got upon arrival here. After spending almost two weeks living in the States, Camilla could not get a suitable job with her credentials and she was getting worried, and also losing the little money she had on her. The opportunity she had heard was abundant in the states was not as they made it to be. When it finally dawned on her that her dream job might not be forthcoming, she went to a thrift store and bought herself a map. She knew she had to go job hunting even if it was a menial job or die of hun
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INTERVENTION “Someone looks happy this morning” Ethan greeted his friend Gaius as soon as he stepped into his office. “Are you not supposed to take the day off or something?” “Hahaha.” Gaius laughed. “I got engaged, not married.” “They all sound the same to me,” Ethan replied, falling back into his seat. “I want to set a good example for the staff.” “Yeah right. The good thing is that “you are finally getting rid of the bachelor tag.” “Now I am petrified.” Gaius replied “I hope I did not make a mistake.” he said afterward. “You are joking right,” Ethan observed his friend for a while. “I don't know, I just have my doubts,'' Gaius replied after some time had passed. “Doubts? I thought you loved Fiona..” “I do, it's just a little complicated.” “Please tell me.” “Let's forget about me. Now tell me how the kids are, it's been a while.” Gaius changed the subject, it was not lost on Ethan but he decided to let it go. “They are good. They would love to see you” Ethan replied m
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For the love of the kids
FOR THE LOVE OF THE KIDS Ethan’s mother had already woken up and was asking for him. As soon as she saw him, she could not hold back her tears as they dropped from the corners of her eyes to the pillow. “Don't cry mother, everything will be okay. I'll take you out of here as soon as you feel better.” Ethan comforted his mum. Theresa blink back her tears, she just looked sadly at her son and wondered if he was tone-deaf. “I am not crying because I'm here, even though my body hurts like hell. the pain in my heart is worse.” “Worse! How come? tell me where it hurts so I can get to the doctor.” Ethan said, alarmed. “Where it hurts, can't be seen, and cannot be treated with medicine.” “ I really do not understand what you are trying to say, mother.” He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “ I want you and the children to be happy, I want your family to be united again. I am already old and frail, I want to see you married, happy, and in love. Is that too much
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A contract of nemesis
A CONTRACT OF NEMESIS Camilla was a bundle of nerves when the restaurant manager told her that someone wanted to have a word with her. "Who." She asked, grossly aware that she knew no one in New York. She had not been able to make friends due to her work schedule and communication problems. The little time she had was spent on herself. "Mr. Ethan. He is in my office now.” the manager replied "Mr. Ethan! I have not done anything wrong. Have I?" Camilla replied, astounded. "Why does he want to speak to me?" she asked. "I have no clue." The manager screeched. "But you better behave yourself. Or else your job is gone. He is one of our best customers and I don't want you screwing that up." Always threatening me with this godforsaken job. Camilla mumbled under her breath. "What did you say?" "Nothing sir." She grinned. "Good. you better tame that mouth of yours when we get to the office. Get rid of the apron and tidy up your hair." Camilla did as she was asked, and when the manager
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Meeting the family
MEETING THE FAMILY It took Ethan over twenty minutes to arrive at Camilla's home. It was all shabby: the building, the parking lot- in fact, the entire street. It looked to him as if the entire apartment building itself had not been painted for years. The windows, if they depicted the interior of this place, showed a lack of care as well, since many sported no drapes. The curtains Ethan did see were torn and stained. Camilla had been waiting for him beside the grocery store on the down floor of her apartment building. When she saw him she hesitated, unable to decide whether to walk towards him or wait till he noticed her. Luckily for her, he noticed her almost immediately and signaled her to come to meet him. "Get into the car." He did not bother opening her door for her. "This place is a dump." "Yes, l know. No need to rub it in" Camilla replied with a straight face. "Why do you stay here, considering how dangerous the environment is?" Ethan marveled, he would not be caught
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