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IT'S A STORY ABOUT A RICH GIRL ANISHA D'SOUZA AND HER BODYGUARD MICHAEL ABEL. "Come show me what are you capable of ", Anisha D'Souza ordered attitudely moving her index finger indicating him to come closer to her. He obeyed silently with an emotionless face. "Take me in your embrace",She told him while doubting his masculine body which hid beneath his tight white shirt. He stood in front of her while rolling his long sleeves upto his elbows revealing prominent green veins. She couldn't help but intake a sharp breath finding his mere act hot but she masked her expressions quickly not wanting to admit. Because for her he is just a guard who is here to protect her ;when she pass out drunk , to accompany pubs for clearing crowds,to beat up the guys who lust her,to do anything to please her. He is nothing but her puppet. She is rude and he is humble. She treated him as puppet and he endured it with a brave smile. As the time passed she found herself attracting to him. She misunderstood him and insulted him infront of world but he took everything positively. That's when she got to know about his past life and realised her mistake, she apologized him and tried to lure him. She wants a relationship with him without out love but he only do it out of love. But she didn't know it wouldn't last forever. She wasn't aware of the evil plans of her destiny which eagerly waiting for her destruction. Will Michael save Anisha from her evil family? Will Anisha ever accept her feelings for him isn't lust but love ? To know further and also about three more amazing couple love stories (ANISHA'S FRIENDS) just peep in.

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53 chapters
Anisha D’Souza Delhi A chilly night , dark street and silent roads. “Yeah the fight is just finished, the guy named Liger won the match. What a punches and timing man. You can’t believe it’s his first match. What a piece of hotty he is, I must say one fine art. But I am disappointed why they didn’t unveil his face to public.”, Anisha spoke as she just waltzed out of an underground ware house where the boxing match was held. “What ? You didn’t see his face”, a male voice came through mobile. “No , he was wearing a black mask like those Marvel super heroes”, she said making sad face as she remembered the brown eyed man. She crossed the threading fence and sat on the bench near parking lot. “Girl you sound so whipped for this mysterious fighter”, her friend laughter filled her ears making her blush. “Can you blame me? He is just perfect man. But his eyes, they are so captivating and at the same time calm like you can say the silence before storm”, Anisha said with a deep sigh. “
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Happy reading.... "Come show me what are you capable of", she asked in her usual authoritative tone. He stood up confusingly and waited for her next words. She moved her right hand index finger indicating him to come closer to her. He motioned towards her while dusting imaginery wrinkles on his shirt. "Lift me off the chair ",She said chewing bubblegum slowly eyeing him all the time. He was taken a back surprisingly yet quickly hid his uncomfortableness by taking a sharp breath. He undid cufflinks and rolled his long white sleeves upto elbows while Anisha's eyes followed his actions keenly. Her lips parted as she noticed the prominent green veins popping on his hands like wires and also noticed a chain of tattoos creeping onto his hidden left shoulder. She instantly looked away when his eyes met her in permission to take her in his arms. "Now take me ",she said lazily while stretching her arms freely beside her.
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Happy reading..... Next morning as usual Anisha woke up by Mariam shout and hurriedly got ready for college. She wore white chiffon top with peach colour knee skirt. She wore her sling bag and checked if she put her earphones or not. They were important for her to escape the bore lessons of her history lecturer. "Michael did you have breakfast?", Mariam asked him who was waiting outside for Anisha. "Yeah, I did aunt." "Liar ..I know you stayed at hospital till morning then how did you eat breakfast?" Michael scratched the back of his neck smiling at Mariam as she caught his lie. "I can't hide anything from you, but Ma'am must be coming down. Don't worry about me, I will eat something from college canteen." Mariam didn't agree with him, but he made puppy face so she gave up. "Good morning ma'am !", Michael wished Anisha as he saw her coming towards the car. She just gestured him to open the door while scrolling down her mobile. He opened passenger door for her, but she stopped
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Happy reading.... Anisha was observing everything how Kiya was so comfortable with Michael. She was continuosly rambling about random things which he was nodding patiently and returning smiles here and there at her. "Bloody low class guy", she muttered under her lips irritatingly and looked away. Soon they reached their place and It was Alex's house. "Why are we here again?", Rony asked confusingly. "For pool party Ro", Jake spoke throwing his arms around his. "Come on get down everyone" All of them hopped out of the car while Michael parked the car and sat there on a near bench outside of the parking lot. Alex saw him relaxing on the bench breathing the fresh air. "Oh hello Mr. Bodyguard we have work with you come inside",he said boredly. Michael stood up and followed him inside silently. Boys already got rid off their shirts and pants as soon as they stepped inside leaving themselves in boxers
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Happy reading....Michael pulled out his mobile and gave a missed call to Anisha. His eyes immediately flickered around in search for her mobile and found it. It was laying under the wine case and he took it. After he made his way to Anisha and leaned down to scoop her in his arms.The hard smell of drink touched his nose screaming that she was completely drowned herself in that daze. His eyes swam over her face  studying her face features for a second , her skin was glowing under the sunset light. She was looking so sinfully innocent in her sleepy form.He shook his head dismissing the side thoughts and lifted her in his arms. She felt like a feather to him , light weight and soft."I told her when I was younger ", she spoke suddenly taking him in surprise. He looked down at her confusingly , her eyes were still closed but her pink lips parted little."
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Happy reading..... Anisha D'Souza's pov What a wonderful start ! Our gang kicked out of English , the very first class of morning because of Alex stupidity. Let me tell you what happened in that period. I was trying my best to listen Mr.Nikolas with all my concentration so everyone in the class. Because he would question in the middle of lesson whenever he wanted to test us if we were listening him or not. That's when Alex poked my shoulder with his pen and asked me about a singer name which he listened this morning in the cafe when we were returning. "Is that important right now?", I whispered while glaring him. I know I have great knowledge in songs but it doesn't mean he would ask me like this. Was he gone mad or what ?
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Happy reading......"Do you understand this or will i elaborate it again?",he asked her still writing notes."Urmm yes ..I think I will understand in one more explanation", she flashed her full teeth at him."Okay ", he continued all over once again. Man this bitch was clearly lying to just eye fuck him and this idiot Mic seemed dumb. Can't he read her face , she wasn't looking a listener from any angle. She was just enjoying her mental sick with him."Hey can I get your number ?",she asked him in a soft tone.The audacity of this bitch , she was asking his number directly."Why?", he looked at her in confusion."To clarify my doubts ", she replied but he didn't look convinced with her words.He just checked his watch and closed the note book. I noticed a red handkey wrapped around his wounded knuckles. I stood their watching him holding my breath to listen what his reply would be."Sorry I can't give you my number , I h
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Happy reading.... Michael pulled car infront of pub as his eyes noticed Anisha's friends just hoping out of their cars.  "You can wait wherever you want just keep your mobile near" He heard Anisha's voice from behind as she just hopped out of car. "Okay ma'am",he replied. She joined her friends and they disappeared in the pub. Michael parked the car and came out. He wanted to spend some more time with Ethan but Anisha messaged him that she wanted to go pub. He couldn't help but follow her orders because of her only Ethan was getting treatment now. He really respects her from the bottom of his heart though she acts always rude with him. For Michael Ethan comes first and everything is rest. He would ready to do anything to see his son happy and healthy. The pub was crowded with sweat bodies and alcohol was flowing down the glasses. Everyone seemed busy in their respective fun. "I can't believe you get this famous club passes
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Happy reading.....Michael was stayed quiet and his head head was whipped to side with the impact of slap. Everyone just stunned in their places not Knowing what's happening.Her gang rushed to her , shock was evident on their faces. Kiya felt very bad as she noticed a tear forming in Michael's eye as his hand touched the cheek."Ann listen to me once", Sana tried to speak but she cut off her."Who gave you permission to enter in this pub haa the manager Alex ..I want to ask him how he is permitting such a low people inside his pub", Anisha siad feeling disgusting.Michael fisted his hands trying to calm down himself. His eyes closed for a brief second to gulp down the humiliation but Anisha didn't let it happen. She started cussing him
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Happy reading.... She grabbed his right hand as left one busy in keeping her heels. She brought it to her waist and made it wrap around her. A squeal of surprise left his lips when his palm came in contact with her clothed waist which instantly burnt his palm. "Ma'am" "Shhh...", she placed her forefinger on his opened lips making him gulp his saliva. The little sound had her eyes darted to his adam's apple abruptly which was moving up and down slowly. The mere act of his triggered her passionately , his manly smell filled her nostrils creating a hint of havoc inside her. Her virgin soul wavered incontinently as she sniffled him in more. Her wet eyes moved back to him meeting his eyes. Those deep brown orbs which she always found mysterious and intrigue like she wanted to see what was he hiding behind them. She didn't know why she angered seeing him with another woman. S
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